Friday, 16 May 2008

Healing relaxation kits, All the relaxation products you need in one kit.

I was looking for relaxation related information I came across healing relaxation kits. These healing relaxation kits come in many forms, the feng shui ones were very extravagant the aim here was to totally relax and make a person chilled out.
Here is what was included:
Flax-seed Neck Pillow
Lavender Bath Oil Marbles
Flax-seed lavender- scented Eye Pillow
Guided Audio Relaxation Cassette Tape
The healing powers of lavender and certain oils are very well known; especially lavender it is used in aromatherapy, flower remedies, and herbal medicine. Lavender oil has a broad range of healing properties including antiseptic properties, however lavender used in aromatherapy can be very beneficial it is used in the treatment of depression, athlete's foot amenorrhea, burns, psoriasis, acne, rashes, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, pain, anxiety and nervousness. As massage oil, lavender also relaxes, eases tension and is used as a muscle relaxant, these are some of the benefits but this is only one ingredient in many healing relaxation kits that can be found. Some included an eye gel mask which is relaxing for the eyes and eases the mind. Many contain candles and you can also get them in travel sizes. I think that healing relaxation kits basically are different relaxation products all in on place. I searched around and found many of the relaxation products in the kits available for separate purchase, so it’s not anything new it’s just many relaxation products bundled together. If you have many relaxation products such as cds and other stuff then this might feel like waste of time, but if you are new to this then it is a good start and also they make very good gifts. I personally would buy products separately because I might not use half of the ones included so I would just buy what I need and I think many people would do the same.

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