Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The connection between Arthritis and relaxation

Arthritis and relaxation both are very connected, for people suffering from arthritis; the pain is physical and emotional. My friend has arthritis he was a very sporty person and very hands on; he has a strong form of arthritis (gout).
Basically it can happen in the form of sudden pain and inflammation; he has it mainly in the knee and ankle area sometimes lasting days. He has had to change his lifestyle, eating more low fat dairy products and regular exercise to help keep the joints supple, which makes his life a lot easier.
What is the connection between arthritis and relaxation, basically normal stress has certain effects on the body such as tension of the muscles, stomach tightening, breathing problems etc, having a medical illness and getting stressed about it can elevate the problem because you now have stress and the illness, relaxation helps by giving you a sense of control, that’s what my friend told me, he was not 100% in control but by taking certain actions he was more in control and could control damage to himself if he had another attack or inflammation.
Relaxation has been of great help to him; however he highlighted other important points which can give you confidence and help you transcend past the illness and live more happily:
Firstly, get a test or diagnosis such as blood tests, joint fluid analyses, and X ray.
Also find out what are the risks and causes, attack is the best form of defence, find out what caused it, and make a game plan by changing your eating patterns, taking up exercise, talking to other people who have it (support groups).
Seek a professional who can give you the information required in detail, with preventive action you can stabilise the illness, knowing exactly what you are dealing with is better than having a general idea.
Talk to other people who have arthritis, they can give you a great idea of arthritis and relaxation they are the best because they have experience, they will be very supportive and be able to give you advice that only comes from an actual sufferers viewpoint, i heard many great stories from sufferers which makes me think i take too many things for granted.
Use alternative medicine, such as acupuncture, botanicals, and homeopathy.
Relaxation fits into alternative medicine, the stress from having arthritis can be enough if the mind is at peace it can help put the body at peace. Forms of relaxation which has been helpful for people with arthritis are deep breathing, the use of ambient music during meditation and guided imagery for relaxation.
Lastly, consult your doctor before taking part in any exercise and avoidance of rich food as well has alcohol can be a great preventive measure.

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