Thursday, 8 May 2008

How to select the right - meditation relaxation cds

I have bought many meditation relaxation cds, to be honest many just told me the same thing even though they were advertised as new and revolutionary, i realized nothing is cured instantly everything does require some work and many meditation relaxation cds were not specific, that was because i was a newbie and all the lack of knowledge, frustration and anxiety came with it.
It depends on what you are looking for, i was looking to really find a method to relax over the long term, i was looking for a technique to control my mind, to relax and have self discipline so i took up meditation in the form of concentration meditation, yes it works but i built up to that. If you are looking for meditation relaxation cds then that means you are not simply looking for some soothing sounds of some kind you would be looking at guided meditation which basically is someone guiding you through the meditation process you can buy cds with background music or without it either way it depends on how specific you are. Are you looking for meditation relaxation cds on anxiety or panic attacks? or on how to raise your self esteem.
Be specific as possible, it is funny but you can find many courses on many types of meditation. When I started to look for meditation techniques my first venture was deep breathing you can find cds on it but basic information can be found anywhere, and then I moved to mindfulness meditation where you concentrate on bringing your mind into the present, by focusing on the present when your mind wonders into the past or future (through a thought) you become more relaxed and in control and you are constantly relaxed. After some time it becomes part of your personality, you wont have to come back from a stressful day and go through relaxation exercises, it will be a part of you, so mindfulness meditation is a good place to start and it has been researched and proven useful in a number of medical and psychiatric conditions, notably chronic pain and stress. Recent research suggests that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and meditation can be used to prevent suicidal behaviour from recurring in cases of severe mental illness. These are some areas you can look into there is also yoga meditation, transcendental meditation and many others, so before buying ask yourself are you looking for meditation relaxation cds for deep relaxation, for sleep or to calm your self if you have social anxiety so you feel more comfortable around people, be specific.

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