Monday, 23 June 2008

5 ways to achieve your goals become relaxed and make it a habit.

This post is rather personal to me because it is a culmination of all the knowledge I have attained and stream lined to make myself more effective. For a long time it was impossible for me to relax because I was a procrastinator I couldn’t start a task let alone finish one. I have used certain techniques to become focused and goal orientated to the point that it gives me sense of confidence because I know I won’t leave a task for weeks on end like I once did.

I wanted to achieve but I wouldn’t let myself do it, most of the time it was an inner battle, you can not relax if you want to do something but for some odd reason it never gets done. I started stressing out, which made me loose focus. I decided that no matter what it takes I will uncover, learn and apply every single time management and goal achievement technique that I could find on the face of the earth (there are many I obviously have not found). I researched books, mp3’s, cd’s and videos on the subject, I could start a blog on it and probably will do in the future. However if I didn’t do all this, this blog would have never existed, if I thought to myself a few years ago that I could write a blog or even 20 posts, that would have been impossible because I was not consistent. To achieve my goals and be consistently successful, I went through all techniques I could find and narrowed them down to a few, because the mind works better with simple, sharp messages. I am going to list them and explain how to apply them number 1 is obviously the number 1 technique (and has changed my life).

5) Wake up earlier
Extremely important, a lot more can be done a lack of or too much sleep can affect any type of progress.

4) If you think, that’s all you will do keep thinking: we must do as well.
With this tactic act before you are actually ready, start doing before the intention is even there, you sense it you do it, don’t think about it. If you do it will be two days later.
Do not give yourself options that means if you give your self the option to do something that means you can also not do it. There are no options only action.

3) Move very fast
Keep the momentum going, when you are moving from one place to another move a bit faster, try it you automatically become more focused and want to finish the task. Do everything a little faster (not so fast you look like a mad person)

2) Leave the past behind
I have read countless books on affirmations, visualizations but actions speak louder than words. Think one word “RESULTS”. That is all you want, keep thinking how can I get a result, and when you do how I can do better, champions think this way. This will stop thoughts blocking your path, see the word results in your minds eye, it has to be a burning desire, you can’t be calm about this, to launch a rocket against gravity a lot of force is required. Try to focus on the present only not on the past or future, focus on the present and you will achieve a lot more.

1) My favorite (I invented this one)
Say to yourself what ever you are doing “this is only for today” I will explain how.
You are worrying about something that shouldn’t even bother you, say “just for today, only for today I am not going to worry about, today is different”
If you have a task to do “only for today, I will give it my best shot and that’s it, only for today”. This works beautifully because we are used to leaving things going for a week or tomorrow, the great thing is tomorrow you start the process all over again, I don’t know how I came up with that but it brings amazing results, you have to sound convincing to yourself in your mind then the subconscious believes it, and tomorrow you do it again, and in a few weeks achievement is a habit.

Those are the methods, I follow them everyday it has made me relaxed because I can move forward and not go in circles like I once did, this post will be updated if I find something better but I really hope it helps, this knowledge has taken a long time to learn and refine try it for a week and I guarantee improvement. It would have been of no use keeping this to myself, with sharing it i can get feeback and ideas to improve even more and pass the message, good luck.

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