Friday, 13 June 2008

Shakra relaxation oasis, another spa or something special.

I don’t know if you have heard of a place called Shakra relaxation oasis, located in Coral
Gables USA. A spa if you will using conceptual type treatment method for the average person but also aimed towards busy executives, however they still do gift packages so everyone is welcome. The idea like many spas is to help people with their mind, body and spirit, however Shakra relaxation oasis have the complete package down to cellulite elimination through vacuum theraphy. Shakra relaxation oasis offers include tailor made packages such 'your day your way'. You can even rent the dance studio which is 700 square feet with mirrors, wooden floor, music room, with hourly rates staring at around $39.
Shakra relaxation oasis do specials which are days focused on particular therapies and constantly updated throughout the year. Florida residents get a first lesson free which is good to see if it’s up to your taste or not. An example of a Monday special being used at the moment is body sculpting, hatha yoga, belly dancing and they will come to your office to administer chair massages for $70.
Well its innovative ideas or little ideas like coming to your office to provide massage that can help keep them above competition; services such as those keep people coming back.
Next time you are in Florida pay a visit to Shakra relaxation oasis. The owner Deidre has a great attitude, ethos and vision for Shakra relaxation oasis as she stated
"There is no room for limitation in a world of abundance and there is always more room for others".
Let us know if you have been to shakra relaxation oasis and let us know your thoughts about the place.

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