Thursday, 8 May 2008

Quick, Easy, Fast: Ten techniques for relaxation

People are always asking about quick techniques that will bring instant relaxation. To change your behaviour, which in this case is replacing stress and anxiety with a more calm nature a proper programme is needed instead of one or two techniques. Below you will find ten techniques for relaxation but they are not simply 10 different types of relaxation techniques, you can’t master many methods and there is no point, stick to one and reap the benefits. The mind wants an instant quick result, that’s how the mind works; it wants ten techniques for relaxation or instant stress relief. The techniques below are either techniques that lead to relaxation or are much neglected methods that can and will provide relaxation, make a note of them and then use them. Knowledge is potential power, without doing something with the knowledge nothing will happen. Here we go:
1) A good night sleep: make time for it go to bed an hour early, if you are sleepy most of the day you will not be alert and that’s when things go wrong. A good night sleep has been known to solve many problems for people, in many cases this can be the only techniques needed instead of ten techniques for relaxation.
2) Clear and organize your bedroom and workplace: clear it the night before and when you wake up to a clean room you will feel relaxed, energized and motivated.
3) Wake up earlier: no matter what kind of person you are, the mind is made not to only survive but to achieve, wake up earlier your subconscious will believe you are about to do great things, wake up earlier for a week, you will notice a difference.
4) Exercise: I don’t have to mention this one; most people prepare routines but never do them, wake up earlier, go and walk around the block or in the park, slowly you will start running, then a fitness fanatic, that’s what I did.
5) Practice deep breathing, oxygen is very important, the more the better you know the importance. Wake up early, sit up on the bed, breathe in for 4 seconds to the bottom of your abdomen hold for 4 seconds and then let it out. Repeat 10 times, then stand up open your curtains and look at the outside world, see how that works.
6) Watch a lot of stand up comedy: Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle,, Bill hicks, Chris rock and not forgetting the legend Robin Williams (Robin Williams - Live on Broadway). Watch enough of this and you will always have a smile and be witty. To become like someone one, you have to be in their presence and laughter is the greatest cure.
7) Write things down: if you do a to do list of ten things it wont happen the mind automatically thinks that’s too much, write not a top 3 but a top 2 and do it for two weeks and then see what happens.
8) Use visualization and affirmations: don’t rely totally on them, use them as a tool to aid your improvement, and never rely on one thing totally, what if it doesn’t work.
9) Have a thirst for knowledge: Always learn from the cradle to the grave, in today’s age information on anything and everything is readily available, start with mind set and time management, when you become more productive you will be more relaxed and at peace, the mind wants results.
10) Make more money: find ways to supplement your income, there is nothing that will put you at ease than being able to pay the bills quicker, and having disposable income. Be careful of these internet scams, do not be drawn in with flashy adverts and promises, nothing that is gained comes easy and nothing is for free.
I hope this helps, these are ten techniques for relaxation, make the right decisions, take the right steps and you will be relaxed and succeed at the same time.

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