Thursday, 8 May 2008

Reasons why : Yoga for meditation and relaxation is not just a trend.

Yoga for meditation and relaxation is brilliant, it is now commonly practiced as much as meditation, meditation can be seen as if put basically focusing the front the of the mind on a task so the rest of the mind finds peace, kind of like if you go scuba diving you only concentrate on how much air there is left in your tank nothing else in the world matters, i know that is an extreme example but if you don’t do yoga or meditation that’s the best way I could explain it. Yoga is associated with asanas or postures, you hold certain positions and do certain movements and concentrate on breathing at the same time (a lot to do), this does relax you it can be used as a form of exercise but yoga for meditation and relaxation is brilliant, it can be seen as meditation in motion, you are totally concentration on holding a certain position and then move to the next.
The benefits of yoga for meditation and relaxation are evident because you are paying a lot of attention to the alignment of your body in certain positions over time;
You will have increased flexibility, you can move on to advanced positions
It’s good for your joints.
Helps the digestive track
Improves the respiratory system
Due to the focus required it over time it brings harmony to the mind
There are many types of yoga to, you can start a basic version or read up on a particular discipline and try it.
Hatha yoga is the one where you hold all the different positions and is popular in the west.
Kundali yoga, works with the spine, you send energy up and down it and it increases enlightenment, I tried this some time ago it is amazing but you have to look for a good teacher who can show it properly.
Mantra yoga, here you repeat mantra's you chant words and phrases loud or internally this in the long term affects the mind.
There are many many more, in terms of asanas (postures) there are versions of yoga that are only used mentally, you focus on a particular object over some time and this improves concentration. Yoga for meditation and relaxation works very well, there are summer camps, retreats and organizations around the world so it is best to research or just go along to a class and have some fun.

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