Thursday, 8 May 2008

Basic tips for Sleep and relaxation

Sleep is supposed to relax even the most anxious person, but what if you cant even go to
sleep. Many people who are changing sleeping patterns to wake up earlier do not go through
with it. This is because going to sleep and falling a sleep are two very differant things.
Imagine going upstairs at 10pm but you look at your watch its 3am but your wide awake,
this makes a person more anxious and can keep you awake for longer. This has happened to
me a few times. This is not uncommon, typical busy lifestyles mean your mind is still at
work preparing and planning while you are laying down trying to sleep.
How do you know you have persistant sleeping problems :
You are awake for up to an hour after you were supposed to be a sleep.
You keep thinking.
Problems and mental images keep coming to your mind.
You wake many times during the night.
You use aids such as sleeping pills.
Wake up much earlier than you were supposed to.
You always feel you didnt get any sleep or relaxation during your sleep.

What can one do about this, well sleep and relaxation are possible, it has taken me
sometime to notice the changes i made which were very helpfull. Try these steps
Dont have a meal close to bed time, your body can't relax, its working on digestion.
No caffeine, simce i stopped coffee before bed time im a sleep not alert
Make the environment sleep friendly, i had to move the tv because i kept watching, also pull
the plug on your computer.
Exercise improves sleep and relaxation, you have to firstly do it and secondly be
consistent, it increases seratonin levels in the body which make us feel good and relaxed,
don't do it too close to bedtime.
Meditation - this will definatley calm the mind, its exercise for the mind
turn your phone of, so many times all i had to do was simply turn the phone of or turn it to to silent

This is what i have done and it works give it a go.

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