Saturday, 7 June 2008

Deep muscular relaxation, how to benefit from it.

Deep muscular relaxation or DMR is different to Jacobson relaxation or Progressive muscular relaxation.
With deep muscular relaxation you do not tense the muscles while with Progressive muscular relaxation you do, using deep muscular relaxation can effectively cut down your relaxation session by half. Over time and practice you will realize that all you need for this exercise is mental focus this will relax your muscles. It is best to become confident with progressive muscular relaxation before moving to deep muscular relaxation.
Follow the below instructions and use the exercise consistently over time for best results.

Sit on a chair adjust yourself until you feel you are in a comfortable position.
Now start to concentrate on your breathing. Take a slow and deep breath; let the air fill you up from the top of your stomach to the bottom of it. Hold your breath for a few seconds, now breath out slowly through your mouth; this is all your tension and stress leaving your body. Continue taking full filling breathes and you will notice yourself becoming calm with each one.
Now start to relax your forehead, all the lines on your forehead are now smooth. Continue breathing deeply... now relax your eyebrows. Relax all the way down to your jaw, release all the tension. Now relax your lips open them followed by your tongue. Continue to breathe deeply and relax your throat, you will notice your face totally calm and serene.
Roll your neck around and feel it relaxed. Drop your shoulders totally let go of them, your neck is loose, your shoulders will feel heavy so you let go of them. Now you feel the relaxation continue down your arms right out of your fingertips. Your arms feel heavy and loose, your lips open because your jaw is heavy.
Breathe in deeply feeling your chest and stomach expand, hold for a few seconds now breathe out. You can feel the muscles in your abdomen release the tension, your back and waist is relaxed. Your upper body will now feel loose and heavy.
Now for your lower body, feel your buttocks feeling heavy and making you sink into the chair. Relax your thighs and knees. You can feel the relaxation travel down your calves, ankles to the tips of your toes. Continue breathing deeply, feeling more relaxed and calm with each breath.
Now for a double check start with your forehead, all the way to the tips of your feet, you feel totally peaceful while breathing deeply.
If you feel a muscle not relaxed prioritize it now, tense it for a second or two, now let go, you feel it has become as relaxed as the rest of your body.

Tips that can help you with deep muscular relaxation would be:
Do not stress your self out by following this to the letter, slowly like everything else you have done, you will become good at it. This is complex requiring mental concentration, so set a target i.e. in 2 weeks i will be able to this exercise a lot more fluidly.
It can take 2-4 weeks to master so enjoy the process, when you are good it can take 5-10 minuets to become totally relaxed and it will be second nature to you.

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