Saturday, 10 May 2008

Easy and useful Eye relaxation tips

Relaxing eyes is a thought that rarely occurs to one’s mind as most of us are busy calming our mind or focusing on our muscles. Truth is, our eyes tend to work throughout the day without a break till the time we go to the bed, which is why many of us feel heaviness, blurriness or pain in our eyes when we neglect them and forget to care for them all through the day.

Eye relaxation is not a complicated and can always be practiced anytime of the day or at any place. One simple and major technique for relaxing and comforting eyes is using water therapy, which if put in simple words means splashing water on the eyes. This method of splashing cold water on the face with eyes either closed and open is really refreshing for the eyes. If you are someone working on computers for long hours or throughout the day, splashing water on your eyes after every hour or two will not just relax them, but will also not take much of your precious working time.

Massaging forehead and eyeballs (slowly) as well as rubbing palms till they become warm and then applying them slowly and softly over the closed eyes also acts as a good eyes relaxation technique.

Exposing eyes to hot and cold water therapy works in boosting the circulation of blood around the region of eyeballs. This also removes any signs of tiredness or fatigue or heaviness experienced by our eyes. This method requires two towels, each soaked up in water, one in warm and other in chilling cold water. All you need to do is keep the towels on the eyes, first the warm one and then the cold one.

Caring for eyes or giving them the rest they deserve also helps to fight troubles like headache, lack of concentration and difficulty in focusing as well alongside relieving the nervous system.

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