Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Who Else Wants to relax and see the world from a different perspective?

You may keep stressing about stuff all the time, can’t stop it even if you try. Your time is wasted just thinking about stuff but nothing comes out of it, what can you do it’s a downward painful spiral, well lets reverse it, its time to relax.

1 Decide to actively for one day to do the reverse of what you normally do.
Make a note, do you sit down and procrastinate, are you shy, do you get stressed easily.
Today you are taking a day of from your personality and doing the complete opposite.
Only for a day, you won’t die, if you are worried about embarrassing yourself, then that needs do be reversed. Try it you will have a feeling of relaxation

2 People are stressing you out, someone makes a joke about you and it’s on your mind all day.
Well when someone says something picture them as 5 or a 100 years old, be specific look at there height difference the way they speak, the way they walk. You choose to see it that badly that’s why it’s that bad if your perspective changes it will be different, I guarantee with practice you will come out with witty lines that you didn’t even know were in your head.

3 Feeling uptight, too much to do, no time for your loved ones, no time to relax.
Today’s day and age is the most stressful ever in history, actively seeking relaxation is stressful itself everyone is a juggler and there is a lot to juggle, the shoulders are tired of bearing the weight.
This a grim way of looking at it but it puts things in perspective, imagine being on your death bed, are you going to think why was I running around stressed, if only I made different choices, it wasn’t that bad I should have been relaxed.. With deep self contemplation you have a feeling of relief and relaxation which will make you a far happier and less stressed person.


Paul said...

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Evie said...

These are very interesting tips to relieve stress. I had never thought about practicing changing my perspective in order to relieve stress. I always thought you had to meditate or do yoga to calm yourself down.

Honestly, I'm not really sure how the first tip would work because I think I would get stressed trying to remember to act the opposite of how I normally do. The second tip just seems odd and I don't really find myself stressing over things that people say to me.

However, I think the third tip could be very helpful. You are completely right; I don't want to look back on my life and think "What if I had not rushed so much and been so stressed." I think this tip will help me enjoy the little things in life and hopefully allow me to relax a bit.

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