Friday, 9 May 2008

Aromatherapy Benefits for Relaxation

Aromatherapy and relaxation are a highly compatible duo as along with many other techniques for relaxation, the sense of smell and aromatherapy have also been successful in proving its strong links with the state of relaxation since many years now.

Also defined as a unique blend of creativity as well as technical skills, Aromatherapy is a highly recommended relaxation therapy. Aromatherapy is used for treating various physical and psychological states namely to reduce anxiety, anger, hypertension and stress levels.
The secret lies basically in its products and their smells and aromatic properties such as that of the natural essential oils, candles, air fresheners and soaps which act as catalysts in soothing the mind and body.

Inhaling these pleasant smelling essential oils help the mind reach a pleasant emotional sense of balance, as it kindles the part of the brain that influences the emotions. This can in turn have a healing effect on a person’s physical stress related problems.

These essential aromatherapy oils are also quick absorbing, so when it enters a person’s skin, it travels around individual cells and due to its chemical properties; it acts as a cleanser, deodorizer and toner.

Most commonly used essential oils for relaxation and aromatherapy are as follows:

The Basil oil is known for reviving brain functions while helping in easing depression and reducing muscle aches.
The Bergamot oil is multipurpose aromatherapy oil which can improve several skin conditions alongside relieving anxiety.
The Chamomile herb alongside being used as an essential oil, also frequently comes across as chamomile tea in grocery stores. This is because chamomile has an affect of relaxing your entire body and relieving it from stress, pain, sprains and also healing wounds. People suffering from sleeplessness and nausea are also advised to use this oil.
The Lavender oil is well known for its calming and relaxing properties. Another soothes affect of this oil is that it helps in easing headaches and migraines.

So whether you want to set up a mood for a romantic evening or want to uplift your health and mood, aromatherapy benefits are all you need!

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