Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Who Else Wants to relax and see the world from a different perspective?

You may keep stressing about stuff all the time, can’t stop it even if you try. Your time is wasted just thinking about stuff but nothing comes out of it, what can you do it’s a downward painful spiral, well lets reverse it, its time to relax.

1 Decide to actively for one day to do the reverse of what you normally do.
Make a note, do you sit down and procrastinate, are you shy, do you get stressed easily.
Today you are taking a day of from your personality and doing the complete opposite.
Only for a day, you won’t die, if you are worried about embarrassing yourself, then that needs do be reversed. Try it you will have a feeling of relaxation

2 People are stressing you out, someone makes a joke about you and it’s on your mind all day.
Well when someone says something picture them as 5 or a 100 years old, be specific look at there height difference the way they speak, the way they walk. You choose to see it that badly that’s why it’s that bad if your perspective changes it will be different, I guarantee with practice you will come out with witty lines that you didn’t even know were in your head.

3 Feeling uptight, too much to do, no time for your loved ones, no time to relax.
Today’s day and age is the most stressful ever in history, actively seeking relaxation is stressful itself everyone is a juggler and there is a lot to juggle, the shoulders are tired of bearing the weight.
This a grim way of looking at it but it puts things in perspective, imagine being on your death bed, are you going to think why was I running around stressed, if only I made different choices, it wasn’t that bad I should have been relaxed.. With deep self contemplation you have a feeling of relief and relaxation which will make you a far happier and less stressed person.

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Have the ability to concentrate like an Olympic champion

Warning: this is going to be a very long post, it will make sense if you read through it all, and there is an exercise at the end to help improve your concentration and subsequently relaxation.

Concentration, seen almost as a taboo people think that you either have great concentration abilities or you do not. I would like to address this, if you can not concentrate you will never complete anything, if you can not complete it will build up, and in the end you will be stressed out to the point that you could hurt yourself through exhaustion. I have tried to stay relaxed when stress levels build up by practicing techniques to eliminate it; however it is still at the back of your mind and will nag you until it is done.

I believe you can practice techniques for self discipline, concentration and focus, but what if you could take it to a new level, have control over yourself, have solid conviction to the point that when you decide to do something nothing on this earth can stop you; you could manipulate doubts until they no longer influence you.
Yes it is all possible but achieving that state of mindset is next to impossible (do not feel disillusioned) i am going to lay out the path for you i am also speaking from experience.
You can attain concentration it its most potent form, once achieved the side effect is relaxation and emptiness of the mind.

The mind is powerful even with constant research scientists have not yet found out how its power can be fully cultivated. The knowledge i am going to share is gong to sound ridiculous but it was the same with me until i gave it a go. The methods are exercises from a book called Concentration a guide to mental mastery by Mouni sadhu. A word of warning first, this is not your normal route to relaxation, i repeat this is not what i normally advocate, try this and if you get some results you will know exactly what i am talking about, however if you don’t do well the worst is that nothing will come out of it. Some people experience extreme frustration, anxiety, and feelings of powerlessness because your mind will provide mental blocks and only through will power you can surpass them.
The benefits are:
- The ability to shape your life in a logical pattern
- To get the utmost from your abilities
- To acquire a peace of mind
- To develop the art of avoiding outer suggestions and control over your thoughts
- The development of a strong will to steer your life into any chosen channel.

First I am going to list my experiences through this journey they are from a kind of diary (conversations with someone who was also doing it as well)i kept monitoring progress, this will show you what to expect, what I was experiencing in that time, its scary stuff but it is the biggest challenge i have ever taken and the results can not be explained in words, you have to attain results yourself to understand. These are going to be parts of experiences i had to get to the exercise just scroll down to the exercise. This is not mystical or magical it’s achievable; you just have to challenge yourself to levels you may have never done before.
My experiences:

“……I had been procrastinating for a long time, unable to stick to anything but i hated it I wanted iron discipline but thought it is probably something that comes naturally. If i got a book to read it went on the shelf for a few months, i bought mouni's book and didn’t even read a chapter (it went on the self for 4 months), i read other books and added them to the shelf (none of these i actually read all the way). I was getting to the point of breakdown because i was at university but i got a good degree but i always did the work last minute. I wanted total control over myself or at least some. In the end i started probably April 04 and jumped one exercise to the next and thought it was a waste of money. I started reading about meditation and started doing other meditation (but ignored the book). I came to Amazon.com and read reviews about the book, that it is the authority on concentration and nothing is better than it. i thought lets start again, i decided no matter what i will do the exercises (the first set 1 and 1a) for 2 minuets each i did it for a month but that wasn’t enough not enough time to generate an effect on the mind. Then after overall four months of messing about and failing i decided that no matter what the first set will have to be done 15 min each (half hour a day). At first it was extremely difficult, within a minute i wanted to walk of; my mind wasn’t on the exercise. Then through some inner power and desperation to control myself and lead myself to a successful life i lock the door and forced myself……..”

“…….So i properly started October again, at first i was just sitting there but later i could control my breathing and probably for 10 seconds maintain concentration. The first benefit i felt even though i couldn’t concentrate fully was i wasn’t feeling anxious anymore. I had an anxiety problem for some time (due to all kinds of pressure) and its just went away, the thoughts you have feel like they are far away so they don’t have as much effect, so you can like the book says control them, its true. i have stopped getting annoyed i.e. like when watching TV if someone makes a noise i got irritated, not anymore. The best thing so far was when i am sitting anywhere, i am just there i am not thinking or worrying i am just there alive and detached (amazing feeling, can not explain). The best results have come for me in the Christmas holidays i turned up the training from 15 min each to 20 min each (twice a day so 80 min) for the week i had of during Christmas. I have finally in my self got some control over my will. In that week i also did the first exercise (watching the clock dial) for 90 minuets straight, that’s my record, probably 30% of that was concentration but im happy that i had the will to stay there. I have gone back to doing the exercises to 15 min twice a day.
What made me continue was when i felt results when I didn’t feel useless thoughts in my head i had to continue. If you read the book 10 min of pure concentration will give you the ability over your actions and that is only the first exercise. I am still on the first set (1 and 1a) and can hold my attention for probably 30-40% of the time, might not seem much but the results are phenomenal i can’t wait to be able to concentrate 100% i don’t even know what kind of control i will have then. This is a journey i thought it was a quick fix living in the west you expect an easy answer to everything but im not going to stop with concentration.
The best result is the ability to do things you don’t want to do i can feel the gist of it, when i have to do something like that im still fighting myself but i can feel some inner power helping me to fight back. All this has only come from 30-40% efficiency of only the very first two exercises. I feel like i am a different person, people say i seem completely relaxed and confident at the same time, that is because i know i cant control others but i can control my self a bit more that gives you an edge. The road i decided to take is hard but i know if i carry on i will achieve great things. I will not ever need another self help book and with mouni sadhu's book i have only hit the tip of the ice berg……”

“……..due to the society we live in, fast moving society i.e. instant coffee, get rich quick, weight loss through a pill. All this affects the human mind over time to the point that even reading a book becomes an effort, there is no discipline in today’s day and age so because we are tuned to get a result instantly, you are more likely to read a 20 page book than a 100 plus page book instantly seeing that amount of pages will make you anxious.
When doing the exercises we are going passed the point of instant gratification, when making a daily promise to even do the exercises you are learning discipline, yes it is hard to make half an hour a day for these exercises when going through them requires supreme effort, the mind tricks you because you are devoting time your mind wants comfort which means not doing them and when you force it, you feel very very uncomfortable. Now once you have been doing this for a few months, you get confident feeling yes i can do something if i want. Secondly it’s harder to explain, the clouding thoughts in your head go away and you actually become in charge, i haven’t been able to read a book for decade I think but lately when i think about it i just do it, there is nothing stopping me, i don’t know how to explain its something you have to personally experience……..”.

“…….Just yesterday for the first time when i finished the exercises and concentrated on reading a book i had tunnel vision, i couldn’t see or hear anything but the book, and i have a feeling i can turn it on or of when i want, i can do it for a minute then i might get distracted but its a start. Today i came home and have just done the exercises while doing them for about phases of 5-10 seconds i had supreme concentration, its unbelievable something new is happening, now this has given me the confidence to do what i want and i feel unrestrained, so why should i ever stop the exercises, no way am i ever going back to my old ways, I have only hit the tip of the iceberg. In the book Mouni states you will learn things and feel things which at the start were not there, im starting to feel this but i had to get past the first hurdle……”

“……..First you feel clear in your head, that is not as much thoughts (especially negative ones) then when you need to do something your mind is still and wont affect you as much when you make a decision. The first step to knowing you are gaining will power is clarity and then less or no anxious physical symptoms (tightening stomach, heavy heart beat) when you take action which would normally be against your will…….".

Now for the practical.

Start with the breathing exercise. Do this for 2-5 minuets before the main exercise, this will help you relax and focus.

-Breath in for 4 seconds, all the way to the bottom of your abdomen
-Hold for 4 seconds; do not let any air out.
-Breath out for 4 seconds let everything out until there is no air in your lungs.

Now for the exercise
You would need a clock, with a red second’s dial that moves round without stuttering.

-Look at the red dial, your attention should be fixed attentively and totally on it as it moves round.
-Do not think of anything else just watch dispassionately as it revolves around in cycles.
-Do not look at the clock, or think of it or any of the numbers of the clock, not even the color of it.
-You only intently watch the tip of the red dial moving around, nothing in this universe can distract you now, extreme focus is required.
-Mental pictures or verbalizations need to be ignored (very hard to do, practice will make it easier).

-Note when you start watching the movement (a stopwatch will help)
-As soon as a mental picture a voice or any kind of possible distraction comes to you, look at the stop watch get the time.
-Over the week get your best time, multiply it by 3 and that is your first target.

The total requirement is 10 minuets of total concentration, you can use sound blocking headphones to help, but you should not be disturbed by someone while doing the exercise.

This exercise is amazingly hard to master, as the author states harder than a university degree (I agree) but once you start progressing you will wish someone forced you to do it when you were a child. It has taken me 3 years and I do it everyday and I do the advance exercises now but it changed my life literally.

If you have questions email me about this one.

The book is called:
Concentration a Guide to Mental Mastery (Paperback) by M. Sadhu, and can be found at Amazon.com

Monday, 23 June 2008

5 ways to achieve your goals become relaxed and make it a habit.

This post is rather personal to me because it is a culmination of all the knowledge I have attained and stream lined to make myself more effective. For a long time it was impossible for me to relax because I was a procrastinator I couldn’t start a task let alone finish one. I have used certain techniques to become focused and goal orientated to the point that it gives me sense of confidence because I know I won’t leave a task for weeks on end like I once did.

I wanted to achieve but I wouldn’t let myself do it, most of the time it was an inner battle, you can not relax if you want to do something but for some odd reason it never gets done. I started stressing out, which made me loose focus. I decided that no matter what it takes I will uncover, learn and apply every single time management and goal achievement technique that I could find on the face of the earth (there are many I obviously have not found). I researched books, mp3’s, cd’s and videos on the subject, I could start a blog on it and probably will do in the future. However if I didn’t do all this, this blog would have never existed, if I thought to myself a few years ago that I could write a blog or even 20 posts, that would have been impossible because I was not consistent. To achieve my goals and be consistently successful, I went through all techniques I could find and narrowed them down to a few, because the mind works better with simple, sharp messages. I am going to list them and explain how to apply them number 1 is obviously the number 1 technique (and has changed my life).

5) Wake up earlier
Extremely important, a lot more can be done a lack of or too much sleep can affect any type of progress.

4) If you think, that’s all you will do keep thinking: we must do as well.
With this tactic act before you are actually ready, start doing before the intention is even there, you sense it you do it, don’t think about it. If you do it will be two days later.
Do not give yourself options that means if you give your self the option to do something that means you can also not do it. There are no options only action.

3) Move very fast
Keep the momentum going, when you are moving from one place to another move a bit faster, try it you automatically become more focused and want to finish the task. Do everything a little faster (not so fast you look like a mad person)

2) Leave the past behind
I have read countless books on affirmations, visualizations but actions speak louder than words. Think one word “RESULTS”. That is all you want, keep thinking how can I get a result, and when you do how I can do better, champions think this way. This will stop thoughts blocking your path, see the word results in your minds eye, it has to be a burning desire, you can’t be calm about this, to launch a rocket against gravity a lot of force is required. Try to focus on the present only not on the past or future, focus on the present and you will achieve a lot more.

1) My favorite (I invented this one)
Say to yourself what ever you are doing “this is only for today” I will explain how.
You are worrying about something that shouldn’t even bother you, say “just for today, only for today I am not going to worry about, today is different”
If you have a task to do “only for today, I will give it my best shot and that’s it, only for today”. This works beautifully because we are used to leaving things going for a week or tomorrow, the great thing is tomorrow you start the process all over again, I don’t know how I came up with that but it brings amazing results, you have to sound convincing to yourself in your mind then the subconscious believes it, and tomorrow you do it again, and in a few weeks achievement is a habit.

Those are the methods, I follow them everyday it has made me relaxed because I can move forward and not go in circles like I once did, this post will be updated if I find something better but I really hope it helps, this knowledge has taken a long time to learn and refine try it for a week and I guarantee improvement. It would have been of no use keeping this to myself, with sharing it i can get feeback and ideas to improve even more and pass the message, good luck.

Give me 2 minuets and I will give you the Alpha relaxation state

The alpha state is a state where the mind can have suggestions placed to later become fixed belief s. Alpha relaxation is changing your mind state for the better by placing certain goals in your subconscious that they become real so you don’t have to fight your self and go through inner conflict everyday to achieve your goals.

A Dr Johannes Schulze in 1905 carried out some experiments that have since revolutionized theories of success and achievement, in life and sport. Before and after re-unification Athletes from East Germany used his techniques to totally dominate all major sports, athletes from the USSR achieved similar results. These methods are used today by athletes, executives and many other people, why because they bring real results.

The method advocated was Autogenic conditioning, once in the alpha state and when you are in alpha relaxation your mind is a lot more cooperative. This is when you are just about to fall asleep, when you feel a bit hazy this is a alpha relaxation state almost like in a deep trance or meditation.

I will cover history of the subject some other time but I want to put forward alpha relaxation and the alpha state, here is how to do it:

-Sit down in a private place, where you can not be disturbed, make sure the place is dark
-Begin by concentrating on your feet, deliberately make them relaxed, feel as they are floppy and light, go through all areas of the body, making them feel relaxed and limp
-This order might be helpful: Feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, lower back, shoulders, hands, elbows, upper arms neck and face.
-Now each area that you concentrate on make it release from all tension, you will improve with practice.
-After this the mind has to be relaxed, count slowly backwards from 20 to 1, count down with each breath slowly.
-The next bit is hard, as you count from 20 to 1 visualize the number as it is counted, no thought can enter the mind, or anything at all.
-If you are distracted by a thought start again from 20, you might not succeed the first time but give it a week, the results will come.
-When you reach number one, repeat it 10 times, so 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. You will now have reached the alpha state or alpha relaxation state, you will feel as if it’s a different world, there is a window of opportunity now to set beliefs that can be fixed.
-Slowly repeat your desired goal or mental improvement, i.e. “I am more organized, each day I become more organized”
-Make your statement short, sharp and present tense, as if it has happened, your mind will receive the message much more clearly.
-To come back make a conscious decision to come out of alpha relaxation, now count from 20 to 1, and tell your self when you reach the number one you will be awake and ready.

With practice of about a week you will become familiar with it and a week later you will feel results, be persistent and alpha relaxation will become a normal state for you.

Warning: relaxation and scent, there is more to it than you might think

What is the connection between relaxation and scent? Well scent can be aromatherapy oils, or someone’s perfume or fragrance. Everyone likes the smell of different perfumes, i myself love Hugo boss, i always where it. However if you wear a good perfume you may save it for a special occasion like going to a wedding, family get together or for job interviews. Why do people do that because you look your best, if you smell your best then definitely you feel your best. The connection between relaxation and scent is that being happy, calm and confident makes you relaxed, when your relaxed you are more productive and that’s how you get better results.

I think relaxation and scent work together and are very important, like listening to certain music it gets you ready and going, sometimes you might be browsing for stuff and find a perfume by accident and think wow im definitely going to where this when i go out somewhere. The connection between relaxation and scent has its affect on us on a subconscious level, you might not be aware of it unless you thought about it, or if it is bought to your attention. Well perfume can alter your mood for one; they can alter a mental state and can sometimes even have a sedative affect, used throughout centuries in all kinds of ceremonies down to religious cults who used them for rituals.

However perfume and scent once inhaled can have profound psychological and physiological effects as scent travels to parts of the brain where emotional memories are stored and other parts of the limbic system of the brain. This limbic system controls areas of the brain that affect breathing levels, stress, heart rate, hormone balance and memory. If you catch a whiff of someone’s fragrance as they walk by it can evoke past memories and emotions at a subconscious level, so we may not be consciously aware of them.
The best way I could understand it is we are so affected by it that you could be in your own world stressed out walking about, someone walks by wearing nice perfume, it catches you off guard and you forget what you were thinking about, that’s how powerful it is. One of the best things to do is test this, I personally have and it has become a routine, try it.

Here is one way to do it, firstly take more care of your self, so for a week or even one day, look your best dress your best and buy a fragrance that is different yet you like the smell of (invest in yourself) and wear that right after you are ready to go out. It is effectively guaranteed people will be happier around you, and you will be happier around them, you will have more confidence and this makes you relaxed. Put all the advantages in your favor; don’t take anything for granted, try it for a week:
-wake up earlier, about half an hour (its only for 5 days)
-Put on the radio, stimulate your brain
-Make sure your clothes are pressed and shoes shined
-Eat a strong breakfast (trust me it can change your day, and your outlook on it)
-Stretch of, now do 10 press ups, 10 sit ups, and 10 squats (its only for a week)
-Make sure you look super sharp
-Get a mp3 player, load it with music and self development material, listen to it every morning
-Once your ready, put on some perfume or scent
-Walk outside the house as your are about to drive or walk to work or school, do not look down, chin up and chest out (this can affect you by giving you supreme confidence, its proven to affect human mental state for the better)
-Now when you come in to contact with people, smile and ask questions about them.

You see this is called advantage stacking a method used in the military, you put so many advantages in your favor that it is impossible to fail, relaxation and scent work but they are a piece of the whole picture.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Get an audio meditation relaxation session today

You hear the word meditation then the word relaxation now I heard another word being thrown around audio meditation relaxation. What is audio meditation relaxation, well it is meditation which can be guided through the use of mp3 or cd, also there are hypnosis downloads which can help you meditate by putting you in a trance and making you deeply relaxed. Audio meditation relaxation is guided meditation and it helps enhance detachment, basically you see your self from the outside as a viewer or spectator, that way you are there but you are not involved (or can choose how much you want to be involved).

This way over time it can help you free yourself from constant worry or nagging thoughts, you can gain inner strength and a peace of mind, and this can even lead to spiritual awakening to the path of the seeker if you choose to take it. Meditation is more than relaxing the body after stressful day; the full benefits are realized over a sustained period of time. With audio meditation relaxation you can practice over a very long period of time and reach deeper states of trance and bliss by having the right guided meditation cd or mp3 from a credited therapist or organization for optimal results.

A good audio meditation relaxation course will firstly show you how to prepare for meditation, then lead you through it, if the therapist is any good when you finish you wont even know what happened because they slowly get you into a deep relaxed state through using very suggestive language, by talking to your subconscious they alter your behavior with positive attributes that you seek. So firstly target what kind of guided meditation or hypnosis you require i.e. stress relief, freedom from panic attacks or reduce and control anxiety and then contact the distributor and have a word before purchase.

For further information on Audio meditation relaxation visit: