Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What you didn't know about Relaxation ponds

Why do people have relaxation ponds, what’s the point you may ask, are they just showing of, got too much money, got nothing better to do. It can be quite the opposite, some people have a hobby, passion or they take it to the extreme check out John Grassl, he broke records its like a forest in his garden and an effort whenever he decides to clean it.
However we are looking at relaxation ponds of a smaller size.
People who own ponds find it a relaxing and fulfilling hobby. A Pond would benefit your home by first its aesthetic beauty, it will attract a vast array of wildlife such as newts, toads and frogs, water fleas, and snails. You could get the occasional visit from a fox or badger even birds such as herons can pay a visit, because you become nature friendly and water attracts all kinds of wildlife.
Architects are finding value by adding ponds to houses; it also increases your property value, which can be relaxing. It is medically proven that spending time around a pond is a relaxing endeavor. If you had a bad day all you have to do is go to your back garden and listen to the flowing water and sounds of the animals it can leave you feeling uplifted (easier than going to the local park or woods).
You can push relaxation ponds in terms of how far you want to take it, it can cost from $1500 to whatever your limit is, and there are specialists who can plan a pond like you would with your home kitchen. If you have time to devote and find a growing interest in your backyard pond you could keep koi, they are known to adapt very well to man made ponds, prices range anything from $10-$50 to record prices such as $850000. They are related to the carp family, come in beautiful array of colors, can grow up to 36 inches and have a lifespan of 30-50 years. The advantage is they are extremely relaxing even to just watch them swim in their environment, if you have lights at night the color reflection of the koi is dazzling to watch and provides tranquility. You can even add a garden waterfall, now you are becoming a pond fanatic.
Some tips for building relaxation ponds would be that people build ponds that are too small; the pond when finished can be 70% of what you may have envisaged its size to be.
Build it close to where you want it, maybe near so you can look at it through the window, but not so close that visiting wildlife visits your home. Also the pond doesn’t touch or effect other landscaping you have.
Make sure the pond isn’t under a building, hedge or tree, falling debris can affect your pond in the long term.
You need plenty of sunlight for plants and water lilies to thrive, for fish sunlight is not as important.
Lastly a good pump, to keep everything in your pond alive and healthy. Relaxation ponds are relaxing because of the view they present, it can be the most beautiful part of your home, also it was your own hard work, and after completing any project you get a feeling of tranquility, confidence and relaxation. When you are entertaining it is the most brilliant ice breaker.

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