Thursday, 22 May 2008

10 quick examples of mini relaxation exercises

Here are some quick examples of mini relaxation exercises.
1) Count back from 100 down to 1 but you can also start from 50 or 10, and if your concentration breaks say "one thousand" between each number i.e. 3 "one thousand" 2 "one thousand" 1

2) Tense your entire body up to 60% of your power for ten seconds as you get use to it you can turn up the power to 80%, (if you have health problems check with your doctor first). When you do this don’t forget your forehead, eyes and toes.

3) Do deep breathing, breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and let go for 4 seconds.
When breathing in hold at the bottom of your stomach. Repeat the cycle for 10 reps.

Here are some more examples of mini relaxation exercises

4) Get out your mp3 player get you best top 10 songs these are the ones that give you a spine tingling feeling every time you here them, these are the songs you never press forward on.

5) Talk to yourself (no you are not going mad). On your cell phone go to notes and write down:
"I am cool, I am calm, I am confident, I am capable of anything, I am unstoppable, and I am the main event"
Ok put the note in standby so it’s visible whenever you look at the phone. Set a countdown timer for 3 hours when the alarm goes of read the statement to yourself 5-10 times. Do this for 21 days; you will be a different person.

6) Set a goal on Monday; write it down on top of your priority list to achieve by Friday,
i.e. learn a new skill, do something wacky. You have to break the pattern.

7) Focus your mind into the present, the main reason for procrastination, anxiety, stress is because your mind is painting pictures that give you nightmares.
Set a timer for 5 minuets. Now sit there and let any thought, feeling or emotion turn up. You have 24 hours in a day to let your mind run wild bit not for these 5 minuets because you are just not bothered about what it has to offer for these 5 minuets. Watch your feelings and emotions with great disinterest, if a worry comes up say to yourself, "is that it, is that the best you can do, i heard it before, you can do better than that".
Doing this makes you more detached so over time you will become more calm, controlled and confident.

8) A thought stopping method: When you have a thought, have it again, duplicate, your mind notices that you notice what is going on, the thought will cease to exist.

9) When you have a thought, no matter how bad, change the ending to the most beneficial outcome it could have for you, or change the memory to your advantage. Where does it say it has to be all bad, this technique can give you supreme confidence if practised over time.

10) Buy a punch bag, and after a stressful day, beat the life out of it (take it easy depending on your fitness level)
You may notice you have a natural flow for boxing who knows.

These were 10 examples of mini relaxation exercises, however what you can do is break your pattern, take a different route to work, talk to a different person, do something different. These examples of mini relaxation exercises are examples of breaking a pattern and setting a pattern which is beneficial to you. Since childhood we are taught to suppress our creative side for our rational side, well why not use your creative side if it’s available don’t leave it dormant.

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