Monday, 9 June 2008

Relaxation tanks, a therapeutic release from everyday life.

Ever heard of relaxation tanks, well relaxation tanks provide a certain release and are regarded as a kind of therapy. Sessions can last up to an hour and this method of relaxation has been known to start around the 1960's. Relaxation tanks or floatation tank therapy use a kind of salt called pure magnesium sulphate this stuff can be purchased for use at your home bath or hot tub. There are great benefits of magnesium sulphate because most people have a deficiency of this element and it is important for the system.
Magnesium is found in our daily food such as grains and vegetables and people can have a lack of due to not eating enough of magnesium rich food in their daily diet or the food being harvested differently. Either a lack of magnesium in certain studies has shown a link to cardiovascular disease.
Relaxation tanks are normally kept at human body temperature so you feel comfortable when in the session, after about 15-20 a pure relaxation can be achieved. Endorphins are released into your system.
This is only the start; the benefits are just simply endless;
Improvement of athletic performance and prevention of sports injuries.
Total calm state occurs, peaceful relaxation, elimination of fatigue, improves sleep;
Stress relief, mental and physical.
Stimulation and synchronization of the left and right side of the brain; brain waves are shifted from Beta to lower frequency Alpha, Theta and even Delta.; this creates mental clarity, improves breathing, alertness; problem solving; reduction in feeling of pain, deepens meditation; expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of all the senses, makes you sharper, accelerates learning.
Relaxation tanks or floatation tanks can be found in spas around the world and fitness Centers and you can even do courses on them, check in your local area for details.

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