Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Unusual relaxation stuff

Some good relaxation stuff I have come across, this is basically stuff that can help someone relax. Starting of with a new line of health products which are based around having power naps, in the US around 65% of children and adults are constantly sleep deprived. These products help you sleep for 20 minuets which believe it or not can make a huge difference help you become productive and energized. They come in CD packs which you listen to and they help you drift of. Basically these are powernap aids to help you lock in those 20 minuets which sometimes can make a huge difference.
Other relaxation stuff is meditation chairs, many people after a long meditation session feel their legs, back or buttocks are sore, so these make a difference, they support the spine which improves posture, this way you can avoid strain which over time can become long term pain. Apart from that these chairs are good if you are sitting on the ground, reading a book, or outside on the grass in a park.
This last one doesn’t fall directly under relaxation stuff but it is something that is available for your home, relaxation tanks or flotation tanks can bring the kind of relaxation that is unbelievable. With most relaxation tanks you would have to go to a spa or fitness center but now they are available for your home the price is steep costing around $10000 but if you are into it like most people are into saunas you will save huge amounts. At the lower end you can find Open Top Float Tanks which can be picked up around $8000 or maybe less. Anyway that is some relaxation stuff but if I find any other relaxation stuff I will definitely bring it up.

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