Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Why you should practice Qigong relaxation therapy.

Qigong relaxation therapy is very good and with constant practice you can become better at it and in return become relaxed. Qigong is like meditation in motion, most martial art systems have forms or katas. For relaxation and non fighting elements the forms require concentration for perfection, they regulate the mind, breath and body. Many fighting systems have forms like the qigong form, it requires intense concentration and doing it slowly can help relaxation and improve technique as well as improve self discipline (because you set time aside to do it every day). Qigong is used for fighting; the exercises also improve the energy concentration in muscles and other parts of the body. You can pin point all your power to a certain area. This allows you to hugely increase your bodily strength and its resistance against an attacker who maybe trying to cause you physical injury.
However Qigong relaxation therapy is working on your self, having self control, if you can control yourself and emotions then you can relax at will and complete any task, procrastination will be a thing of the past.
By controlling your body, it greatly improves posture; the Qi can freely flow through you if you have a straight strong posture, a weak one as you obviously know contributes to back problems (can affect your emotional state, stick your chest out and chin up, see how you feel). Freeing Qi can help block disease and help you improve. Many stances are used like the horse riding stance, there is even a tree hugging Qigong relaxation therapy.
By controlling your breath, (hung breathing) deep breathing, you let the Qi pass into you and spread along energy channels this revitalizes and energizes all internal organs.
By controlling the mind anything is possible, by having a thought or concentrating on something in particular the Qi spreads to the area of the body required to generate a useful action. In everyday life having control of the mind in stressful situations will gain you confidence and make you a happier person. For the mind meditation is required and the Qi will obey you easier, this will enhance your Qigong technique and make you more disciplined as a person.
For complete Qigong relaxation therapy and for it to work the mind, breath and body have to be controlled or practice will not be fruitful.
Tai chi chuan is a system which combines the elements together into one, widely practiced china on the streets in parks because of its benefits; it’s a popular early morning exercise and provides brilliant Qigong relaxation therapy. It is widely and highly recommended for those looking for relaxation therapy, for the spiritual seekers, or those looking for an effective fighting system.


Anonymous said...

Being in therapy is great. I spend an hour just talking about myself. It's kinda like being the guy on a date.

Samantha said...

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