Thursday, 29 May 2008

The SHARM (Self Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine)

If you are looking for a self hypnosis and relaxation machine then i have found an exact match. It is The SHARM (Self Hypnosis And Relaxation Machine) This is mainly a software tool it helps professional therapists and advanced users of relaxation products to create their customized and personal therapy and self improvement sessions.
The thing about the self hypnosis and relaxation machine (sharm) is that it is a very highly professional system, it is not like audio, cd or dvd relaxation tapes which are pre-recorded, the self hypnosis and relaxation machine (sharm) gives you total control over the hypnosis session all down to the different aspects of it, because this is a high caliber system, this system is used by professionals so it would be helpful if you are a therapist so you can customize a therapy session to match your clients goals with over 100 predefined sessions available.
Users of the self hypnosis and relaxation machine (sharm) are therapists, Doctors and the general public as well. Users have rated the system 10 out of 10 and some of the areas they have been impressed in are:
Simplicity of the product
Updates are available all the time: Showing the company is innovative and progressive
The ability to create unique cd's for clients
Ability to express yourself from creating unique sessions
Fun and relaxing to use.
This is a very versatile system covering ambient music; Binaural beats all the way to adding your own scripts. So the self hypnosis and relaxation machine (sharm) is exactly what it says it is a machine which helps you relax and make self hypnosis programmes that are not preprogrammed or found any where else due to its endless available options.

Friday, 23 May 2008

What you need to know about mental imagery and relaxation

How do mental imagery and relaxation exercises work, well mental imagery is what you see in your mind it is the creative aspect of your mind.
The mind uses mental imagery or visualization thousands of times a day but mental imagery and relaxation are hardly ever used together unless a person trains themselves to do so. The brain or mind is a free super computer given at birth and depending how it’s programmed will depend on how successful you will be. An example of how your mind uses mental imagery is:
Someone knocks your front door very hard, most people think "oh no it’s that guy i had trouble with, he found out where i live" and from there even before the door is opened you have played out scenarios of what could happen in a negative sense and believe it will happen. A popular example is, you see an attractive member of the opposite sex, they are sitting across from you, and you think I should go over there and talk. Your mind runs through how they will reject you and how bad this will look and so on, maybe it will turn out good but you haven’t done anything yet.
These actions are common, adults use the creative aspect of their mind or mental imagery for worrying and become very good at it, this is a counter productive use of your creative side because it was meant for helping you survive and succeed. However the use of mental imagery or visualization in a negative sense can be attributed from a lack of good parenting to you when you where a child, a lack of socialization, traumatic childhood experiences and so on.
This can be changed, mental imagery can be used as a relaxing technique and be a good use of your imagination.
The way to do this is remember times when you had a joyful experience, a time of confidence and live it as it were real in your mind.
Below you will find a simple but powerful mental imagery and relaxation exercise, if followed consistently over time; you will find your mindset to be changed.
Firstly find a room which is quite, find a comfortable spot where you can remain undisturbed for 20-30 minuets
Do breathing exercises as follows, take a deep breath for four seconds, as you are taking it in make sure you feel it going all the way to the bottom of your abdomen. Now hold it for four seconds, and lastly over four seconds let all the air out of you until your lungs are empty, while doing this concentrate on the air coming in and out of your body and the path it takes, and nothing else.
Now we will focus on mental imagery and relaxation in the terms of a certain exercise:
Straight after the breathing exercise close your eyes make sure you are comfortable and follow these steps:
Imagine doing a task you do on a constant basis, you are watching yourself do it as a spectator observing yourself.
Watch yourself work on the task as you would normally.
Now you decide to focus on this task and do a good job of it deliberately. Watch yourself make the decision to concentrate on the task and all distractions you had are gone, even though certain distractions are there but they don’t affect you as much, they can’t break your concentration.
Now you are so absorbed in your task that distractions are out of your attention span and become obsolete. At this point anything that could distract you is not noticed, heard or seen by you any more. You have a kind of protective force field around you like a bubble and your powers of concentration have increased by tenfold at this moment.
Now you are doing this exercise in a deeper state, nothing in the universe matters or could break your attention, you no longer have thoughts, feelings or emotions, you are in the zone and the task is second nature to you. Nothing comes to your mind except the task, you are like a missile you are locked on, there are no questions, distractions or inner conflicts your mind could through at you, you are in control, your mind is aware of your power and ability and it is silenced, it lets you commence in your task, nothing can get in your way now.
At this point you get deeper into the task to the point you do not exist anymore, the difference between you and the task can not be measured, you have become the task, only you can complete the task because you are the task, you perceive the world from the viewpoint of the task.
Now you decide to let go deliberately of the task, and you see yourself let go. You make a conscience decisions that in 10 seconds you will wake up and whatever you put your mind to it won’t just be achievable but no one can do it better than you and you believe this.
Now count 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now open your eyes.

That was mental imagery and relaxation; it can help you become confident in any situation and make you calm and relaxed as well. You can try this for just relaxation; use other images like relaxing on the beach, hearing the sea, feeling the sand and looking at the yachts going by. Athletes and Special Forces use these methods and if it helps them it will definitely help you.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

fridrik karlsson magical relaxation, the deep relaxation state

fridrik karlsson’s magical relaxation has become popular with a growing group of people, but who is fridrik karlsson and what is fridrik karlsson magical relaxation all about.
Firstly fridrik karlsson has been a professional musician since the age of 16.
His credentials include the fact that he started that early and that he has a degree in classical and rock/jazz guitar. His first success was international with the group Mezzoforte in 1983 with the U.K. top ten hit, "Garden Party".
He has toured most of the world working with the worlds leading musicians such as Tom Jones, Madonna and Leann Rhimes to name a few.
However how does fridrik karlsson magical relaxation come into the picture?
He Practices NLP and has Master Practitioner certification and a host of other relaxation and self development disciplines such as Indian Ayurvedic science and hypnosis.
Fridrik karlsson has a deep interest in personal relaxation practices; this is easily understood through his credentials. He is an innovator and in the forefront of this field as he started his music label river of light records in 1996. This label is devoted to healing, new age and relaxation music. Other Fridrick karlsson music albums include titles such as: Peace of Mind
Total balance
Chill out Heaven
Magical Healing

The music on the album is to provide the user a state of complete relaxation, the running time is 60 minuets.

Track list:

1. Sea breeze
2. Magical relaxation
3. State of healing
4. Day dreaming

For more on fridrik karlsson magical relaxation information visit :

10 quick examples of mini relaxation exercises

Here are some quick examples of mini relaxation exercises.
1) Count back from 100 down to 1 but you can also start from 50 or 10, and if your concentration breaks say "one thousand" between each number i.e. 3 "one thousand" 2 "one thousand" 1

2) Tense your entire body up to 60% of your power for ten seconds as you get use to it you can turn up the power to 80%, (if you have health problems check with your doctor first). When you do this don’t forget your forehead, eyes and toes.

3) Do deep breathing, breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and let go for 4 seconds.
When breathing in hold at the bottom of your stomach. Repeat the cycle for 10 reps.

Here are some more examples of mini relaxation exercises

4) Get out your mp3 player get you best top 10 songs these are the ones that give you a spine tingling feeling every time you here them, these are the songs you never press forward on.

5) Talk to yourself (no you are not going mad). On your cell phone go to notes and write down:
"I am cool, I am calm, I am confident, I am capable of anything, I am unstoppable, and I am the main event"
Ok put the note in standby so it’s visible whenever you look at the phone. Set a countdown timer for 3 hours when the alarm goes of read the statement to yourself 5-10 times. Do this for 21 days; you will be a different person.

6) Set a goal on Monday; write it down on top of your priority list to achieve by Friday,
i.e. learn a new skill, do something wacky. You have to break the pattern.

7) Focus your mind into the present, the main reason for procrastination, anxiety, stress is because your mind is painting pictures that give you nightmares.
Set a timer for 5 minuets. Now sit there and let any thought, feeling or emotion turn up. You have 24 hours in a day to let your mind run wild bit not for these 5 minuets because you are just not bothered about what it has to offer for these 5 minuets. Watch your feelings and emotions with great disinterest, if a worry comes up say to yourself, "is that it, is that the best you can do, i heard it before, you can do better than that".
Doing this makes you more detached so over time you will become more calm, controlled and confident.

8) A thought stopping method: When you have a thought, have it again, duplicate, your mind notices that you notice what is going on, the thought will cease to exist.

9) When you have a thought, no matter how bad, change the ending to the most beneficial outcome it could have for you, or change the memory to your advantage. Where does it say it has to be all bad, this technique can give you supreme confidence if practised over time.

10) Buy a punch bag, and after a stressful day, beat the life out of it (take it easy depending on your fitness level)
You may notice you have a natural flow for boxing who knows.

These were 10 examples of mini relaxation exercises, however what you can do is break your pattern, take a different route to work, talk to a different person, do something different. These examples of mini relaxation exercises are examples of breaking a pattern and setting a pattern which is beneficial to you. Since childhood we are taught to suppress our creative side for our rational side, well why not use your creative side if it’s available don’t leave it dormant.

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What you didn't know about Relaxation ponds

Why do people have relaxation ponds, what’s the point you may ask, are they just showing of, got too much money, got nothing better to do. It can be quite the opposite, some people have a hobby, passion or they take it to the extreme check out John Grassl, he broke records its like a forest in his garden and an effort whenever he decides to clean it.
However we are looking at relaxation ponds of a smaller size.
People who own ponds find it a relaxing and fulfilling hobby. A Pond would benefit your home by first its aesthetic beauty, it will attract a vast array of wildlife such as newts, toads and frogs, water fleas, and snails. You could get the occasional visit from a fox or badger even birds such as herons can pay a visit, because you become nature friendly and water attracts all kinds of wildlife.
Architects are finding value by adding ponds to houses; it also increases your property value, which can be relaxing. It is medically proven that spending time around a pond is a relaxing endeavor. If you had a bad day all you have to do is go to your back garden and listen to the flowing water and sounds of the animals it can leave you feeling uplifted (easier than going to the local park or woods).
You can push relaxation ponds in terms of how far you want to take it, it can cost from $1500 to whatever your limit is, and there are specialists who can plan a pond like you would with your home kitchen. If you have time to devote and find a growing interest in your backyard pond you could keep koi, they are known to adapt very well to man made ponds, prices range anything from $10-$50 to record prices such as $850000. They are related to the carp family, come in beautiful array of colors, can grow up to 36 inches and have a lifespan of 30-50 years. The advantage is they are extremely relaxing even to just watch them swim in their environment, if you have lights at night the color reflection of the koi is dazzling to watch and provides tranquility. You can even add a garden waterfall, now you are becoming a pond fanatic.
Some tips for building relaxation ponds would be that people build ponds that are too small; the pond when finished can be 70% of what you may have envisaged its size to be.
Build it close to where you want it, maybe near so you can look at it through the window, but not so close that visiting wildlife visits your home. Also the pond doesn’t touch or effect other landscaping you have.
Make sure the pond isn’t under a building, hedge or tree, falling debris can affect your pond in the long term.
You need plenty of sunlight for plants and water lilies to thrive, for fish sunlight is not as important.
Lastly a good pump, to keep everything in your pond alive and healthy. Relaxation ponds are relaxing because of the view they present, it can be the most beautiful part of your home, also it was your own hard work, and after completing any project you get a feeling of tranquility, confidence and relaxation. When you are entertaining it is the most brilliant ice breaker.

Thai relaxation music cds, give them a try

Love the Thai culture a lot of people go to Thailand to retreat from their busy lifestyle or just for a holiday, Buddhism is a very strong influence on Thai life, also love their food and have tried Thai boxing (extremely brutal but effective). Thai music seems to be more of a niche, and not really mainstream. I was looking for a Thai relaxation music cd for some time. The thing about the music is that it’s traditional the instruments such as the Klui Flute (Thai flute) Pi Saw (Long bamboo flute) and others I have listened to have a beautiful sound. Most music seems traditional and melodic. The music provides a very relaxing experience; the main feeling that came out of it was that it is the perfect lounge music, the kind always playing in the background, that’s because some of it is repetitive but pleasant and quite dreamy but not something that you would blast the speakers with. The best way to describe after thinking about how I can put it in words is that its ancient and exotic that perfectly fits it. You can find many good Thai relaxation music cds, there is a lot of culture so it would be best to search and see what you like. A good taster for the curious of northern Thai music which I found on Amazon is:
Silk, Spirits & Song: Music from North Thailand
This could be a bit strong for everyone’s taste however there are many cds with Buddhist chants and prayers which are pretty good as well.
However I have to mention the more contemporary Thai music, which is very relaxing and interesting. With high production values, very innovative you can tell there has been a western pop culture influence but it has to be heard. A good Thai relaxation music cd would have vocals as well, but some of my friends heard the music many like it, however some thought certain instruments were very high pitched but not everything is to everyone’s taste. For me I have a few tracks in my selection now which I really like and keep listening to all the time.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Relaxation to nature, not just ambient music

What is relaxation to nature, is it a download with sounds of rainfall, a tropical storm or of a busy road (yes that is right, i have seen a cd with sounds of the city) My question is why not unplug the pc, open your front door and step a few feet outside. Save your dollars and experience the real deal for free. Relaxation to nature i think is relaxation to nature, going outside where nature is, like the local park. As a kid i was taken a lot to the park by my parents or went with my friends and played for hours at a time. Then later i stopped altogether, but going back a lot last summer bought back memories for one and the best thing, the same friends got back together and we went and relaxed sitting down and talked, that was cool.
Getting outside includes walking, don’t take walking for granted it helps a lot, here are some benefits:
Reduce high cholesterol and improve blood lipid profile
Reduce body fat
Lower blood pressure
Enhance mental well being
Increase bone density, hence helping to prevent osteoporosis
Help flexibility and co-ordination hence reducing the risk of falls
Reduce the risk of cancer of the colon
Reduce the risk of non insulin dependant diabetes
There are many other benefits, but getting outside and away from the four walls offers opportunities for social contact, i enjoy emailing but nothing is better than talking to someone face to face, and also meeting new people. A pleasant surrounding can relieve anxiety, depression and improve your mood. Try this next time, guaranteed to work, if you feel angry, anxious or anything like that, move from that room to another, then to another room. You will feel happy, you won’t know why but you will that’s because motion changes emotion, and going outside has a stronger effect, that’s why relaxation to nature is important.
One way to slowly get used to the idea of outside nature is to have lunch outside on the weekend or at lunch when at work, you will wonder why you never did it in the first place.
In the morning try having a cup of coffee outside while reading a newspaper or magazine.
Go for a jog in the mornings (try it once what a feeling, very addictive, healthy and you feel like rocky). At night take a look outside at the stars, i made a promise to myself to start doing all this some time ago and now its part of my life style; all the time even now i think why i was not doing it in the first place.

Ringside relaxation for dogs, simple tactics that make all the differance

Ringside relaxation for dogs is very important, if you avidly take your dog to shows these events and exhibitions can it out of both you and your dog, so ringside relaxation for dogs could make a difference in performance. We humans get stressed all the time but we look up techniques and use them and become relaxed, but your dog can not do that even if you don’t take your dog to shows the tips i am going to outline i know will help your dog for long trips, social events, or training your dog for shows.
Everyone likes a good massage, knowing your dog’s anatomy can be a little help as well.
Start of with having your dog lie on a surface; make sure it is soft like a rug; smaller dogs can be put on your lap.
Start of gently and lightly stroking your dog from its head to the tail.
You will notice your dog relaxing, talk to your dog, scratch gently behind the ears, moving to the cheeks, under the chin, over the nose, over the head. Each ear should be rubbed several times between your thumb and forefinger.
Now we move in circular patterns around the neck followed to the chest area, keep around this area for a few minutes, this will untie knots in your dogs system and relax your dog a lot more. Now stroke the leg area give it a gentle rub down a few times.
You need to look out for injuries, cuts, or sore spots on your dog as rubbing that area could have the opposite effect.
Now finish of by stroking from behind the neck to the tail a few times. Relaxation for dogs is very important, if you have never done this give it a go, but your dog could get used to it very easily. In terms of ringside relaxation for dogs, during shows waking up early grooming and drying your dog, and getting listed can make your dog tired and maybe fall asleep standing. So extra precautions such as a rub down the night before or no training the night before definitely helps, like humans before any championship it is wise to take a good rest before the day of the event because you will be using a lot of energy,
You need to save energy for the event so you can give it your best shot, these tips are mainly common sense and do help in terms of ringside relaxation for dogs, or for your dog at home.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Johann Pachelbel for relaxation

Johann Pachelbel for relaxation is basically the epitome; yes you have heard the great’s Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many others. Or classical music is just not your thing; it’s from the past so it’s not hip and not important. Sometimes you hear something and instantly it catches your attention and you’re hooked. You have to give classical music a chance it was the music of its day and it has survived and still made it to the modern day, it influenced modern revolutions, so it must have some importance. Well I am talking today about a classical legend Johann Pachelbel (1653-1707)
Beginning his musical education at an early age, he studied in Nuremburg and Regensburg before moving in 1671 to Vienna. In Vienna he was an organist at the imperial chapel, also for one year at the city of Eisenach, this is coincidently the city of birth of Bach, who has been known to be directly influenced by Pachelbel.
Pachelbel most well known for his Canon in D, you can go to youtube and write:
“Johann Pachelbel canon”. Johann Pachelbel for relaxation is brilliant as you will know after listening, you may also notice you have heard this or something similar before that is because it is used in many movies and widely sampled or imitated. Pachelbel a part from his work on Canon has influenced many composers, this is through his development of the ‘cantus firmus’ chorale. To explain how this melody works, it has long notes, one set of notes at a time, the compositional pattern of this melody influenced many composers of the past and present and has become a industry standard. In the present Pachelbel can be found in soundtracks of recent movies such as:
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
Wedding Crashers (2005)
The Wedding Planner (2001)
If you are looking for relaxing music Pachelbel for relaxation is very good, also worth considering is Johann Sebastian Bach, there are many others but a bit of research is required to find out which style you like. A few new ones I like are Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone and Slip Into Something More Comfortable by Kinobe, these are jumping a few 100 years forward but listen to them they needed a mention.

For further information visit :
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Healing relaxation kits, All the relaxation products you need in one kit.

I was looking for relaxation related information I came across healing relaxation kits. These healing relaxation kits come in many forms, the feng shui ones were very extravagant the aim here was to totally relax and make a person chilled out.
Here is what was included:
Flax-seed Neck Pillow
Lavender Bath Oil Marbles
Flax-seed lavender- scented Eye Pillow
Guided Audio Relaxation Cassette Tape
The healing powers of lavender and certain oils are very well known; especially lavender it is used in aromatherapy, flower remedies, and herbal medicine. Lavender oil has a broad range of healing properties including antiseptic properties, however lavender used in aromatherapy can be very beneficial it is used in the treatment of depression, athlete's foot amenorrhea, burns, psoriasis, acne, rashes, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, pain, anxiety and nervousness. As massage oil, lavender also relaxes, eases tension and is used as a muscle relaxant, these are some of the benefits but this is only one ingredient in many healing relaxation kits that can be found. Some included an eye gel mask which is relaxing for the eyes and eases the mind. Many contain candles and you can also get them in travel sizes. I think that healing relaxation kits basically are different relaxation products all in on place. I searched around and found many of the relaxation products in the kits available for separate purchase, so it’s not anything new it’s just many relaxation products bundled together. If you have many relaxation products such as cds and other stuff then this might feel like waste of time, but if you are new to this then it is a good start and also they make very good gifts. I personally would buy products separately because I might not use half of the ones included so I would just buy what I need and I think many people would do the same.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Relaxation Techniques during Labor

While those 9 months of pregnancy feel like a blissful journey towards a new beginning, embarking on this new beginning comes with a discomfort, strain and a lot of tension. Yes, Labor stage is a little painful for every woman, making her feel uneasy and stressed out in her mind and body.
A normal, complication free delivery is a condition which demands every expecting mother to stay relaxed and happy.

What benefits during this critical stage of pregnancy are the various techniques of relaxation, which benefit every expecting mother to manage through labor much more easily and calmly, such as:

Practicing relaxation techniques prevents body muscles from feeling exhausted and weary, mainly the large womb muscle or the muscle of the uterus.

Relaxation helps in coping up with the strain and tension of giving birth, helping in making the experience more enjoyable for the mothers.

It helps conserve your energy, so you're less likely to need interventions to strengthen your contractions or to deliver your baby.

After practicing the relaxation techniques, the expecting mothers become much more calm and happy which helps them in communicating more effectively with the doctors and family members.

And most importantly, relaxation helps the baby in coping with the labor process. Stressed mothers may rush stress hormones into the baby’s system which may cause its heart rate to accelerate. If you are relaxed and calm while delivering your baby, you tend to respire more deeply and your baby gets more oxygen.

Some of relaxation techniques which will help you calm down during those labor strains and pains are:

Deep breathing

Breathing deeply yet slowly helps in calming those restless thoughts and senses while relaxing and soothing your strained body muscles, making the experience of labor pains a lot less painful and exhausting.

Visual Imagery

Imagining yourself in a relaxing and soothing place like a beach, a calm lake, greener pastures or a pristine view of mountains can have an amazing relaxing affect on your mind and body, taking you virtually to that place.
Definitely it’s not easy staying calm during your labor stage, but with the help of these few simple relaxation techniques and the loving support of your family members, you can cope through to experience a positive and healthy child birth.

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Much needed Relaxation techniques

After a hectic day or a tiring routine, everyone tries to loosen up and relax a bit using different methods and techniques. Often, people looking for some peace or calmness either tend to read, take a nap or else go out for some entertainment. While different people prefer different methods, the basic purpose of relaxation is to rejuvenate the body as well as to de-stress the mind.

Various relaxation techniques are based solely on the theory of repairing the physical and mental condition of a person. Relaxation techniques do not just work on the weariness of a body, but also benefit the health. With a light hearted mood and energized body, it is always easy to fight undesirable ailments like headache, anxiety and depression. Relaxation techniques, when followed, also support a person in his or her anger management, which is why people with too much aggression are asked to count till ten before making any statement.

Other major benefits of relaxation techniques are that they slow down the heart rate, manage the breathing, increase the flow of blood to muscles, decrease muscular tension, lower down the blood pressure, increase and enhance concentration and control emotional outburst.

Some of the most common relaxation techniques are deep breathing, massaging the body or a part of it, meditating, yoga, exercising, aromatherapy, listening to music and etc. Visualization is another such important technique where you are supposed to picture or visualize image or scene that soothes your mind, calms your sense and makes you breathe freely. This type of technique also lets you put down your thoughts or troubles to a halt and make you completely relaxed. Sometimes talking to yourself, taking a walk in nature or simply taking a bath proves as a great relaxation too.

No matter what kind of technique you follow, relaxing is all about treating a body the right way.

What you didnt know about Relaxation and indian music, a classical approach.

You may have tried many relaxation methods available, because there are so many, you may have missed a few little gems one is Indian music, relaxation and Indian music are both intertwined lets get an idea why.
Firstly India pioneered many relaxation methods which are now commercial and used around the world such as yoga and many forms of meditation which have many branches such as transcendental meditation.
These methods are a part of life in the east and Asia, in the west people seek methods to relax because of culture, the west has also moved rapidly while many areas in Asia are still developing so they have held on to past teachings as well as their cultural past.
Another distinction is in the west people live in a capitalist world where competition is prevalent, which brings anxiety stress and feelings of inadequateness; so many people to get away from this seek knowledge from people who commonly practice methods of relaxation.
Culture contributes greatly towards relaxation, in India their are festivals around the enjoyments of life such as hole, and in bollywood movies there are at least three songs per movie, fine music which can be entertaining as well as relaxing has been around since the times of the maharajas, mainly sitar music and ragas which is spoken and has to be heard. Relaxation and Indian music would not mean bollywood music, there are a few classic songs in bollywood movies with deep use of instrumentals but would require the use of an expert to track them down.
Moving on, sitar music is a holistic approach to relaxation, very famous and highly regarded by many classic music lovers. Many believe that it can bring peace to a persons troubling body, many use this music as therapy like ambient music, however another recommendation would be listening to music which has the Mridangam and the Tabla (instruments) these provide a different sensation in music, it is fast paced and very rhythmic as well, many classic Indian tunes have ragas which can relax your thoughts and moods and put your mind at peace.
Many claim that consistent listening to the music reduces the occurrence and Depression, Mental Tension, Sleeplessness and the physical diseases like Blood Pressure, Muscle Pain, Migraine, and the list continues. Relaxation and Indian music work just like other methods. Many people i personally think have a preference, what works for me might
not for you and vice versa, that’s why i seek as many methods to see what works and learn from others that’s the best way to do it. Also i think visiting a culture you are learning from is learning first hand. I aim to do this in the future but in the meantime i will be listening to the sitar and ragas.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

How do i find a good Relaxation video download ?

When looking for a relaxation video download or any download to help or improve your mental state, there should be guidelines in terms of what the company must present to you. Many people download because the advert looked very good or made them feel excited. There is nothing wrong with that if something gets your juices flowing then that means you have a gut instinct that it will be good. However the horror is involved in the fact that sometimes you may pay up and not get what was advertised even that’s ok, the hardest blow is when you ca not get your money back, email after email and no reply.
What should you be looking for in a relaxation video download? Firstly videos cost more than audio and e-books, so be even more careful, consider these points:
Go for a company that is recognised in the industry; not just a slick product advert, the bigger the company the better, they always have a separate customer service and complaints department.
If you are online, check the about us section; look at their company ethics, look for how they started, what they are involved in now, and there future ideas. Big financial institutions, supermarkets and fashion giants always have this section in detail.
Are they doing anything extra; this would be like charity work, this shows that they are real and getting involved so they will be around in the future instead of closing down in a month.
Reviews and testimonials; a good relaxation video download will have lots of customer reviews, check the people giving these reviews are they common folk or they industry leaders, this adds more credibility.
Company reviews; sometimes i get the feeling that some customer reviews could be fake, look for reviews from a national newspaper or news channel or scientific journal, this shows industry leaders are backing this product.
The main thing you are looking for is big organizations endorsing this product and social proofing the product, next time you will know if you are not sure follow the guidelines and you will be.

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Discover the truth behind, free relaxation scripts

Many people search for free relaxation scripts because they want a prepared script to benefit from straight away; the thing is that this script can be generic so it’s done so that thousands of people will take it. However it might not solve your particular problem. I give you an example of a type of the types of free relaxation scripts you could find:

“First I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath... Exhale... Take another deep breath and fill your chest until it expands as the air fills your lungs, try to take the breath to the bottom of you abdomen... Breathe out and feel all the air leave you

Empty your mind, nothing in this world exists right now for you; it is just you in oneness, stress, schedules, time everything can wait for you now. Imagine a warm light; you can feel its warmth on your body as it approaches. As you breathe in, let this warm light fill your lungs... As you breathe out, imagine the light spreading around your chest...

Every time you breathe this light spreads further breath in and let it go to your stomach …breath out let it leave your body.

Breathe in and fill your entire upper body with this warm light. Take a few more breaths and allow this warm, vibrant light to intensify in your upper body. This light is good coming into your body, its good health, wealth and prosperity so take deep long breathes. When you breathe out everything that hinders you leaves your body, so that’s pain, sickness, stress. Think of nothing but the light. You only want this light it represents everything that will improve you. If you have a thought that comes into your mind, do not fight it, you are very uninterested in it let it go by, you wouldn’t stand on a rail track and let a train go over you, you would stand out of its way. See yourself as an outsider and spectator, your thoughts will now slowly disappears, refocus on the light. Breathe in... Breathe out…slowly…very slowly.

On your next breath the light fills your legs. You breathe out, breath in and this time your entire body is full of light, you are now stronger, more confident, cool and calm you don’t have to rush you are the essence of being in total control. Every breath you ever take makes you stronger and happier you improve with every breath you take”.

That was one of the many example of the free relaxation scripts you can find, this one is focused on relaxation and success, you can use it as a template and every time you breath out anxiety leaves your body, be specific and the results will be better . Lastly going through the script one or two days has no benefit at all, to change any habit or mental state takes 21 days, so you have to commit, use present tense statements to yourself i.e. “I am now more confident” if done consistently over a period of time the results will be fantastic, you don’t need free relaxation scripts use this template and make your own.

The beautiful homedics relaxation fountain

I don’t know if any one has come across the homedics relaxation fountain and their other relaxation products but, they really are something unique. They are basically low cost, effective tabletop fountains. I don’t know but when you go to a local park and sit down near a fountain in the spring or summer time it is just a warm and amazing feeling, well now you can do it at home or at your office. The homedics relaxation fountains provide an elegant beauty as well as soothing, relaxing water sounds it brings natures harmony indoors, it is like a beautiful fish tank in your house, you just keep looking at it and appreciating it, they have many different versions but I got the slate streams version, its like a miniature fountain in my house, when you take a minute out and look at it you do become relaxed and the sound of the water in the background is also soothing. When trying to relax you can try active relaxation methods or something in the background like music (lounge music) watching a movie, or meditation, this in a way fits in both categories for me as its active because when you look at it you become relaxed and leaving it on in the background relaxes you as well. Well that’s what I think about the homedics relaxation fountain, I had a few other fountains in the past to be honest and they had a cheap feeling to them and looked artificial even thought hey were made to look real, this is the best I found so far but I always look for better.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Relaxation techniques – Route to a stress free life

Changing lifestyle has a lot to do with the adaptation of relaxation techniques among people today. If put in simple words, relaxation is all about letting the mind and body calm down and unwind. One can also say that relaxation is all about leaving the tiredness and tensions behind to gain a stress free mind.

Relaxation isn’t just about feeling fresh, but also about feeling composed and healthy all the time. But relaxation should not only be made a part of one’s life when he/she is working hectic hours. Relaxing is essential even for those who do not undergo any hard or tiring routine and a day that is physically or mentally stressful, thus, it’s equally important for moderate routine people as well as homemakers to relax and stay calm.

Relaxation techniques are not always difficult to follow and they also do not always take lot of time from your usual activities. With the principle of relieving a body of its stress, fatigue or weakness, relaxation techniques are of various types a meant to suit all kinds of people with all types of work routines.

Doing yoga, undergoing massage therapies or exercising are some of the relaxing techniques which are always a good idea to practice, to beat all that tension and pressure on the mind and strengthening the body physically. If you cannot find enough amounts of hours to follow any of these techniques for your mind and body relaxation, you can always go in for simple relaxation methods like listening to music, stretching, deep breathing, visualizing (you close your eyes and picture or think of anything that helps to calm you down and pleases your mind) and even taking a small walk in open air, which can act as simple but effective techniques to relax and undo the stress.

Relaxation techniques always work whether it’s about managing the stress or controlling the frustration or refreshing the exhausted mind or body.

Instant relaxation exercises, if followed to the letter.

We want everything quick, we are busy so instant relaxation exercises are in order, and can anything relax anyone instantly?
When you had a day when everything literally turned upside down you may need to relax gradually, it’s hard to get into any other mood when your nerves are on edge. Stress is a killer or makes your life a dread. Think about this one it is so simple that when I mention it you will think “I do this anyway, give me something else”. I have tried many methods in terms of instant relaxation exercises; breathing exercises work the best, why. Poor breathing habits make it harder for people to cope with a stressful situation, why do people always say “take a deep breath” before you do anything where stress will be involved. Now bad breathing habits contribute to muscle tension, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, and the list goes on.
Here is one of the best and simple instant relaxation exercises there is, it is so simple that many people will not do it, I didn’t at the start but here it is:
Take a deep breath for 4 seconds, take the air to your lower abdomen (until it is full of air), if it’s hard keep trying but be gentler.
Hold for 4 seconds
Let all the air out until there is nothing left in your lungs.
Now repeat 10-20 times, when you get better do it for five minutes, you will feel a major difference. In terms of instant relaxation exercises this has to be the king, it can be done anywhere, but remember to do it i.e. before a stressful situation like a presentation you will go in feeling calmer and more relaxed.
Lastly be consistent, if you want to earn an income you have to keep working at it, if you want to build a relationship you have to keep at it. So to change your mind state it is a task but over time it becomes easier.

For further information visit :
Relaxation Hypnosis

Top 3 tips for Pregnancy Relaxation Techniques

Being pregnant is a blissful journey of nine months for every woman experiencing it. With it come the joys of the future and a whole list of dos and don’ts from the doctor, parents and the experienced ones. But as much as it is wonderful, being pregnant can also bring with it a little body stress and strain during its course.

But not to worry! If you're feeling a little stressed, tired or anxious, all you need to do is RELAX. If you are pregnant, there are many reasons for you to feel stressed and worked up, like physical changes leading to body aches and sleep trouble, hormonal and psychological changes leading to mood swings and hypertension.

Try the following relaxation tips and techniques and I am sure you’ll feel a lot better and relaxed.

Deep Breathing

As much as deep breathing helps you relax and best the stress and strain, it equally helps you and your baby during the time of birth. Many pregnancy books vouch by the deep breathing helping during the labor pains too. Slowly inhaling and exhaling relaxes your body muscles, lowers body pains and reduces your stress levels.


During pregnancy, Yoga helps in relaxing your mind and body alongside keeping it well toned and flexible. Many gynecologists strongly recommend exercising and yoga for expecting mothers, suggesting them simple and basic stretching exercises. You can either join a gym or yoga class offering exercise classes for pregnant women or you create your own exercise routine with basic stretching exercises.

Body Massage

Due to increased pressure on the body during pregnancy, you can feel body aches, strain and discomfort. Going in for a body massage helps in reducing those body pains and making your skin softer and hence flexible. With increased weight on your spine, a gentle massage helps in relaxing those tense and tired muscles.

Make a note of these simple and easy pregnancy relaxation techniques which will help you soothe your mind, relax your body and sleep.

The connection between Arthritis and relaxation

Arthritis and relaxation both are very connected, for people suffering from arthritis; the pain is physical and emotional. My friend has arthritis he was a very sporty person and very hands on; he has a strong form of arthritis (gout).
Basically it can happen in the form of sudden pain and inflammation; he has it mainly in the knee and ankle area sometimes lasting days. He has had to change his lifestyle, eating more low fat dairy products and regular exercise to help keep the joints supple, which makes his life a lot easier.
What is the connection between arthritis and relaxation, basically normal stress has certain effects on the body such as tension of the muscles, stomach tightening, breathing problems etc, having a medical illness and getting stressed about it can elevate the problem because you now have stress and the illness, relaxation helps by giving you a sense of control, that’s what my friend told me, he was not 100% in control but by taking certain actions he was more in control and could control damage to himself if he had another attack or inflammation.
Relaxation has been of great help to him; however he highlighted other important points which can give you confidence and help you transcend past the illness and live more happily:
Firstly, get a test or diagnosis such as blood tests, joint fluid analyses, and X ray.
Also find out what are the risks and causes, attack is the best form of defence, find out what caused it, and make a game plan by changing your eating patterns, taking up exercise, talking to other people who have it (support groups).
Seek a professional who can give you the information required in detail, with preventive action you can stabilise the illness, knowing exactly what you are dealing with is better than having a general idea.
Talk to other people who have arthritis, they can give you a great idea of arthritis and relaxation they are the best because they have experience, they will be very supportive and be able to give you advice that only comes from an actual sufferers viewpoint, i heard many great stories from sufferers which makes me think i take too many things for granted.
Use alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, botanicals, and homeopathy.
Relaxation fits into alternative medicine, the stress from having arthritis can be enough if the mind is at peace it can help put the body at peace. Forms of relaxation which has been helpful for people with arthritis are deep breathing, the use of ambient music during meditation and guided imagery for relaxation.
Lastly, consult your doctor before taking part in any exercise and avoidance of rich food as well has alcohol can be a great preventive measure.

For further information on Arthritis and relaxation visit :
Pain Relief Hypnosis

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Music and Relaxation, what a mix

Do you feel you are losing focus in your work? Do you feel the need to think more clearly? Are you suffering from hypertension? If yes, then RELAX!

Yes! Relaxation is the only way you can get a solution to your problems. There are various ways to relax and keep that stress and tension away. And one of the most popular relaxation techniques is “Music and Relaxation”. Oh yes, we all like music, don’t we? So what better way to relax than to have fun while doing it!

Music is known to affect the mind and body in many healthy ways, with one of its best benefits as a stress reliever. The best thing about using Music for Relaxation is that it can be used while you are busy with your daily chores and activities, providing an amazing melodious backdrop for your life allowing you to find and improved delight in all what you do. Here are some of the benefits you can achieve by relaxing your selves with Music:

• Music helps in physical relaxation of the body by easing the tense muscles and making it easier for you to release your tensions.

• Music can help your mind and body by easily getting you into a meditative state, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of stress relief which comes with meditation.

• Music can help in promoting your mind towards an optimistic focus by taking your mind off the stressful thoughts and ideas. By helping you feel more sanguine and upbeat, music lets you feel free and ready to explore your horizons, without being intimidated by the difficult tasks and goals.

With these and many more benefits of relaxation with music, there is now an entire field of health care recognized as “Music Therapy”, promoting and using music to cure. So for all you workaholics and stress patients, here’s your musical savior.

Relaxation guitar music, does a guitar actually relax you ?

Relaxation guitar music basically is nice flowing subtle guitar melodies. Ok now there are many ways to relax, many people use visualization, some talk to themselves and quite a few meditate. This is what people do, it is a learned method, you learn a certain method and use it to relax the mind. However after a long day I might sit down my mind is tired and doesn’t want to actually do anything to make it relax it wants something in the background, it does not want to be active itself.
It’s a proven fact relaxation guitar music works, I mean I have heard people go to shopping centers and buy some item and didn’t know why they did it, studies have been done on this, they bought a certain item because music they liked was playing in the background.
Some good relaxation guitar music has been done by some legends and it works for me and many other people I talk to, below are some people I think have done some amazing background music.
Deep purple
Pink floyd
There are many others, try instrumentals as well they work brilliantly. This music works best when you return from work, we all see this in TV shows or movies, when someone comes home puts on some music and starts cooking or calling somebody try it yourself, it can really puts me at peace.

5 Hypnosis Myths Exploded

5 Hypnosis Myths Exploded

OVER the years, hypnosis has picked up all sorts of weird associations from stage hypnotists, the media and superstition. This is a great shame, because in reality, hypnosis is your single most effective tool for change. Hypnosis is your birthright, and you should know how to use it so it doesn't use you. Here we dispel the biggest hypnosis myths.

Hypnosis Myth 1) All hypnosis is the same

As with anything, hypnosis can be good, bad or indifferent. The most common is old-style authoritarian hypnosis of the type "You are getting sleepy, you are feeling confident". Unsurprisingly, this sort of hypnosis doesn't work well with many people. Good hypnosis uses subtle psychological principles and advanced communication patterns.

It's like the difference between a football coach who thinks you'll perform best if he yells at you, compared with the more elegant style of a great leader who knows that to get the best from his people, he needs to understand motivation, to cajole, encourage and reward.

Hypnosis offers hundreds of sessions using the best type of hypnosis.

Hypnosis Myth 2) Subliminals work

Subliminals are words that you can't hear. Common sense says they shouldn't work, and there's no research proving that they do.

Hypnosis Myth 3) Some people can't be hypnotized

The only reason you can't be hypnotized is if you are incapable of paying attention due to extremely low IQ or brain damage. That's not to say that every hypnotist can hypnotize you however. The more flexible the hypnotist, the more effective she will be with the largest number of people.

Hypnosis Myth 4) Hypnosis is something weird that other people do to you

If you couldn't go into hypnosis, you wouldn't be able to sleep, to learn, or get nervous through 'negative self hypnosis'. (You know when you imagine things going wrong and it makes you feel anxious? Well that's self hypnosis!)

Hypnosis is simply a deliberate utilization of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or dream state. We're not giving people medication here – if it wasn't a natural ability, hypnosis wouldn't work!

Hypnosis Myth 5) You lose control in hypnosis

Crazy news stories, stage hypnotists and gossip have created the illusion that you lose control in hypnosis. In fact, when hypnotized, you are relaxed and focused – and able to choose to get up and walk away at any time. You choose to give your attention to the hypnotist, and you can withdraw it at any time.

If you have been scared of hypnosis in the past, this article has hopefully convinced you to at least give it a try. But remember, ensure what you're getting is the real thing. Visit

[Notes for use: you are licensed only to use this material unaltered to promote the affiliate program.]

Article by Mark Tyrrell of Hypnosis

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Easy and useful Eye relaxation tips

Relaxing eyes is a thought that rarely occurs to one’s mind as most of us are busy calming our mind or focusing on our muscles. Truth is, our eyes tend to work throughout the day without a break till the time we go to the bed, which is why many of us feel heaviness, blurriness or pain in our eyes when we neglect them and forget to care for them all through the day.

Eye relaxation is not a complicated and can always be practiced anytime of the day or at any place. One simple and major technique for relaxing and comforting eyes is using water therapy, which if put in simple words means splashing water on the eyes. This method of splashing cold water on the face with eyes either closed and open is really refreshing for the eyes. If you are someone working on computers for long hours or throughout the day, splashing water on your eyes after every hour or two will not just relax them, but will also not take much of your precious working time.

Massaging forehead and eyeballs (slowly) as well as rubbing palms till they become warm and then applying them slowly and softly over the closed eyes also acts as a good eyes relaxation technique.

Exposing eyes to hot and cold water therapy works in boosting the circulation of blood around the region of eyeballs. This also removes any signs of tiredness or fatigue or heaviness experienced by our eyes. This method requires two towels, each soaked up in water, one in warm and other in chilling cold water. All you need to do is keep the towels on the eyes, first the warm one and then the cold one.

Caring for eyes or giving them the rest they deserve also helps to fight troubles like headache, lack of concentration and difficulty in focusing as well alongside relieving the nervous system.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Aromatherapy Benefits for Relaxation

Aromatherapy and relaxation are a highly compatible duo as along with many other techniques for relaxation, the sense of smell and aromatherapy have also been successful in proving its strong links with the state of relaxation since many years now.

Also defined as a unique blend of creativity as well as technical skills, Aromatherapy is a highly recommended relaxation therapy. Aromatherapy is used for treating various physical and psychological states namely to reduce anxiety, anger, hypertension and stress levels.
The secret lies basically in its products and their smells and aromatic properties such as that of the natural essential oils, candles, air fresheners and soaps which act as catalysts in soothing the mind and body.

Inhaling these pleasant smelling essential oils help the mind reach a pleasant emotional sense of balance, as it kindles the part of the brain that influences the emotions. This can in turn have a healing effect on a person’s physical stress related problems.

These essential aromatherapy oils are also quick absorbing, so when it enters a person’s skin, it travels around individual cells and due to its chemical properties; it acts as a cleanser, deodorizer and toner.

Most commonly used essential oils for relaxation and aromatherapy are as follows:

The Basil oil is known for reviving brain functions while helping in easing depression and reducing muscle aches.
The Bergamot oil is multipurpose aromatherapy oil which can improve several skin conditions alongside relieving anxiety.
The Chamomile herb alongside being used as an essential oil, also frequently comes across as chamomile tea in grocery stores. This is because chamomile has an affect of relaxing your entire body and relieving it from stress, pain, sprains and also healing wounds. People suffering from sleeplessness and nausea are also advised to use this oil.
The Lavender oil is well known for its calming and relaxing properties. Another soothes affect of this oil is that it helps in easing headaches and migraines.

So whether you want to set up a mood for a romantic evening or want to uplift your health and mood, aromatherapy benefits are all you need!

Mp3 music relaxation, what happened to cds ?

A lot of people are starting to use mp3 music relaxation as opposed to self instructed relaxation. At the end of the day not many people want to go through a process such as meditation, why is that is it laziness, not really its because many may not have the time to actively learn a relaxation method, they are overwhelmed with information or they have bought low quality products in the past which were too generic. Also everybody likes and finds certain types of music soothing and relaxation. A whole industry has popped up in terms of relaxation music and from the rise of the internet people are ever seeking mp3 music relaxation. This leads to one answer and that is convenience and why not i seek it all the time.
What do you look for to find a good relaxation cd or download, well it changes all the time, there are trends even in this industry, it can be a personal preference you have, it is best to listen to a few samples to get an idea what you might be looking for but consider these points :
A flute or pan pipes always sound good (look up zamfir - lonely shepherd)
Anything eastern seems to do the trick, like the sounds of Tibet (Buddhist monk chants)
Sounds of rain or a tropical storm
Flamenco instrumentals
There is classical music Mozart or Beethoven, try Bond (four women who bring a twist to classical music - amazing)
Certain categories to look under would be: new age, classic and ambient
Lastly if you find the series in volumes that shows that part 1 did well so they made part 2 and so forth. So keep searching and don’t download the first item which has flashy adverts that lead to mp3 music relaxation tracks that cost more than they should.

For further information on mp3 music relaxation visit :
Relaxation Hypnosis

Where to download free relaxation music, it was hard but i found it.

Where can you download free relaxation music, well in many places i searched when i did a download of free relaxation music on the site, guess what it was only about 30 seconds, but a few places i found that the music was a sample or introduction of the rest of the album. It is best to download free relaxation music to get a taste for what the music provider has to offer.
Here is a list i found:

Many of the free downloads were a track of an album, however i suggest you download quick because in many cases these links expire and are no longer available. I did a search and came across royalty free music. Royalty Free Music is a term that refers to production music that has no additional fees to pay once the music has been bought. It is purchased once and can be used again and again. Since it has no additional license payments it is classed as royalty free music. If you do a search under this and look through the pages in some cases you would across a page where you can download free relaxation music.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

How to select the right - meditation relaxation cds

I have bought many meditation relaxation cds, to be honest many just told me the same thing even though they were advertised as new and revolutionary, i realized nothing is cured instantly everything does require some work and many meditation relaxation cds were not specific, that was because i was a newbie and all the lack of knowledge, frustration and anxiety came with it.
It depends on what you are looking for, i was looking to really find a method to relax over the long term, i was looking for a technique to control my mind, to relax and have self discipline so i took up meditation in the form of concentration meditation, yes it works but i built up to that. If you are looking for meditation relaxation cds then that means you are not simply looking for some soothing sounds of some kind you would be looking at guided meditation which basically is someone guiding you through the meditation process you can buy cds with background music or without it either way it depends on how specific you are. Are you looking for meditation relaxation cds on anxiety or panic attacks? or on how to raise your self esteem.
Be specific as possible, it is funny but you can find many courses on many types of meditation. When I started to look for meditation techniques my first venture was deep breathing you can find cds on it but basic information can be found anywhere, and then I moved to mindfulness meditation where you concentrate on bringing your mind into the present, by focusing on the present when your mind wonders into the past or future (through a thought) you become more relaxed and in control and you are constantly relaxed. After some time it becomes part of your personality, you wont have to come back from a stressful day and go through relaxation exercises, it will be a part of you, so mindfulness meditation is a good place to start and it has been researched and proven useful in a number of medical and psychiatric conditions, notably chronic pain and stress. Recent research suggests that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and meditation can be used to prevent suicidal behaviour from recurring in cases of severe mental illness. These are some areas you can look into there is also yoga meditation, transcendental meditation and many others, so before buying ask yourself are you looking for meditation relaxation cds for deep relaxation, for sleep or to calm your self if you have social anxiety so you feel more comfortable around people, be specific.

For more information on meditation relaxation cds visit :
unwanted thoughts during meditation

Reasons why : Yoga for meditation and relaxation is not just a trend.

Yoga for meditation and relaxation is brilliant, it is now commonly practiced as much as meditation, meditation can be seen as if put basically focusing the front the of the mind on a task so the rest of the mind finds peace, kind of like if you go scuba diving you only concentrate on how much air there is left in your tank nothing else in the world matters, i know that is an extreme example but if you don’t do yoga or meditation that’s the best way I could explain it. Yoga is associated with asanas or postures, you hold certain positions and do certain movements and concentrate on breathing at the same time (a lot to do), this does relax you it can be used as a form of exercise but yoga for meditation and relaxation is brilliant, it can be seen as meditation in motion, you are totally concentration on holding a certain position and then move to the next.
The benefits of yoga for meditation and relaxation are evident because you are paying a lot of attention to the alignment of your body in certain positions over time;
You will have increased flexibility, you can move on to advanced positions
It’s good for your joints.
Helps the digestive track
Improves the respiratory system
Due to the focus required it over time it brings harmony to the mind
There are many types of yoga to, you can start a basic version or read up on a particular discipline and try it.
Hatha yoga is the one where you hold all the different positions and is popular in the west.
Kundali yoga, works with the spine, you send energy up and down it and it increases enlightenment, I tried this some time ago it is amazing but you have to look for a good teacher who can show it properly.
Mantra yoga, here you repeat mantra's you chant words and phrases loud or internally this in the long term affects the mind.
There are many many more, in terms of asanas (postures) there are versions of yoga that are only used mentally, you focus on a particular object over some time and this improves concentration. Yoga for meditation and relaxation works very well, there are summer camps, retreats and organizations around the world so it is best to research or just go along to a class and have some fun.

Quick, Easy, Fast: Ten techniques for relaxation

People are always asking about quick techniques that will bring instant relaxation. To change your behaviour, which in this case is replacing stress and anxiety with a more calm nature a proper programme is needed instead of one or two techniques. Below you will find ten techniques for relaxation but they are not simply 10 different types of relaxation techniques, you can’t master many methods and there is no point, stick to one and reap the benefits. The mind wants an instant quick result, that’s how the mind works; it wants ten techniques for relaxation or instant stress relief. The techniques below are either techniques that lead to relaxation or are much neglected methods that can and will provide relaxation, make a note of them and then use them. Knowledge is potential power, without doing something with the knowledge nothing will happen. Here we go:
1) A good night sleep: make time for it go to bed an hour early, if you are sleepy most of the day you will not be alert and that’s when things go wrong. A good night sleep has been known to solve many problems for people, in many cases this can be the only techniques needed instead of ten techniques for relaxation.
2) Clear and organize your bedroom and workplace: clear it the night before and when you wake up to a clean room you will feel relaxed, energized and motivated.
3) Wake up earlier: no matter what kind of person you are, the mind is made not to only survive but to achieve, wake up earlier your subconscious will believe you are about to do great things, wake up earlier for a week, you will notice a difference.
4) Exercise: I don’t have to mention this one; most people prepare routines but never do them, wake up earlier, go and walk around the block or in the park, slowly you will start running, then a fitness fanatic, that’s what I did.
5) Practice deep breathing, oxygen is very important, the more the better you know the importance. Wake up early, sit up on the bed, breathe in for 4 seconds to the bottom of your abdomen hold for 4 seconds and then let it out. Repeat 10 times, then stand up open your curtains and look at the outside world, see how that works.
6) Watch a lot of stand up comedy: Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle,, Bill hicks, Chris rock and not forgetting the legend Robin Williams (Robin Williams - Live on Broadway). Watch enough of this and you will always have a smile and be witty. To become like someone one, you have to be in their presence and laughter is the greatest cure.
7) Write things down: if you do a to do list of ten things it wont happen the mind automatically thinks that’s too much, write not a top 3 but a top 2 and do it for two weeks and then see what happens.
8) Use visualization and affirmations: don’t rely totally on them, use them as a tool to aid your improvement, and never rely on one thing totally, what if it doesn’t work.
9) Have a thirst for knowledge: Always learn from the cradle to the grave, in today’s age information on anything and everything is readily available, start with mind set and time management, when you become more productive you will be more relaxed and at peace, the mind wants results.
10) Make more money: find ways to supplement your income, there is nothing that will put you at ease than being able to pay the bills quicker, and having disposable income. Be careful of these internet scams, do not be drawn in with flashy adverts and promises, nothing that is gained comes easy and nothing is for free.
I hope this helps, these are ten techniques for relaxation, make the right decisions, take the right steps and you will be relaxed and succeed at the same time.

For further information on relaxation visit :

Basic tips for Sleep and relaxation

Sleep is supposed to relax even the most anxious person, but what if you cant even go to
sleep. Many people who are changing sleeping patterns to wake up earlier do not go through
with it. This is because going to sleep and falling a sleep are two very differant things.
Imagine going upstairs at 10pm but you look at your watch its 3am but your wide awake,
this makes a person more anxious and can keep you awake for longer. This has happened to
me a few times. This is not uncommon, typical busy lifestyles mean your mind is still at
work preparing and planning while you are laying down trying to sleep.
How do you know you have persistant sleeping problems :
You are awake for up to an hour after you were supposed to be a sleep.
You keep thinking.
Problems and mental images keep coming to your mind.
You wake many times during the night.
You use aids such as sleeping pills.
Wake up much earlier than you were supposed to.
You always feel you didnt get any sleep or relaxation during your sleep.

What can one do about this, well sleep and relaxation are possible, it has taken me
sometime to notice the changes i made which were very helpfull. Try these steps
Dont have a meal close to bed time, your body can't relax, its working on digestion.
No caffeine, simce i stopped coffee before bed time im a sleep not alert
Make the environment sleep friendly, i had to move the tv because i kept watching, also pull
the plug on your computer.
Exercise improves sleep and relaxation, you have to firstly do it and secondly be
consistent, it increases seratonin levels in the body which make us feel good and relaxed,
don't do it too close to bedtime.
Meditation - this will definatley calm the mind, its exercise for the mind
turn your phone of, so many times all i had to do was simply turn the phone of or turn it to to silent

This is what i have done and it works give it a go.

For further information on Sleep and relaxation visit : Get Healthy Rest and Sleep Hypnosis Session

Breathing Relaxation Techniques

If you feel you’ve had a completely stressed out week or just another work day which doesn’t seem to end; if you’ve had a major fight with your senior or one of those bugging colleagues; or if a major project has landed on your head at the last minute and you cant calm down and think clearly to work your way through it, here’s something you need to know.
What a human brain necessitates for clear thinking is a delicate balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen. Even the body muscles require this balance for their strength and vitality.

Thinking how you can achieve such a relaxed, lively and clear mind and body? Although there are several relaxation techniques which can help you in keeping your stress levels in control, the one relaxation technique which can certainly and quickly help you is the Breathing relaxation technique.

This easy to follow and very effective Breathing relaxation technique involves slow and deep breathing. The best part about this technique is that after practicing it for 10 minutes, it sends a direct and clear signs to the brain that the body is in a condition of absolute relaxation. Following are a few steps you can follow to correctly practice this unique relaxation technique.

The first step is to make yourself seated in a comfortable position. The logic here is to let your body and mind relax as that will slow down your hear rate and help you calm down.

Second step is to Inhale slowly and deeply. Try breathing as wholly as you can without feeling any discomfort.
Third step is to hold your breath. After you feel you have inhaled fully, try to hold your breath for 5 seconds or till the time you feel comfortable.

The final step is to Exhale, but very slowly, letting out as much air as you can, thinking that it’s not just air but your tension which is flowing out of you.

This breathing relaxation technique if practiced regularly can show amazing results from a striking cut in your stress levels, an instant increase in your focused thinking to a state of physical relaxation as well as mental vitality.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Personal care and Relaxation

Personal care and relaxation may sound strange together, but truth is, these two do go hand in hand. It is difficult for a person to stay relaxed and composed without taking care of his/her self. When you are not happy or pleased with the way your body is, chances are you won’t be able to stay relaxed either.

Personal care has everything to do with relaxation, as when we are satisfied and energetic we are far more relaxed, stress-free and comfortable. Imagine having a fatty and unfit physique that tends to get tired easily. For a person with such body state, relaxation is nothing but a dream goal.

Having a healthy, clean and fit lifestyle makes most of the relaxation in our daily lifestyles. If we are partying out all night and sleeping late, chances of puffed eyes, tired body, heaviness, headache and blurriness are high. Such lack of care often leads to stressful and annoyed behavior, which in simple words is sign of an exhausted body.

Another major example of personal care playing a role in relaxation is hygiene, as most of the time, our mind is busy thinking about how we look or smell or feel. If we are not clean and fresh, there is a high chance that our mind will not be at peace and relaxed too and will be busy feeling miserable, unclean and filthy.

Eating unhealthy or junk food, drinking too much alcohol and using drugs also makes our body lethargic, clumsy and weak, thus it is difficult to be relaxed and have a calm mind and body when you are not physically as well as mentally strong.

Personal care, lifestyle and daily routine of a person depict his or her body stamina, body endurance and physical as well as mental condition. So the more you care about yourself, your mind and your body, the more it will be easier for you to lead a stress free and relaxed life.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Hello world and welcome

Hello world and welcome to my blog! So what what can you expect to be posted here? nonsense probably!

I will be talking about relaxation news and views and deveopments, I’ll probably be posting about the projects I’m working during my spare time, i will try to stay to the subject but i cant promise that, if i go totally in the wrong direction just remind me. Most of all i want to keep this light hearted and fun, i welcome peoples thoughts and i hope to learn from you to.

Thats my first post, that went well, checked my spelling (not a strong point) have a good day