Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Personal care and Relaxation

Personal care and relaxation may sound strange together, but truth is, these two do go hand in hand. It is difficult for a person to stay relaxed and composed without taking care of his/her self. When you are not happy or pleased with the way your body is, chances are you won’t be able to stay relaxed either.

Personal care has everything to do with relaxation, as when we are satisfied and energetic we are far more relaxed, stress-free and comfortable. Imagine having a fatty and unfit physique that tends to get tired easily. For a person with such body state, relaxation is nothing but a dream goal.

Having a healthy, clean and fit lifestyle makes most of the relaxation in our daily lifestyles. If we are partying out all night and sleeping late, chances of puffed eyes, tired body, heaviness, headache and blurriness are high. Such lack of care often leads to stressful and annoyed behavior, which in simple words is sign of an exhausted body.

Another major example of personal care playing a role in relaxation is hygiene, as most of the time, our mind is busy thinking about how we look or smell or feel. If we are not clean and fresh, there is a high chance that our mind will not be at peace and relaxed too and will be busy feeling miserable, unclean and filthy.

Eating unhealthy or junk food, drinking too much alcohol and using drugs also makes our body lethargic, clumsy and weak, thus it is difficult to be relaxed and have a calm mind and body when you are not physically as well as mentally strong.

Personal care, lifestyle and daily routine of a person depict his or her body stamina, body endurance and physical as well as mental condition. So the more you care about yourself, your mind and your body, the more it will be easier for you to lead a stress free and relaxed life.

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