Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ringside relaxation for dogs, simple tactics that make all the differance

Ringside relaxation for dogs is very important, if you avidly take your dog to shows these events and exhibitions can it out of both you and your dog, so ringside relaxation for dogs could make a difference in performance. We humans get stressed all the time but we look up techniques and use them and become relaxed, but your dog can not do that even if you don’t take your dog to shows the tips i am going to outline i know will help your dog for long trips, social events, or training your dog for shows.
Everyone likes a good massage, knowing your dog’s anatomy can be a little help as well.
Start of with having your dog lie on a surface; make sure it is soft like a rug; smaller dogs can be put on your lap.
Start of gently and lightly stroking your dog from its head to the tail.
You will notice your dog relaxing, talk to your dog, scratch gently behind the ears, moving to the cheeks, under the chin, over the nose, over the head. Each ear should be rubbed several times between your thumb and forefinger.
Now we move in circular patterns around the neck followed to the chest area, keep around this area for a few minutes, this will untie knots in your dogs system and relax your dog a lot more. Now stroke the leg area give it a gentle rub down a few times.
You need to look out for injuries, cuts, or sore spots on your dog as rubbing that area could have the opposite effect.
Now finish of by stroking from behind the neck to the tail a few times. Relaxation for dogs is very important, if you have never done this give it a go, but your dog could get used to it very easily. In terms of ringside relaxation for dogs, during shows waking up early grooming and drying your dog, and getting listed can make your dog tired and maybe fall asleep standing. So extra precautions such as a rub down the night before or no training the night before definitely helps, like humans before any championship it is wise to take a good rest before the day of the event because you will be using a lot of energy,
You need to save energy for the event so you can give it your best shot, these tips are mainly common sense and do help in terms of ringside relaxation for dogs, or for your dog at home.

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