Thursday, 15 May 2008

What you didnt know about Relaxation and indian music, a classical approach.

You may have tried many relaxation methods available, because there are so many, you may have missed a few little gems one is Indian music, relaxation and Indian music are both intertwined lets get an idea why.
Firstly India pioneered many relaxation methods which are now commercial and used around the world such as yoga and many forms of meditation which have many branches such as transcendental meditation.
These methods are a part of life in the east and Asia, in the west people seek methods to relax because of culture, the west has also moved rapidly while many areas in Asia are still developing so they have held on to past teachings as well as their cultural past.
Another distinction is in the west people live in a capitalist world where competition is prevalent, which brings anxiety stress and feelings of inadequateness; so many people to get away from this seek knowledge from people who commonly practice methods of relaxation.
Culture contributes greatly towards relaxation, in India their are festivals around the enjoyments of life such as hole, and in bollywood movies there are at least three songs per movie, fine music which can be entertaining as well as relaxing has been around since the times of the maharajas, mainly sitar music and ragas which is spoken and has to be heard. Relaxation and Indian music would not mean bollywood music, there are a few classic songs in bollywood movies with deep use of instrumentals but would require the use of an expert to track them down.
Moving on, sitar music is a holistic approach to relaxation, very famous and highly regarded by many classic music lovers. Many believe that it can bring peace to a persons troubling body, many use this music as therapy like ambient music, however another recommendation would be listening to music which has the Mridangam and the Tabla (instruments) these provide a different sensation in music, it is fast paced and very rhythmic as well, many classic Indian tunes have ragas which can relax your thoughts and moods and put your mind at peace.
Many claim that consistent listening to the music reduces the occurrence and Depression, Mental Tension, Sleeplessness and the physical diseases like Blood Pressure, Muscle Pain, Migraine, and the list continues. Relaxation and Indian music work just like other methods. Many people i personally think have a preference, what works for me might
not for you and vice versa, that’s why i seek as many methods to see what works and learn from others that’s the best way to do it. Also i think visiting a culture you are learning from is learning first hand. I aim to do this in the future but in the meantime i will be listening to the sitar and ragas.

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