Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Who Else Wants to relax and see the world from a different perspective?

You may keep stressing about stuff all the time, can’t stop it even if you try. Your time is wasted just thinking about stuff but nothing comes out of it, what can you do it’s a downward painful spiral, well lets reverse it, its time to relax.

1 Decide to actively for one day to do the reverse of what you normally do.
Make a note, do you sit down and procrastinate, are you shy, do you get stressed easily.
Today you are taking a day of from your personality and doing the complete opposite.
Only for a day, you won’t die, if you are worried about embarrassing yourself, then that needs do be reversed. Try it you will have a feeling of relaxation

2 People are stressing you out, someone makes a joke about you and it’s on your mind all day.
Well when someone says something picture them as 5 or a 100 years old, be specific look at there height difference the way they speak, the way they walk. You choose to see it that badly that’s why it’s that bad if your perspective changes it will be different, I guarantee with practice you will come out with witty lines that you didn’t even know were in your head.

3 Feeling uptight, too much to do, no time for your loved ones, no time to relax.
Today’s day and age is the most stressful ever in history, actively seeking relaxation is stressful itself everyone is a juggler and there is a lot to juggle, the shoulders are tired of bearing the weight.
This a grim way of looking at it but it puts things in perspective, imagine being on your death bed, are you going to think why was I running around stressed, if only I made different choices, it wasn’t that bad I should have been relaxed.. With deep self contemplation you have a feeling of relief and relaxation which will make you a far happier and less stressed person.

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Have the ability to concentrate like an Olympic champion

Warning: this is going to be a very long post, it will make sense if you read through it all, and there is an exercise at the end to help improve your concentration and subsequently relaxation.

Concentration, seen almost as a taboo people think that you either have great concentration abilities or you do not. I would like to address this, if you can not concentrate you will never complete anything, if you can not complete it will build up, and in the end you will be stressed out to the point that you could hurt yourself through exhaustion. I have tried to stay relaxed when stress levels build up by practicing techniques to eliminate it; however it is still at the back of your mind and will nag you until it is done.

I believe you can practice techniques for self discipline, concentration and focus, but what if you could take it to a new level, have control over yourself, have solid conviction to the point that when you decide to do something nothing on this earth can stop you; you could manipulate doubts until they no longer influence you.
Yes it is all possible but achieving that state of mindset is next to impossible (do not feel disillusioned) i am going to lay out the path for you i am also speaking from experience.
You can attain concentration it its most potent form, once achieved the side effect is relaxation and emptiness of the mind.

The mind is powerful even with constant research scientists have not yet found out how its power can be fully cultivated. The knowledge i am going to share is gong to sound ridiculous but it was the same with me until i gave it a go. The methods are exercises from a book called Concentration a guide to mental mastery by Mouni sadhu. A word of warning first, this is not your normal route to relaxation, i repeat this is not what i normally advocate, try this and if you get some results you will know exactly what i am talking about, however if you don’t do well the worst is that nothing will come out of it. Some people experience extreme frustration, anxiety, and feelings of powerlessness because your mind will provide mental blocks and only through will power you can surpass them.
The benefits are:
- The ability to shape your life in a logical pattern
- To get the utmost from your abilities
- To acquire a peace of mind
- To develop the art of avoiding outer suggestions and control over your thoughts
- The development of a strong will to steer your life into any chosen channel.

First I am going to list my experiences through this journey they are from a kind of diary (conversations with someone who was also doing it as well)i kept monitoring progress, this will show you what to expect, what I was experiencing in that time, its scary stuff but it is the biggest challenge i have ever taken and the results can not be explained in words, you have to attain results yourself to understand. These are going to be parts of experiences i had to get to the exercise just scroll down to the exercise. This is not mystical or magical it’s achievable; you just have to challenge yourself to levels you may have never done before.
My experiences:

“……I had been procrastinating for a long time, unable to stick to anything but i hated it I wanted iron discipline but thought it is probably something that comes naturally. If i got a book to read it went on the shelf for a few months, i bought mouni's book and didn’t even read a chapter (it went on the self for 4 months), i read other books and added them to the shelf (none of these i actually read all the way). I was getting to the point of breakdown because i was at university but i got a good degree but i always did the work last minute. I wanted total control over myself or at least some. In the end i started probably April 04 and jumped one exercise to the next and thought it was a waste of money. I started reading about meditation and started doing other meditation (but ignored the book). I came to Amazon.com and read reviews about the book, that it is the authority on concentration and nothing is better than it. i thought lets start again, i decided no matter what i will do the exercises (the first set 1 and 1a) for 2 minuets each i did it for a month but that wasn’t enough not enough time to generate an effect on the mind. Then after overall four months of messing about and failing i decided that no matter what the first set will have to be done 15 min each (half hour a day). At first it was extremely difficult, within a minute i wanted to walk of; my mind wasn’t on the exercise. Then through some inner power and desperation to control myself and lead myself to a successful life i lock the door and forced myself……..”

“…….So i properly started October again, at first i was just sitting there but later i could control my breathing and probably for 10 seconds maintain concentration. The first benefit i felt even though i couldn’t concentrate fully was i wasn’t feeling anxious anymore. I had an anxiety problem for some time (due to all kinds of pressure) and its just went away, the thoughts you have feel like they are far away so they don’t have as much effect, so you can like the book says control them, its true. i have stopped getting annoyed i.e. like when watching TV if someone makes a noise i got irritated, not anymore. The best thing so far was when i am sitting anywhere, i am just there i am not thinking or worrying i am just there alive and detached (amazing feeling, can not explain). The best results have come for me in the Christmas holidays i turned up the training from 15 min each to 20 min each (twice a day so 80 min) for the week i had of during Christmas. I have finally in my self got some control over my will. In that week i also did the first exercise (watching the clock dial) for 90 minuets straight, that’s my record, probably 30% of that was concentration but im happy that i had the will to stay there. I have gone back to doing the exercises to 15 min twice a day.
What made me continue was when i felt results when I didn’t feel useless thoughts in my head i had to continue. If you read the book 10 min of pure concentration will give you the ability over your actions and that is only the first exercise. I am still on the first set (1 and 1a) and can hold my attention for probably 30-40% of the time, might not seem much but the results are phenomenal i can’t wait to be able to concentrate 100% i don’t even know what kind of control i will have then. This is a journey i thought it was a quick fix living in the west you expect an easy answer to everything but im not going to stop with concentration.
The best result is the ability to do things you don’t want to do i can feel the gist of it, when i have to do something like that im still fighting myself but i can feel some inner power helping me to fight back. All this has only come from 30-40% efficiency of only the very first two exercises. I feel like i am a different person, people say i seem completely relaxed and confident at the same time, that is because i know i cant control others but i can control my self a bit more that gives you an edge. The road i decided to take is hard but i know if i carry on i will achieve great things. I will not ever need another self help book and with mouni sadhu's book i have only hit the tip of the ice berg……”

“……..due to the society we live in, fast moving society i.e. instant coffee, get rich quick, weight loss through a pill. All this affects the human mind over time to the point that even reading a book becomes an effort, there is no discipline in today’s day and age so because we are tuned to get a result instantly, you are more likely to read a 20 page book than a 100 plus page book instantly seeing that amount of pages will make you anxious.
When doing the exercises we are going passed the point of instant gratification, when making a daily promise to even do the exercises you are learning discipline, yes it is hard to make half an hour a day for these exercises when going through them requires supreme effort, the mind tricks you because you are devoting time your mind wants comfort which means not doing them and when you force it, you feel very very uncomfortable. Now once you have been doing this for a few months, you get confident feeling yes i can do something if i want. Secondly it’s harder to explain, the clouding thoughts in your head go away and you actually become in charge, i haven’t been able to read a book for decade I think but lately when i think about it i just do it, there is nothing stopping me, i don’t know how to explain its something you have to personally experience……..”.

“…….Just yesterday for the first time when i finished the exercises and concentrated on reading a book i had tunnel vision, i couldn’t see or hear anything but the book, and i have a feeling i can turn it on or of when i want, i can do it for a minute then i might get distracted but its a start. Today i came home and have just done the exercises while doing them for about phases of 5-10 seconds i had supreme concentration, its unbelievable something new is happening, now this has given me the confidence to do what i want and i feel unrestrained, so why should i ever stop the exercises, no way am i ever going back to my old ways, I have only hit the tip of the iceberg. In the book Mouni states you will learn things and feel things which at the start were not there, im starting to feel this but i had to get past the first hurdle……”

“……..First you feel clear in your head, that is not as much thoughts (especially negative ones) then when you need to do something your mind is still and wont affect you as much when you make a decision. The first step to knowing you are gaining will power is clarity and then less or no anxious physical symptoms (tightening stomach, heavy heart beat) when you take action which would normally be against your will…….".

Now for the practical.

Start with the breathing exercise. Do this for 2-5 minuets before the main exercise, this will help you relax and focus.

-Breath in for 4 seconds, all the way to the bottom of your abdomen
-Hold for 4 seconds; do not let any air out.
-Breath out for 4 seconds let everything out until there is no air in your lungs.

Now for the exercise
You would need a clock, with a red second’s dial that moves round without stuttering.

-Look at the red dial, your attention should be fixed attentively and totally on it as it moves round.
-Do not think of anything else just watch dispassionately as it revolves around in cycles.
-Do not look at the clock, or think of it or any of the numbers of the clock, not even the color of it.
-You only intently watch the tip of the red dial moving around, nothing in this universe can distract you now, extreme focus is required.
-Mental pictures or verbalizations need to be ignored (very hard to do, practice will make it easier).

-Note when you start watching the movement (a stopwatch will help)
-As soon as a mental picture a voice or any kind of possible distraction comes to you, look at the stop watch get the time.
-Over the week get your best time, multiply it by 3 and that is your first target.

The total requirement is 10 minuets of total concentration, you can use sound blocking headphones to help, but you should not be disturbed by someone while doing the exercise.

This exercise is amazingly hard to master, as the author states harder than a university degree (I agree) but once you start progressing you will wish someone forced you to do it when you were a child. It has taken me 3 years and I do it everyday and I do the advance exercises now but it changed my life literally.

If you have questions email me about this one.

The book is called:
Concentration a Guide to Mental Mastery (Paperback) by M. Sadhu, and can be found at Amazon.com

Monday, 23 June 2008

5 ways to achieve your goals become relaxed and make it a habit.

This post is rather personal to me because it is a culmination of all the knowledge I have attained and stream lined to make myself more effective. For a long time it was impossible for me to relax because I was a procrastinator I couldn’t start a task let alone finish one. I have used certain techniques to become focused and goal orientated to the point that it gives me sense of confidence because I know I won’t leave a task for weeks on end like I once did.

I wanted to achieve but I wouldn’t let myself do it, most of the time it was an inner battle, you can not relax if you want to do something but for some odd reason it never gets done. I started stressing out, which made me loose focus. I decided that no matter what it takes I will uncover, learn and apply every single time management and goal achievement technique that I could find on the face of the earth (there are many I obviously have not found). I researched books, mp3’s, cd’s and videos on the subject, I could start a blog on it and probably will do in the future. However if I didn’t do all this, this blog would have never existed, if I thought to myself a few years ago that I could write a blog or even 20 posts, that would have been impossible because I was not consistent. To achieve my goals and be consistently successful, I went through all techniques I could find and narrowed them down to a few, because the mind works better with simple, sharp messages. I am going to list them and explain how to apply them number 1 is obviously the number 1 technique (and has changed my life).

5) Wake up earlier
Extremely important, a lot more can be done a lack of or too much sleep can affect any type of progress.

4) If you think, that’s all you will do keep thinking: we must do as well.
With this tactic act before you are actually ready, start doing before the intention is even there, you sense it you do it, don’t think about it. If you do it will be two days later.
Do not give yourself options that means if you give your self the option to do something that means you can also not do it. There are no options only action.

3) Move very fast
Keep the momentum going, when you are moving from one place to another move a bit faster, try it you automatically become more focused and want to finish the task. Do everything a little faster (not so fast you look like a mad person)

2) Leave the past behind
I have read countless books on affirmations, visualizations but actions speak louder than words. Think one word “RESULTS”. That is all you want, keep thinking how can I get a result, and when you do how I can do better, champions think this way. This will stop thoughts blocking your path, see the word results in your minds eye, it has to be a burning desire, you can’t be calm about this, to launch a rocket against gravity a lot of force is required. Try to focus on the present only not on the past or future, focus on the present and you will achieve a lot more.

1) My favorite (I invented this one)
Say to yourself what ever you are doing “this is only for today” I will explain how.
You are worrying about something that shouldn’t even bother you, say “just for today, only for today I am not going to worry about, today is different”
If you have a task to do “only for today, I will give it my best shot and that’s it, only for today”. This works beautifully because we are used to leaving things going for a week or tomorrow, the great thing is tomorrow you start the process all over again, I don’t know how I came up with that but it brings amazing results, you have to sound convincing to yourself in your mind then the subconscious believes it, and tomorrow you do it again, and in a few weeks achievement is a habit.

Those are the methods, I follow them everyday it has made me relaxed because I can move forward and not go in circles like I once did, this post will be updated if I find something better but I really hope it helps, this knowledge has taken a long time to learn and refine try it for a week and I guarantee improvement. It would have been of no use keeping this to myself, with sharing it i can get feeback and ideas to improve even more and pass the message, good luck.

Give me 2 minuets and I will give you the Alpha relaxation state

The alpha state is a state where the mind can have suggestions placed to later become fixed belief s. Alpha relaxation is changing your mind state for the better by placing certain goals in your subconscious that they become real so you don’t have to fight your self and go through inner conflict everyday to achieve your goals.

A Dr Johannes Schulze in 1905 carried out some experiments that have since revolutionized theories of success and achievement, in life and sport. Before and after re-unification Athletes from East Germany used his techniques to totally dominate all major sports, athletes from the USSR achieved similar results. These methods are used today by athletes, executives and many other people, why because they bring real results.

The method advocated was Autogenic conditioning, once in the alpha state and when you are in alpha relaxation your mind is a lot more cooperative. This is when you are just about to fall asleep, when you feel a bit hazy this is a alpha relaxation state almost like in a deep trance or meditation.

I will cover history of the subject some other time but I want to put forward alpha relaxation and the alpha state, here is how to do it:

-Sit down in a private place, where you can not be disturbed, make sure the place is dark
-Begin by concentrating on your feet, deliberately make them relaxed, feel as they are floppy and light, go through all areas of the body, making them feel relaxed and limp
-This order might be helpful: Feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, lower back, shoulders, hands, elbows, upper arms neck and face.
-Now each area that you concentrate on make it release from all tension, you will improve with practice.
-After this the mind has to be relaxed, count slowly backwards from 20 to 1, count down with each breath slowly.
-The next bit is hard, as you count from 20 to 1 visualize the number as it is counted, no thought can enter the mind, or anything at all.
-If you are distracted by a thought start again from 20, you might not succeed the first time but give it a week, the results will come.
-When you reach number one, repeat it 10 times, so 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. You will now have reached the alpha state or alpha relaxation state, you will feel as if it’s a different world, there is a window of opportunity now to set beliefs that can be fixed.
-Slowly repeat your desired goal or mental improvement, i.e. “I am more organized, each day I become more organized”
-Make your statement short, sharp and present tense, as if it has happened, your mind will receive the message much more clearly.
-To come back make a conscious decision to come out of alpha relaxation, now count from 20 to 1, and tell your self when you reach the number one you will be awake and ready.

With practice of about a week you will become familiar with it and a week later you will feel results, be persistent and alpha relaxation will become a normal state for you.

Warning: relaxation and scent, there is more to it than you might think

What is the connection between relaxation and scent? Well scent can be aromatherapy oils, or someone’s perfume or fragrance. Everyone likes the smell of different perfumes, i myself love Hugo boss, i always where it. However if you wear a good perfume you may save it for a special occasion like going to a wedding, family get together or for job interviews. Why do people do that because you look your best, if you smell your best then definitely you feel your best. The connection between relaxation and scent is that being happy, calm and confident makes you relaxed, when your relaxed you are more productive and that’s how you get better results.

I think relaxation and scent work together and are very important, like listening to certain music it gets you ready and going, sometimes you might be browsing for stuff and find a perfume by accident and think wow im definitely going to where this when i go out somewhere. The connection between relaxation and scent has its affect on us on a subconscious level, you might not be aware of it unless you thought about it, or if it is bought to your attention. Well perfume can alter your mood for one; they can alter a mental state and can sometimes even have a sedative affect, used throughout centuries in all kinds of ceremonies down to religious cults who used them for rituals.

However perfume and scent once inhaled can have profound psychological and physiological effects as scent travels to parts of the brain where emotional memories are stored and other parts of the limbic system of the brain. This limbic system controls areas of the brain that affect breathing levels, stress, heart rate, hormone balance and memory. If you catch a whiff of someone’s fragrance as they walk by it can evoke past memories and emotions at a subconscious level, so we may not be consciously aware of them.
The best way I could understand it is we are so affected by it that you could be in your own world stressed out walking about, someone walks by wearing nice perfume, it catches you off guard and you forget what you were thinking about, that’s how powerful it is. One of the best things to do is test this, I personally have and it has become a routine, try it.

Here is one way to do it, firstly take more care of your self, so for a week or even one day, look your best dress your best and buy a fragrance that is different yet you like the smell of (invest in yourself) and wear that right after you are ready to go out. It is effectively guaranteed people will be happier around you, and you will be happier around them, you will have more confidence and this makes you relaxed. Put all the advantages in your favor; don’t take anything for granted, try it for a week:
-wake up earlier, about half an hour (its only for 5 days)
-Put on the radio, stimulate your brain
-Make sure your clothes are pressed and shoes shined
-Eat a strong breakfast (trust me it can change your day, and your outlook on it)
-Stretch of, now do 10 press ups, 10 sit ups, and 10 squats (its only for a week)
-Make sure you look super sharp
-Get a mp3 player, load it with music and self development material, listen to it every morning
-Once your ready, put on some perfume or scent
-Walk outside the house as your are about to drive or walk to work or school, do not look down, chin up and chest out (this can affect you by giving you supreme confidence, its proven to affect human mental state for the better)
-Now when you come in to contact with people, smile and ask questions about them.

You see this is called advantage stacking a method used in the military, you put so many advantages in your favor that it is impossible to fail, relaxation and scent work but they are a piece of the whole picture.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Get an audio meditation relaxation session today

You hear the word meditation then the word relaxation now I heard another word being thrown around audio meditation relaxation. What is audio meditation relaxation, well it is meditation which can be guided through the use of mp3 or cd, also there are hypnosis downloads which can help you meditate by putting you in a trance and making you deeply relaxed. Audio meditation relaxation is guided meditation and it helps enhance detachment, basically you see your self from the outside as a viewer or spectator, that way you are there but you are not involved (or can choose how much you want to be involved).

This way over time it can help you free yourself from constant worry or nagging thoughts, you can gain inner strength and a peace of mind, and this can even lead to spiritual awakening to the path of the seeker if you choose to take it. Meditation is more than relaxing the body after stressful day; the full benefits are realized over a sustained period of time. With audio meditation relaxation you can practice over a very long period of time and reach deeper states of trance and bliss by having the right guided meditation cd or mp3 from a credited therapist or organization for optimal results.

A good audio meditation relaxation course will firstly show you how to prepare for meditation, then lead you through it, if the therapist is any good when you finish you wont even know what happened because they slowly get you into a deep relaxed state through using very suggestive language, by talking to your subconscious they alter your behavior with positive attributes that you seek. So firstly target what kind of guided meditation or hypnosis you require i.e. stress relief, freedom from panic attacks or reduce and control anxiety and then contact the distributor and have a word before purchase.

For further information on Audio meditation relaxation visit:

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Try a little Rachmaninoff for relaxation

Sergei Rachmaninoff for relaxation just fits the bill; Sergei Rachmaninoff was a Russian pianist, composer and conductor, one of the few greats of the Romantic style of European classical music. Sergei Rachmaninoff is regarded as an influential pianist of the 20th century. He was technically amazing and had a rhythmic drive.
Also known for his large hands which gave him an advantage as he could cover the interval of the thirteenth on the keyboard, His hand span was said to be around 12 inches and he stood at towering 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) tall.
That is not where is abilities ended, he could listen to complex compositions and play them right back after hearing them for the first time.
Sergei Rachmaninoff for relaxation can be found in many music stores his influence is still evident today. During his childhood after a turn in the family fortunes Rachmaninoff' family moved to Moscow where he studied under Nikolay Zverev a great teacher of his time, while still a student Rachmaninoff wrote an act opera Aleko, and a set of piano pieces, Op.3, this contains a Prelude in C sharp minor, Widely known for being one of his greatest pieces for solo piano. This is a great piece of work and you can find it on youtube, it may sound similar to something you may have heard before. However you will understand why Rachmaninoff for relaxation is so great and it is evident he is capturing a large array of notes very quick as the piece moves all over the keyboard from slow and rhythmic to fast and sharp in tone, however this piece always has a tone of subtlety to it which is soothing and makes Rachmaninoff for relaxation very good.

During 1921 and onwards Rachmaninoff made his recordings for Edison records label on their "diamond Discs" records. However Rachmaninoff had confidence issues with his work and did not consider himself very good, so he asked to have his approval before any of his work was sold through a commercial outlet. Edison records ignored him and mass produced his records, Rachmaninoff moved to victor talking Machine Company which gladly worked to his standards and his popularity grew.

Rachmaninoff gained popularity in US and was warmly welcomed, his best work considered the best of his work by many was a Theme of Paganini and it was written in the United States in 1934.
Rachmaninoff died in 1943 in Beverly Hills, California; He had completed four piano concertos, two piano sonatas, three symphonies and many other great pieces of work.

Relaxation lifestyle, noone wants to be stressed

When I think of how I could live a relaxation lifestyle, I used to think that I have to do certain things everyday and be totally disciplined about it and that would change my habits and nature. An example would be half an hour meditation everyday, I did this for three months everyday but now I do it 3-6 times a week and look forward to it. If preparing for meditation was stressful and looking at my watch thinking "oh no I missed it today" that is really counter productive and more of a stressful life style. The one thing that makes a person live a relaxation lifestyle is being themselves and a free spirit, in
today’s society, always keeping up appearances and keeping up with your neighbors and over all competitiveness changes your mentality and makes it hard to relax. Competitiveness is good but at an extreme rate makes people jealous and envious etc. The first and most important thing is knowing yourself, be at peace with your self, if you have a troubled background or stressful life, its still possible to change, nothing is impossible.
I highly recommend you look up meditation an important addition to a relaxation lifestyle, socialize more, we always need human contact and meeting new people and making friends will give you confidence and lastly eat and sleep well.
You may have heard all this before but do you practice it, to change any habit it takes at least 21 days. A relaxation lifestyle is more a process than anything else. Always use aids, I really really wanted self discipline which has changed my self, having always completed tasks without having to handle inner resistance is the key to a relaxation lifestyle (without discipline I wouldn’t be able to make consistent posts on this blog). Give this book a go and practice the principles it can change your life, I use it and give it 10 out of 10:
With Winning in Mind: The Mental Management System by Lanny R. Bassham

For more help with a relaxation lifestyle visit:

Relaxation Hypnosis

Unusual relaxation stuff

Some good relaxation stuff I have come across, this is basically stuff that can help someone relax. Starting of with a new line of health products which are based around having power naps, in the US around 65% of children and adults are constantly sleep deprived. These products help you sleep for 20 minuets which believe it or not can make a huge difference help you become productive and energized. They come in CD packs which you listen to and they help you drift of. Basically these are powernap aids to help you lock in those 20 minuets which sometimes can make a huge difference.
Other relaxation stuff is meditation chairs, many people after a long meditation session feel their legs, back or buttocks are sore, so these make a difference, they support the spine which improves posture, this way you can avoid strain which over time can become long term pain. Apart from that these chairs are good if you are sitting on the ground, reading a book, or outside on the grass in a park.
This last one doesn’t fall directly under relaxation stuff but it is something that is available for your home, relaxation tanks or flotation tanks can bring the kind of relaxation that is unbelievable. With most relaxation tanks you would have to go to a spa or fitness center but now they are available for your home the price is steep costing around $10000 but if you are into it like most people are into saunas you will save huge amounts. At the lower end you can find Open Top Float Tanks which can be picked up around $8000 or maybe less. Anyway that is some relaxation stuff but if I find any other relaxation stuff I will definitely bring it up.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Dream relaxation, controlling your dreams

For a good night sleep and dream relaxation a certain amount of preparation is needed, it has taken me time to find out what conditions get me to sleep quicker. Firstly if you are not totally warmed up you will stay awake even if you are not cold so tuck in. Also avoid tea or coffee before bedtime, it is hard if you like the taste or are addicted to it but drinking it a few hours earlier can help.
If falling asleep is still hard then certain aids are available, Passionflower for example is calming and sleep inducing. It is used for insomnia; it relieves cramps and nerve pain as well, taking a few drops as instructed 40-50 minuets before sleep can slowly calm you down and provide a state of dream relaxation.
While you in a state of dreaming you could be affected by a movie you watched, what you ate and even down to how you were feeling before going to sleep, waking up with a nightmare is not really a relaxing experience. Dream relaxation is when you are not totally at the will of your dreams, you may have heard of lucid dreaming and dream recall. Through the techniques of lucid dreaming you can instead of hoping to change a dream (like a reoccurring nightmare) you could control your own behavior, this is done by first realizing you are actually dreaming then being active in your dreams, this is also making use of the hours that you didn’t think you could use. With practice you would change your attitude if you have a nightmare, when you realize you can not sustain any bodily harm you will have better sleep and have dream relaxation. Your nightmare could be transformed to a serene dream. Some people with a growing percentage have such nightmares that they avoid going to sleep, this can help them. However this is one route to dream relaxation there are more reasons such as if you are relaxed in your hours of sleep it will definitely affect your waking hours and your behavior there.
I found a brilliant site for lucid dreaming and dream relaxation; it has a lot of very good information:

Stress management relaxation technique?

This is something I looked for a very long time, a good stress management relaxation technique. I didn’t pay attention to the word management, I wanted to try something for a week and it would be over. The best way I can explain this and understand it myself is through an example I made up. You are born with a body it is not made to just lay around if you lay about your whole life, eat anything, just let time take its toll then you will look terrible in your 40’s or 50’s. If you decide to instead exercise everyday, eat the right food, sleep properly and keep active, it’s obvious you will look good in your later years.
Same goes for you mind if you let it go it will do whatever it wants, build comfort zones, certain habits and patterns. To change this a stress management relaxation technique is needed and it takes time to reverse anything that happens. To turn fat to muscle takes time and so does being anxious to confident.
For a stress management relaxation technique I could not find a method that could be used once or for a few weeks it would have to be used over time that is the only way it would be beneficial.
I have tried and highly recommend relaxation tanks, progressive muscular relaxation and mediation. Once you agree with your self and your subconscious that a stress management relaxation technique is not simply a technique but a systematic process that will slowly help you improve, then you can look at a method use it over a long time and it is guaranteed to work. If you see something advertised and buy it then see something else and by it but never use it, you have then become a collector. If you wants a hands of approach i recommend self hypnosis, and not any you see on google, it is best to research find a reputable company I highly recommend two because of their body of work, professionalism and customer feedback: hypnosisdirect.com and hypnosisdownloads.com. Lastly a gem I found and used www.hypnosisaudiocds.com

The need for relaxation adult diapers.

This is no laughing matter but a serious issue; many people require relaxation adult diapers. An example would be when a mother has given birth to a baby she is in a fragile state. At this time anything could affect her, laughing, crying and sneezing could make here wet herself this is known as stress incontinence and is common after childbirth. Also to speed recovery pelvic floor exercises are known to help, take a look at these sites:
Also if at home toweling nappies and plastic pants can provide more relief and they provide extra absorption like the ones babies wear.
Apart from that this effect many are embarrassed to even ask for information about relaxation adult diapers, weak bladder problems can affect people any time during there life, many young children up to the age of 14 are affected as well as senior citizens and there have been cases of those affected after a traumatic event, Of course it is worrying but it is best to quickly find a solution and carry on.
The kind to look for if you need one would be:
Brands that have Anti-bacterial absorbent material, this will avoid bacterial infection.
This can also clean up odor; an infection would man another problem.
A safe adhesive fastening, this will keep the diaper comfortable and avoid it from falling off.
A comfortable material that makes it feels almost non existent such as cotton with a double inner layer surface. There are many companies selling relaxation adult diapers, basically adult diapers which are relaxing to where, first research them, then contact them, ask questions, if they are genuine they might have heard of your problem and can give you information, if they say “buy a pack of 10 and get one free” then they are sales people.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Shakra relaxation oasis, another spa or something special.

I don’t know if you have heard of a place called Shakra relaxation oasis, located in Coral
Gables USA. A spa if you will using conceptual type treatment method for the average person but also aimed towards busy executives, however they still do gift packages so everyone is welcome. The idea like many spas is to help people with their mind, body and spirit, however Shakra relaxation oasis have the complete package down to cellulite elimination through vacuum theraphy. Shakra relaxation oasis offers include tailor made packages such 'your day your way'. You can even rent the dance studio which is 700 square feet with mirrors, wooden floor, music room, with hourly rates staring at around $39.
Shakra relaxation oasis do specials which are days focused on particular therapies and constantly updated throughout the year. Florida residents get a first lesson free which is good to see if it’s up to your taste or not. An example of a Monday special being used at the moment is body sculpting, hatha yoga, belly dancing and they will come to your office to administer chair massages for $70.
Well its innovative ideas or little ideas like coming to your office to provide massage that can help keep them above competition; services such as those keep people coming back.
Next time you are in Florida pay a visit to Shakra relaxation oasis. The owner Deidre has a great attitude, ethos and vision for Shakra relaxation oasis as she stated
"There is no room for limitation in a world of abundance and there is always more room for others".
Let us know if you have been to shakra relaxation oasis and let us know your thoughts about the place.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Find the perfect relaxation beach.

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, take a look at these destinations, a relaxation beach is a holiday, meditation and stress relief all in one.

1: Goa beaches: A truly exotic location, the kind you see in the movies. Goa beaches are covered with picturesque little beach huts. You are served with ice cold beer and spicy & delicious Goan cuisine. The beach, the people, the surroundings, everything about Goa is incredible in its own way. The location is very well known for surfing. February is a peak season full of festivals and events. If you are looking for a relaxation beach then this is still a suitable spot. The best time to visit is from September and just before February if you seek peace and want to enjoy a pleasant trip. Words alone can’t do this place justice; the seafood is wonderful, a wide range of lobster, crabs, mackerels and prawns. Very popular with the tourists.

2: Pink sands Beach, harbor island Bahamas
The Bahamas have many beautiful spots, however you have to search, there are gems hidden in there. The Pink sands beach is known for its actual pink sand and is just of the US coast. The Sand strip is three mile long and this is an amazing relaxation beach, almost a hidden spot, but now lots of people especially celebrities are homing in to the beach due to its unique sand, convenient location, and the fact it’s a prize when you find it.

3: Zanzibar beach, Tanzania
This beach has soft white sand. There up to 30 beaches in this location but the Nungwi beach is located north. The coastline has a shallow slope with flowing water and coral regions; this combination forms a calm sea and is a host to a variety of marine animals. There are many fishing villages here, these are families who have used this kind of fishing for centuries and it is beautiful to see them work. The cultural experience as well as the beach can provide a serene get away from your normal life.

A good relaxation beach is not one that is put in a list as such you may have been going to a beach, or have been to a particular spot again and again, but when people talk of such location we do become curios and want to visit these exotic locations.

Why you should practice Qigong relaxation therapy.

Qigong relaxation therapy is very good and with constant practice you can become better at it and in return become relaxed. Qigong is like meditation in motion, most martial art systems have forms or katas. For relaxation and non fighting elements the forms require concentration for perfection, they regulate the mind, breath and body. Many fighting systems have forms like the qigong form, it requires intense concentration and doing it slowly can help relaxation and improve technique as well as improve self discipline (because you set time aside to do it every day). Qigong is used for fighting; the exercises also improve the energy concentration in muscles and other parts of the body. You can pin point all your power to a certain area. This allows you to hugely increase your bodily strength and its resistance against an attacker who maybe trying to cause you physical injury.
However Qigong relaxation therapy is working on your self, having self control, if you can control yourself and emotions then you can relax at will and complete any task, procrastination will be a thing of the past.
By controlling your body, it greatly improves posture; the Qi can freely flow through you if you have a straight strong posture, a weak one as you obviously know contributes to back problems (can affect your emotional state, stick your chest out and chin up, see how you feel). Freeing Qi can help block disease and help you improve. Many stances are used like the horse riding stance, there is even a tree hugging Qigong relaxation therapy.
By controlling your breath, (hung breathing) deep breathing, you let the Qi pass into you and spread along energy channels this revitalizes and energizes all internal organs.
By controlling the mind anything is possible, by having a thought or concentrating on something in particular the Qi spreads to the area of the body required to generate a useful action. In everyday life having control of the mind in stressful situations will gain you confidence and make you a happier person. For the mind meditation is required and the Qi will obey you easier, this will enhance your Qigong technique and make you more disciplined as a person.
For complete Qigong relaxation therapy and for it to work the mind, breath and body have to be controlled or practice will not be fruitful.
Tai chi chuan is a system which combines the elements together into one, widely practiced china on the streets in parks because of its benefits; it’s a popular early morning exercise and provides brilliant Qigong relaxation therapy. It is widely and highly recommended for those looking for relaxation therapy, for the spiritual seekers, or those looking for an effective fighting system.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Relaxation therapists, are they qualified for the job?

If looking for relaxation therapists you may find very few come up under relaxation therapists if you search under that term. However looking for types of relaxation therapies and therapists in a particular field will make things a lot more clear. Most therapies are mainly for the same reason which are for healing, relaxation or stress relief.
To find good relaxation therapists we should look under types of therapies such as:

In this method the therapists will first check 12 pulses, including one for each internal organ. Next they check for the color and tone of your tongue and face to see for signs of disruption to internal organs. All this is done before the needles.
Then the therapist will insert needles in selected areas of treatment by hand or tube, it is painless but some people feel a mild sensation. The percentage of acupuncture use is increasing every year, with a 75% use of acupuncture as a complimentary treatment to conventional medicine.

Alexander Technique
If looking for Relaxation therapists in this area you are likely to find a teacher, it is an educational method passed from teacher to student.
People choose the Alexander technique as they might be in pain such back pain, shoulder, and other joints. As well as stress and anxiety, many performers use this method such as dancers and singers.
This method gained infamy through celebrity endorsement. Sting, Paul Newman, John Cleese are just some of the names who have benefited.

Aromatherapy is a therapy that anyone can benefit from, even if your health is good or requires improvement. It is used to relieve a wide range of stress related disorders including neck aches, back aches, insomnia and indigestion.
Studies have shown the benefits of many of the oils used in Aromatherapy. Jasmine oil for one has been proven to be a powerful relaxant and very effective to help you sleep; most benefits of the herbs used in Aromatherapy have not even been realized yet.

These are three areas where you could find Relaxation therapists. There are many more types of therapies but these I found useful my self, and they have been widely useful to people. It is best to look in your local area for good Relaxation therapists, firstly phone or email them and then check there credentials, have a talk to patients in the lobby waiting for their appointment. Are they first time or returning patients? This will show if people found the therapist helpful. Also check your local newspaper or community magazine; they always do ratings so you could find useful information in there.

For amazing relaxation therapy visit :

Christian relaxation, a religious approach

I have heard quite a bit about Christian relaxation, well most people looking for relaxation techniques just want to break their endless worrying cycle, or take a break from their daily life. However knowing a few religious people myself, i heard a bit about Christian relaxation, I just wanted to explore it a bit.
Well Christian relaxation techniques are not like NLP or ambient sounds as such but I found they are about the scriptures, for those who believe look back at the scriptures and feel reassured after dealing with setbacks of life. The best way I could understand this is, when you have a guide or mentor or someone you look up to when things go wrong you look towards them for inspiration, motivation and guidance.
Christian relaxation uses god which is the higher power to soften or rid themselves of the aches, pains and obstacles they encounter. The prayers used in Christian relaxation help people find solace in the fact that Christ had to struggle so bearing the burden and having patience will pay of in the end. Prayers and scriptures are used as like mantras and if you are Christian and deeply religious it would definitely have a powerful effect especially if you have devoted your life to religion, I can understand Christian relaxation is different to psychological relaxation techniques, because commercial techniques use methods to alter your perspective or replace old thought patterns with new ones. However Christian relaxation uses it in a way where you are eased and told that someone is there for you and it will be ok. For a non secular approach using the same kind of method I recommend: Awaken Your Strongest Self by Neil A. Fiore, which uses psychological methods which are similar in a secular sense.
I want to give you an idea of the kind of prayers or scriptures believers would read but I wanted it to be powerful for the non religious to get the idea, here is what I found:

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.”
Ezekiel 25:17

Also used in the movie pulp fiction.

Also another one, very powerful:

“When God wishes for something to be, he says be, and it becomes”
The Archangel Gabriel

Monday, 9 June 2008

Relaxation tanks, a therapeutic release from everyday life.

Ever heard of relaxation tanks, well relaxation tanks provide a certain release and are regarded as a kind of therapy. Sessions can last up to an hour and this method of relaxation has been known to start around the 1960's. Relaxation tanks or floatation tank therapy use a kind of salt called pure magnesium sulphate this stuff can be purchased for use at your home bath or hot tub. There are great benefits of magnesium sulphate because most people have a deficiency of this element and it is important for the system.
Magnesium is found in our daily food such as grains and vegetables and people can have a lack of due to not eating enough of magnesium rich food in their daily diet or the food being harvested differently. Either a lack of magnesium in certain studies has shown a link to cardiovascular disease.
Relaxation tanks are normally kept at human body temperature so you feel comfortable when in the session, after about 15-20 a pure relaxation can be achieved. Endorphins are released into your system.
This is only the start; the benefits are just simply endless;
Improvement of athletic performance and prevention of sports injuries.
Total calm state occurs, peaceful relaxation, elimination of fatigue, improves sleep;
Stress relief, mental and physical.
Stimulation and synchronization of the left and right side of the brain; brain waves are shifted from Beta to lower frequency Alpha, Theta and even Delta.; this creates mental clarity, improves breathing, alertness; problem solving; reduction in feeling of pain, deepens meditation; expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of all the senses, makes you sharper, accelerates learning.
Relaxation tanks or floatation tanks can be found in spas around the world and fitness Centers and you can even do courses on them, check in your local area for details.

Asian relaxation therapies, are they any good?

Asian relaxation therapies consist of therapies that originate from Asia and countries within that area, the Asian relaxation therapies that I am going to talk about are commonly used Asian relaxation therapies.
Firstly Shiatsu, this is a truly relaxing and therapeutic treatment, a practitioner will work with you to meet your needs.
Common conditions that Shiatsu can help are:
Back pain
Asthmatic symptoms
Digestive problems
Headaches, migraines
When receiving shiatsu treatment it is best to wear loose clothing and not to eat heavily before treatment, after treatment drinking water is beneficial as well as avoiding stressful encounters.
Shiatsu is a very hands on treatment a practitioner will apply pressure to meridians with their hands and gently hold areas of your body for treatment, this will help the flow of energy in your body. If needed they could use methods of rotating and stretching your joints this will relive tension and stiffness in the body. Shiatsu is a commonly used treatment and is gaining more and more popularity in the west.
The second Asian relaxation therapy I wanted to talk about is Tuina.
Tuina is one of the oldest massage therapies known in the world, originated in china around 15000 years ago. Tuina treatment is undertaken after a patient tells the therapist certain facts about their health and conditions they may have. Tuina seems a bit like shiatsu, Tuina works on the principles of Qi, Qi affects your body and flow of it should not be blocked if you want to live a healthy life.
According o the Chinese there are 12 paired meridians, a member of each pair on the right and left of the body, and to in the trunk and head area, the Qi needs to flow fluidly through here for a person to be balanced and healthy.
Tuina has been known to help in the treatment of back pain, neck shoulder and elbow injuries; it helps skeletal injuries very well. It is also helpful to non skeletal conditions so it has been useful in treating constipation, migraines and headaches as well
It is a vigorous massage, all techniques have a lot of movement and pressure on the body. After the first treatment people feel pretty sore, but after the second and third people tend to find it relieving and extremely beneficial and relaxing so people keep going back.
It depends on the individual some people feel super relaxed after treatment and some energized.
Those are two Asian relaxation therapies that can be beneficial towards many conditions and if you are simply looking for a deep relaxing treatment.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Deep muscular relaxation, how to benefit from it.

Deep muscular relaxation or DMR is different to Jacobson relaxation or Progressive muscular relaxation.
With deep muscular relaxation you do not tense the muscles while with Progressive muscular relaxation you do, using deep muscular relaxation can effectively cut down your relaxation session by half. Over time and practice you will realize that all you need for this exercise is mental focus this will relax your muscles. It is best to become confident with progressive muscular relaxation before moving to deep muscular relaxation.
Follow the below instructions and use the exercise consistently over time for best results.

Sit on a chair adjust yourself until you feel you are in a comfortable position.
Now start to concentrate on your breathing. Take a slow and deep breath; let the air fill you up from the top of your stomach to the bottom of it. Hold your breath for a few seconds, now breath out slowly through your mouth; this is all your tension and stress leaving your body. Continue taking full filling breathes and you will notice yourself becoming calm with each one.
Now start to relax your forehead, all the lines on your forehead are now smooth. Continue breathing deeply... now relax your eyebrows. Relax all the way down to your jaw, release all the tension. Now relax your lips open them followed by your tongue. Continue to breathe deeply and relax your throat, you will notice your face totally calm and serene.
Roll your neck around and feel it relaxed. Drop your shoulders totally let go of them, your neck is loose, your shoulders will feel heavy so you let go of them. Now you feel the relaxation continue down your arms right out of your fingertips. Your arms feel heavy and loose, your lips open because your jaw is heavy.
Breathe in deeply feeling your chest and stomach expand, hold for a few seconds now breathe out. You can feel the muscles in your abdomen release the tension, your back and waist is relaxed. Your upper body will now feel loose and heavy.
Now for your lower body, feel your buttocks feeling heavy and making you sink into the chair. Relax your thighs and knees. You can feel the relaxation travel down your calves, ankles to the tips of your toes. Continue breathing deeply, feeling more relaxed and calm with each breath.
Now for a double check start with your forehead, all the way to the tips of your feet, you feel totally peaceful while breathing deeply.
If you feel a muscle not relaxed prioritize it now, tense it for a second or two, now let go, you feel it has become as relaxed as the rest of your body.

Tips that can help you with deep muscular relaxation would be:
Do not stress your self out by following this to the letter, slowly like everything else you have done, you will become good at it. This is complex requiring mental concentration, so set a target i.e. in 2 weeks i will be able to this exercise a lot more fluidly.
It can take 2-4 weeks to master so enjoy the process, when you are good it can take 5-10 minuets to become totally relaxed and it will be second nature to you.

For further information visit :
Relaxation Hypnosis

Thursday, 5 June 2008

How fruits play a vital role in relaxation from stress?

With the stress becoming a part of day to day routine, relaxation has come up as a major therapy for heeling it. Contemporary and modern world has come with a whole new avatar of what was considered to be simple tiredness, which is stress and anxiety.
It is a known fact that relaxation is answer to all stress or pressure related problems, but another such fact is that fruits are also a major source of relaxation too.

Stress relaxation properties of fruits have made them quite a popular instrument in relaxation techniques. To understand how the fruits fit in relaxation, it is better to first understand the word relaxation and how different relaxation techniques utilize the stress relaxation properties of fruits.

Relaxation is nothing but a tool to fight the strain and psychological imbalance caused by changing lifestyle, demanding daily routines and westernization. Relaxation techniques are the various recreation methods designed or intended to heel a body of its emotional and physical fatigues or stress. The role fruits play are of tools in some of these relaxation techniques. The stress relaxation properties of fruits have enabled many to utilize them in enhancing the heeling power of relaxation techniques.

If you are wondering why one needs to follow a relaxation technique, what are these techniques and how fruits are involve them. Then you need to start from the starting. Relaxation also known as stress management has these techniques or ways that can treat problems like stress, anxiety, exhaustion, tiredness and mood change. Relaxation is all about enjoying life as well treating the tired or worn out mind and body. Two major things that relaxation or relaxation techniques do for you are they teach you to live happy and energetic, also they add to your health.

Some of the health benefits relaxation offers are reduction of muscle tension, lowering of blood pressure, slowing down of heart beat and control over palpitation, no mood swings, no sleeplessness, control over nervousness, decrease in lack of concentration and no weariness or fatigue. While relaxation has so many benefits, the stress relaxation properties of fruits also serve health benefits and add to the heeling of mind and body.

One reason why relaxation techniques utilize the stress relaxation properties of fruits is the fact they are natural and healthy too. Some of the fruits used for relaxation are orange, watermelon, blueberries, tart cherries, cherries and much more. Each of these fruits and many more of such fruits not only brings freshness to mind, benefits body but also adds to health. For those still do not find a reason to cater to fruits how about simply having them for skin benefits?

The basic purpose of relaxation or any relaxation technique is to calm down the mind, loosen the tighten muscles and refresh the senses. Fruits work on the same principle and thus have amazing stress free properties, such as tart cherry brings muscle flexibility and relives the body of its stiffness and tiredness, oranges or fruits with vitamins help in fighting stress by fighting free radicals (which are cause of stress and are released in a state of strain or anxiety) and watermelon works by hydrating mind and body. Similarly fruits with low calories also add to the campaign against tension, pressure and exhaustion.

Other health benefits that make fruits a good stress buster are they contain fiber which controls or manages level of blood glucose, controls cholesterol and cancer or colon cancer. Fruits also have antioxidants and many essential vitamins as well as minerals to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Some of the relaxation techniques that have found to inculcate stress relaxation properties of fruits in their working are aromatherapy, good diet and massage. Next time when you feel exhausted, tired and sad try having watermelon or a good fruit salad. Having a facial massage with natural fruit juice or paste also refreshes the psychological fatigue experienced after a long tiring day.

Stress, whether emotional or physical, can be very well heeled by relaxation techniques, which are based on natural and therapeutic value of fruits as well as the stress relaxation properties these fruits bear. Truth is stress relaxation properties of fruits are more or less connected with how healthy these fruits are and how there benefits corresponds to a happy mind and healthier body.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A good relaxation quote can easily change your mood or day.

Here is a good relaxation quote or two; we sometimes need inspiration or need to hear it from some legendary figures, hope you find a good relaxation quote here :

"A hobby is only fun if you don't have the time to do it."
Leo Beenhakker

"Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest."
Ashleigh Brilliant

"A day away acts as a spring tonic. It can dispel rancor, transform indecision, and renew
the spirit."
Maya Angelou

“It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of
playful deeds and jokes.”
Thomas Aquinas

“Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up
Anatole France

“Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother.”

The above by Voltaire is my favourite relaxation quote, here are some more:

"What is the product of virtue? Tranquility."

“The man who does not relax and hoot a few hoots voluntarily, now and then, is in great
danger of hooting hoots and standing on his head for the edification of the pathologist
and trained nurse, a little later on.
The madhouse yawns for the person who always does the proper thing.”
Elbert Hubbard

“Relaxation frees the heart.
Courage opens the heart.
Compassion fills the heart”

“Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye.”
O'Malley, Austin

“Absence of occupation is not rest; a mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.”
William Cowper

“I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital
I have and I want to administer it intelligently.”
Ernest Hemingway

I always look for a good relaxation quote or success and motivation quotes if I find any more good ones I will definitely bring them up.

How to treat yourself with meditation music and relaxation?

Meditation, music and relaxation are the keys to attaining the power which can heal your body from various psychological and emotional imbalances. There are different relaxation techniques to experiment with and meditation music is one such technique, designed to treat those suffering from stress or fatigue.

Meditation music is a kind of music used for supporting the whole purpose of meditation and reviving the mind sensations. Relaxation is a way of refreshing the mind, body and soul by doing something peaceful, tranquil and enjoyable. Basic purpose of any relaxation technique is simply to take mind away from its stress and to pump up the weary body. Meditation music and relaxation have a synchronization that works best for bringing the tired and exhausted mind out of its gloominess.

Meditation has been a powerful source of relaxation and one of the most popular relaxation techniques. What meditation does is it treats the body of its emotional instability, adds to the health and makes a person strong in spiritual, physical and psychological way. To find out how meditation music and relaxation make a great pair for treating you, you need to know about the working and benefits of meditation and music individually.

For years people have been meditating, while it started as a way to way to become spiritually more active and to attain a way to connect to the inner self, today meditation has become a great way to attain a control over both the mind and body. With meditation having a power or ability to capture the mind, to motivate it and to revitalized it, people across the world have adopted meditation as a way to get over their stress, day long tiredness, to ease their anxiety and to balance their emotions. Similarly, music serves the same purpose of treating or heeling the inner disturbances of a person.

Have you ever tried listening to a favorite song of yours when feeling sadness, tiredness or irritability? Music acts has heeling properties that makes a person feel calm, composed and relaxed. The very reason makes music equally powerful and when combined or synchronized together, they prove out to be perfect way to relax and to treat a person in may areas.

Meditation music works by soothing the turbulence inside a mind using soft or inspirational sounds or rhymes that are bound to touch the emotions. If the question is why meditation and music together, then answer is simple meditation music works deeper and it has been proven that meditating with words or sound generates or create a powerful and emotionally strong environment or atmosphere. Meditation music also act as a tool that guides a person for attaining the calmness, for relaxing the mind and body when meditation and for helping them in focusing when meditating.

The basic principle on which meditation music and relaxation works is to push a person in to deeper sense of calmness, relaxation and to make him or her revive and retain the right frame of mind and body, thus the best way to treat your depression or exhaustion is to choose a good music track and meditate by playing it in background. Another reason why this new avatar of meditation has become so popular and is so amazing is the fact that, music without a doubt is a universal language and caters to need of all kind of people. From classical, western, jazz to instrumental there are hundreds of music categories one can choose from based on their preferences and begin with a meditation.

Some of health benefits of meditation music and relaxation include good and sound sleep, lower cholesterol, strengthening of immune system and more. Things you can work on or treat using the combination of meditation music and relaxation are anxiety, depression, fear, emotional imbalance, anger, mood change, mind and body fatigue, headache, sleeplessness, irritability, breathlessness and lack of concentration or inability to think.

The biggest misconception about meditation, music and relaxation is that one needs to be spiritual and should know mediation postures. But the truth is that meditation music is a simple way to relax and all it requires you to do is close your eyes (lie down or sit straight), breathe easy and concentrate on the music being played in the background. To practice meditation music you need not be a guru or spiritual guide or a yoga expert, as meditation music is all about exercising one’s mind to refresh it, revitalize it and strengthen it.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

7 Ways to Soothe your Shyness

7 Ways to Soothe your Shyness

Shy people instinctively know that they are missing out. Shyness equals lost opportunities, less pleasure and fewer social connections. Shyness can be crippling but there are tried and tested ways to make it a thing of the past.

When I was fifteen I was shy. I recall an attractive girl attempting to engage me in conversation. My shyness made me focus on me instead of her. I heard my own voice but not hers and I thought about what I was trying to say instead of what she was trying to say.

The formula for shyness is "too much focus on the self" plus anxiety. To make it even more unpleasant, sometimes when you are feeling shy you experience physical sensations which 'hijack' your calm logical self.

My pulse raced, my mouth dried up and I felt like the village idiot! I couldn't think what to say so I said nothing apart from making barely audible grunting noises! Cary Grant eat your heart out! When I detected pity in her eyes (or was it contempt, or boredom) I mumbled my excuse and got out of there. I hated being shy and was determined to change it.

How shyness is developed and maintained

Shyness really is a combination of social anxiety and social conditioning. To overcome shyness you need to learn to relax socially. This enables you to direct your attention away from yourself and gives you the space to practice certain conversational skills. In most cases, the heightened emotions of socializing when young simply condition the sufferer to respond to social events with fear, instead of excitement and pleasure.

Relaxed socializing is so pleasurable, not to say productive, but it is an advantage denied to many until they learn to relax. To start reducing your own shyness, I want you to absorb the following tips and ideas and start to put them into practice:

1) Think about the way you feel and behave around familiar people you are comfortable and spontaneous around. It's that feeling transferred to new people and situations that equates to your emerging social confidence.

2) Focus your attention away from yourself. Sure, you can think a little bit about how you are coming across, but if all your focus is on your own words and feelings then you might as well be by yourself. Notice what other people are wearing and make a mental note, listen to their conversation, imagine where they might live, make a point of remembering names. Not only does this give you more to talk about, it also 'dilutes' social anxiety leaving you feeling calmer.

3) Ask people open questions. Many people like to talk about themselves and will find you interesting if you find them interesting. Ask questions that require more than a 'yes'/'no' response such as 'What do you like about this place?' rather than: 'Do you like this place?' Once they've answered use 'add-on' questions connected to the first such as: 'What other places do you like in this city.?' Next you can express your views. This is a great way to get the conversation going. If the conversation doesn't 'take' then no matter, you've done your bit.

4) Stop trusting your imagination so much! Have you ever had an imaginary picture in your mind of a holiday destination only to arrive and find the reality is different from the way you had imagined? That's how reliable imagination is. Stop imagining what others think. I do lots of public speaking and I've long since stopped trying to second guess what others think of me - it's just too painful. Besides, what a person thinks about you has a lot more to do with who they are than who you are.

5) Stop using 'all or nothing' thinking. The 'completely this/completely that' style of thought occurs when you are emotional. People who are depressed, angry or anxious see reality in terms of differing extremes, simplistic all or nothing terms. An angry person is 'right' and you are 'wrong'; the depressed person feels like a 'failure' while others are a 'success'. In reality, life is composed of infinite gray areas. So stop fearing that you might say the 'wrong' thing! Or that people will 'hate' you. Once you start to relax more socially you'll notice much less black or white thinking because anxiety actually causes you to think in all or nothing terms.

6) Take your time. You don't have to blurt things out. Ask questions and if questions are asked of you can take time to consider your response (within reason). Don't just blurt out what you think might be the 'right' answer. A slow answer is a relaxed answer.

7) Finally, use hypnotic rehearsal. Hypnosis is the quickest way to change your instinctive/emotional response to any situation. Only think about meeting others when your mind and body is relaxed. This conditions you to associate relaxation with being around new people. In fact you'll find that when you relax deeply enough often enough whilst hypnotically rehearsing being comfortable around others you'll reach the point where you just can't be shy any more! This is what I call a 'happy inability!'

I now love meeting new people and suspect that my current social confidence would be unrecognizable to my fifteen year old self.

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Article by Mark Tyrrell of Hypnosis Downloads.com.

Is meditation subliminal relaxation answer to the stress and strain?

Westernized lifestyle and fast lane living has brought in stress in people’s lives and taken it to a whole new level today. Where earlier “stress” was a word used by a selected age group or those who worked long hours, today everyone from kids to the aged are well aware of ‘stress’ or ‘exhaustion’. In such a scenario, Meditation subliminal relaxation has come up as a solution for fighting all the stress, pressures, fatigue and weariness people are experiencing these days.

Not many know that meditation subliminal relaxation is one of the most effective relaxation techniques and has the power to heel psychologically. Before understanding about meditation subliminal relaxation and how it benefits you, you should know what relaxation techniques are and how and on what problems do they work.

Calming and soothing down mind and body when in an unstable or burned out situation is called relaxation and methods that can be used to achieve this heeling, is termed as relaxation techniques. Since the technique that is being discussed is subliminal relaxation or meditation subliminal relaxation, the problem that is to be cornered is more or mental and psychological. There are a bundle of relaxation techniques to fight those emotional and psychological stress and strain experienced by our mind, often these stress also lead to physical stress later on.

Usually relaxation techniques are designed in a way that they can even be used together or in combination. Mediation subliminal relaxation is one such safe and easy technique that works with the combination or conjunction of power of meditation and subliminal technology. While it is easy for a person to understand what meditation can do for budding stress and fatigue, not many know that subliminal technology is a relaxation technique in itself and can work wonders for those emotional imbalance of a tired and stressful brain.

Subliminal is defined as a message usually auditory (or even visually) and is designed to be perceived or observed psychologically by the brain. This subliminal persuasion is a sound or vibration that is below the reorganization level or threshold level i.e. the message transferred subliminally is below the range of normal human hearing. Using music as a power to calm down the instability of mind and to energize the tired and worn out mind, subliminal relaxation is a technique that works the best when combined with meditation.

Music has heeling to it, which is why listening to good music is considered as a relaxation technique in itself. The best thing about it is that one can listen to whatever song or music he or she likes to feed the exhausted emotions with some peace and liveliness. To support relaxation there are number of tapes with calm or inspiring messages and soft music, then there are also these subliminal tapes with music and messages embedded in such a way that one can not hear the message but can feel them subliminally or on subliminal level.

Meditating with these subliminal records or music being played at the background works as magic in boosting great stamina, energy and relaxation to both mind and body as well as in helping body with those stress and strain. Meditation is all about closing your eyes and on focusing on your breathing and when done with power of subliminal music or music with subconscious messages, body tends to heel faster, becomes peaceful and becomes strong enough to control the emotional disturbances it has been going through.

Some of the areas where a meditation subliminal relaxation works the best are stress, strain, fatigue, weariness, nervousness, fear, lack of concentration, restlessness, headache, inability to think and imbalanced breathing due to anxiety.

For years meditation has been regarded as a solution to problems like anxiety, stress, exhaustion and emotional dilemma. Meditation subliminal relaxation is a perfect blend of heeling power of meditation with subliminal relaxation or ability of music to control the mind and body. Often such day to day stress experienced by people of all age group (whether youngsters, working class or house wives) makes them suffer from emotional problems leaving them disturb and helpless. Meditation with subliminal relaxation is a technique that is solely based on erasing such stress or strain or psychological imbalance by providing a whole new outlook, by providing a moment to relax and rejuvenate, by proving the energy required by mind and body to coordinate well and by providing you time to cope up with too much of stress on your mind.

For further information on meditation subliminal relaxation visit :

Relaxation Hypnosis

How relaxation techniques play an important role in treating anxiety disorders?

Anxiety attacks had always been common among working population, but with changing lifestyle and personal expectations of people anxiety is today a disorder found among every other person. With medicine being a prominent solution for every other disorder people often tend to spend large amount of bucks on their hospital bills, but not many know that it is always possible to treat such strokes of fear, tension or worries by following simple and safe relaxation techniques.

Relaxation with anxiety disorders plays a vital role, a role as important as any other medication, all because of the safe and beneficial principles of various relaxation techniques.

Before understanding how the equation of relaxation with anxiety disorders works, it is important to have an idea about the benefits and purpose of following various relaxation techniques. Relaxation is more or less a spiritual as well as non spiritual way to control the internal disturbance of a body and mind. Most of these relaxation techniques are designed to control the stressful and unstable mind as well as to heel the weary outlook of a body. Anxiety being a condition where a body is nervous and mind is under panic or excessive tensed situation, thus by simply controlling a disturbed mind with relaxation one can always treat those anxiety disorders or attacks.

Relaxation in itself is of various types, but each of these different relaxation techniques are based on one common purpose to benefit mind and body with peace, strength, stamina and calmness.

Relaxation with anxiety disorders is the best way to come over those panic strokes and attacks of angst. One such example of relaxation techniques heeling anxiety is, the fact that deep relaxation involves physiological changes in a person causing a decrease in respiration rate, heart rate, skeletal muscle tension, metabolic rate and analytic thinking.

Relaxation with anxiety disorders helps in overcoming its symptoms like nausea, headaches, irritation, shortness of breath, increased heartbeat, sweating and palpitation, suffocation, chest pain, dizziness, fear, tremors and nervousness.

Since anxiety is more of a mental and physiological disorder, therefore some of the most common relaxation techniques that are well designed to relieve a body of its anxiety disorders are meditation, yoga, ample sleep and good diet. When you experience attacks of anxiety with any of the symptoms mentioned the first thing to do is control your breathing, which can be done by either meditation or yoga. When you feel too much tension and inability to feel or think anything, it is always better to rest the over burdened brain.

Another quick relaxation technique is breathing exercise, when feeling stressed and anxious while working the best thing to do is take a break and then work on your breathing. Out of many big relaxation techniques, this breathing exercise is the easiest and works the best, as all you need to do is your eyes (you can lie down or can sit somewhere comfortably) and breathe slow and deep. By simply following this technique of relaxation with anxiety disorders for 15-20 minutes (or 10 minutes if you do not have that much time to spend), you tend to control your mind and calm it down. Breathing exercise is one those instant techniques that work with sudden attacks of anxiety, another thing to be done when feeling such sudden symptoms is to drink water, possible cold water.

No doubt, today there are dozens of good medicines and drugs available out in the market claiming to treat and some actually treating the hyper and anxiety disorders, but in many cases anxiety is all about the emotional state of the mind and thus can be best treated with relaxation techniques. Relaxation with anxiety disorders isn’t just capable of overcoming physical weakness, but also has the power to control or balance the emotions experienced by the body.

Some of the other relaxation techniques synchronizing relaxation with anxiety disorders for its treatment aroma therapy, aromatherapy, progressive muscle relaxation and visualization. Right diet and right amount of sleep are two important relaxation factors that act as both the precaution and the treatment. If you are sleeping for a comfortable 7 to 8 hours and eating the nutritious, balanced, healthy and fried less diet chances are you won’t become a victim of any of the anxiety symptoms. Also, if you experience or have an anxiety disorder make sure that you eat food that is less oily, with more of vegetables and is not processed. Try not to have tea or coffee, as they are possible triggers of mood change and many other anxiety symptoms.

Relaxation techniques are simple methods to calm down an unbalanced mind and to refresh or rejuvenate an exhausted body, its no magic simple science. Thus, if you are someone being troubled with anxiety disorders three things you need to do is consult a doctor, take the medication (if prescribed) and follow relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, sleep well and eat good.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Introducing Some Of The Best Simple Free Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation is nothing but taking care of your body both physically and psychologically. Often people experience condition where they can not think anymore or work anymore feeling exhausted and tired. Relaxation techniques are based on heeling mind and body from stressful strokes.

There is a list of benefits to relaxation techniques for those troubled with anxiety, strain or emotional disorders. Some of these benefits are reduced depression, decrease in panic attacks, capability of handling pain, reduced anxiety, control over stress, ability to fight pressure, improved breathing, decrease in emotional outburst, freedom from sleeplessness, emotionally stable mind and anger control.

Following are some of the best and free relaxation techniques you can use to free yourself from that exhaustion and anxiety:

Read what you like

Reading has always been considered as a good exercise for mind, thus reading a book of your taste can prove to be a great relaxation technique. So next time you find yourself tired of hectic day or a routine try picking up one of those books on your shelf. This is one of most simple, easy and free relaxation techniques that you can make use of

Dance to your favorite tune

You do not have to be a good dancer for this technique. Dancing is more or less like a form of exercise that helps to relax stiffness and loosening of an occupied mind. The purpose of this technique is to divert the mind from its stressful thoughts and to add energy to tired body, also dancing helps to rejuvenate the mood leading to complete mind and body relaxation. This is one of the most popular and free relaxation techniques as it is so much fun to do.


Aromatherapy need not be costly like you have seen in TV shows or spas. It is always possible to buy some exotic or essential oils and use them at home in your own bath tub. You can also make use of scented candles by lighting them around you and benefit from simple, easy and affordable aromatherapy to relive yourself from anxiety, stress and tiredness. The purpose of aromatherapy technique for relaxation is simple and based on the power of aroma in capturing the attention of diverted, lost or busy mind and soothing it down.

Take a hot bath

This is one of the best free relaxation techniques and most affective one too, as taking a hot bath always brings a whole new freshness to the body. This technique also does not requires any extra time or planning, as all you have to do is take a shower or bubble bath after your long tiring day and you are ready for a relax and calm evening or night. This technique also helps you think and assort your problems as you breathe easy and relaxed leaving your work, files, laptop and mobile outside.

Go out with friends or your partner

There is nothing relaxing than spending a good laughing moment with people you feel comfortable with and people you enjoy spending time with. Outing with friends or your partner always tends to give you chance of absorbing good and healthy vibes, which helps you in cutting down your stress or pressure. This also acts as a good source of entertainment for your anxiety, emotionally upset mindset and bad mood.

Take a nap

This is not just free but also all time favorite relaxation technique for many. The major cause of fatigue or tiring body is usually lack of sleep or lack of energy in the body. Taking a good nap always helps to refresh and rejuvenate the body as well as gives you a break from all that thinking and working. You can always take a 15 or 30 minutes break when you feel tired enough and are not able to concentrate anymore on anything. Its like restarting the body for effective working by it.

Eat what you love

Eating is a popular relaxation technique that does not just comes for free but also adds fun element to your moment. It is worldwide known fact that eating always works both physically and emotionally for a person, thus the best way to fight tiring day or preoccupied mind is to grab a ice-cream cone or soda can or one of those junkie food items you simply love to have. For those who are little too health conscious there is nothing to be worried of, eating for relaxation is a technique for everyone. If you want to be healthy then have salads or juice or anything which you feel will not add calories to your body. One of the best way is to relax is to prepare your own meal, this drives you away from your fatigue and keeps you self satisfied leading to a happy mood set.

Have a cup of tea or coffee

Working late or for hours can be exhausting and lead to mood change, drowsiness and anxiety. By having a hot cup of tea or coffee you can always fight these ill effects of fatigue, as a cup of tea or coffee acts more or less like body fuel.

These are some of the best, easy and definitely free relaxation techniques you can use for fighting your fatigue and exertion of the day.

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Relaxation Hypnosis

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The SHARM (Self Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine)

If you are looking for a self hypnosis and relaxation machine then i have found an exact match. It is The SHARM (Self Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine) This is mainly a software tool it helps professional therapists and advanced users of relaxation products to create their customized and personal therapy and self improvement sessions.
The thing about the self hypnosis and relaxation machine (sharm) is that it is a very highly professional system, it is not like audio, cd or dvd relaxation tapes which are pre-recorded, the self hypnosis and relaxation machine (sharm) gives you total control over the hypnosis session all down to the different aspects of it, because this is a high caliber system, this system is used by professionals so it would be helpful if you are a therapist so you can customize a therapy session to match your clients goals with over 100 predefined sessions available.
Users of the self hypnosis and relaxation machine (sharm) are therapists, Doctors and the general public as well. Users have rated the system 10 out of 10 and some of the areas they have been impressed in are:
Simplicity of the product
Updates are available all the time: Showing the company is innovative and progressive
The ability to create unique cd's for clients
Ability to express yourself from creating unique sessions
Fun and relaxing to use.
This is a very versatile system covering ambient music; Binaural beats all the way to adding your own scripts. So the self hypnosis and relaxation machine (sharm) is exactly what it says it is a machine which helps you relax and make self hypnosis programmes that are not preprogrammed or found any where else due to its endless available options.

Friday, 23 May 2008

What you need to know about mental imagery and relaxation

How do mental imagery and relaxation exercises work, well mental imagery is what you see in your mind it is the creative aspect of your mind.
The mind uses mental imagery or visualization thousands of times a day but mental imagery and relaxation are hardly ever used together unless a person trains themselves to do so. The brain or mind is a free super computer given at birth and depending how it’s programmed will depend on how successful you will be. An example of how your mind uses mental imagery is:
Someone knocks your front door very hard, most people think "oh no it’s that guy i had trouble with, he found out where i live" and from there even before the door is opened you have played out scenarios of what could happen in a negative sense and believe it will happen. A popular example is, you see an attractive member of the opposite sex, they are sitting across from you, and you think I should go over there and talk. Your mind runs through how they will reject you and how bad this will look and so on, maybe it will turn out good but you haven’t done anything yet.
These actions are common, adults use the creative aspect of their mind or mental imagery for worrying and become very good at it, this is a counter productive use of your creative side because it was meant for helping you survive and succeed. However the use of mental imagery or visualization in a negative sense can be attributed from a lack of good parenting to you when you where a child, a lack of socialization, traumatic childhood experiences and so on.
This can be changed, mental imagery can be used as a relaxing technique and be a good use of your imagination.
The way to do this is remember times when you had a joyful experience, a time of confidence and live it as it were real in your mind.
Below you will find a simple but powerful mental imagery and relaxation exercise, if followed consistently over time; you will find your mindset to be changed.
Firstly find a room which is quite, find a comfortable spot where you can remain undisturbed for 20-30 minuets
Do breathing exercises as follows, take a deep breath for four seconds, as you are taking it in make sure you feel it going all the way to the bottom of your abdomen. Now hold it for four seconds, and lastly over four seconds let all the air out of you until your lungs are empty, while doing this concentrate on the air coming in and out of your body and the path it takes, and nothing else.
Now we will focus on mental imagery and relaxation in the terms of a certain exercise:
Straight after the breathing exercise close your eyes make sure you are comfortable and follow these steps:
Imagine doing a task you do on a constant basis, you are watching yourself do it as a spectator observing yourself.
Watch yourself work on the task as you would normally.
Now you decide to focus on this task and do a good job of it deliberately. Watch yourself make the decision to concentrate on the task and all distractions you had are gone, even though certain distractions are there but they don’t affect you as much, they can’t break your concentration.
Now you are so absorbed in your task that distractions are out of your attention span and become obsolete. At this point anything that could distract you is not noticed, heard or seen by you any more. You have a kind of protective force field around you like a bubble and your powers of concentration have increased by tenfold at this moment.
Now you are doing this exercise in a deeper state, nothing in the universe matters or could break your attention, you no longer have thoughts, feelings or emotions, you are in the zone and the task is second nature to you. Nothing comes to your mind except the task, you are like a missile you are locked on, there are no questions, distractions or inner conflicts your mind could through at you, you are in control, your mind is aware of your power and ability and it is silenced, it lets you commence in your task, nothing can get in your way now.
At this point you get deeper into the task to the point you do not exist anymore, the difference between you and the task can not be measured, you have become the task, only you can complete the task because you are the task, you perceive the world from the viewpoint of the task.
Now you decide to let go deliberately of the task, and you see yourself let go. You make a conscience decisions that in 10 seconds you will wake up and whatever you put your mind to it won’t just be achievable but no one can do it better than you and you believe this.
Now count 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now open your eyes.

That was mental imagery and relaxation; it can help you become confident in any situation and make you calm and relaxed as well. You can try this for just relaxation; use other images like relaxing on the beach, hearing the sea, feeling the sand and looking at the yachts going by. Athletes and Special Forces use these methods and if it helps them it will definitely help you.

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fridrik karlsson magical relaxation, the deep relaxation state

fridrik karlsson’s magical relaxation has become popular with a growing group of people, but who is fridrik karlsson and what is fridrik karlsson magical relaxation all about.
Firstly fridrik karlsson has been a professional musician since the age of 16.
His credentials include the fact that he started that early and that he has a degree in classical and rock/jazz guitar. His first success was international with the group Mezzoforte in 1983 with the U.K. top ten hit, "Garden Party".
He has toured most of the world working with the worlds leading musicians such as Tom Jones, Madonna and Leann Rhimes to name a few.
However how does fridrik karlsson magical relaxation come into the picture?
He Practices NLP and has Master Practitioner certification and a host of other relaxation and self development disciplines such as Indian Ayurvedic science and hypnosis.
Fridrik karlsson has a deep interest in personal relaxation practices; this is easily understood through his credentials. He is an innovator and in the forefront of this field as he started his music label river of light records in 1996. This label is devoted to healing, new age and relaxation music. Other Fridrick karlsson music albums include titles such as: Peace of Mind
Total balance
Chill out Heaven
Magical Healing

The music on the album is to provide the user a state of complete relaxation, the running time is 60 minuets.

Track list:

1. Sea breeze
2. Magical relaxation
3. State of healing
4. Day dreaming

For more on fridrik karlsson magical relaxation information visit :