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Relaxation therapists, are they qualified for the job?

If looking for relaxation therapists you may find very few come up under relaxation therapists if you search under that term. However looking for types of relaxation therapies and therapists in a particular field will make things a lot more clear. Most therapies are mainly for the same reason which are for healing, relaxation or stress relief.
To find good relaxation therapists we should look under types of therapies such as:

In this method the therapists will first check 12 pulses, including one for each internal organ. Next they check for the color and tone of your tongue and face to see for signs of disruption to internal organs. All this is done before the needles.
Then the therapist will insert needles in selected areas of treatment by hand or tube, it is painless but some people feel a mild sensation. The percentage of acupuncture use is increasing every year, with a 75% use of acupuncture as a complimentary treatment to conventional medicine.

Alexander Technique
If looking for Relaxation therapists in this area you are likely to find a teacher, it is an educational method passed from teacher to student.
People choose the Alexander technique as they might be in pain such back pain, shoulder, and other joints. As well as stress and anxiety, many performers use this method such as dancers and singers.
This method gained infamy through celebrity endorsement. Sting, Paul Newman, John Cleese are just some of the names who have benefited.

Aromatherapy is a therapy that anyone can benefit from, even if your health is good or requires improvement. It is used to relieve a wide range of stress related disorders including neck aches, back aches, insomnia and indigestion.
Studies have shown the benefits of many of the oils used in Aromatherapy. Jasmine oil for one has been proven to be a powerful relaxant and very effective to help you sleep; most benefits of the herbs used in Aromatherapy have not even been realized yet.

These are three areas where you could find Relaxation therapists. There are many more types of therapies but these I found useful my self, and they have been widely useful to people. It is best to look in your local area for good Relaxation therapists, firstly phone or email them and then check there credentials, have a talk to patients in the lobby waiting for their appointment. Are they first time or returning patients? This will show if people found the therapist helpful. Also check your local newspaper or community magazine; they always do ratings so you could find useful information in there.

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