Friday, 9 May 2008

Mp3 music relaxation, what happened to cds ?

A lot of people are starting to use mp3 music relaxation as opposed to self instructed relaxation. At the end of the day not many people want to go through a process such as meditation, why is that is it laziness, not really its because many may not have the time to actively learn a relaxation method, they are overwhelmed with information or they have bought low quality products in the past which were too generic. Also everybody likes and finds certain types of music soothing and relaxation. A whole industry has popped up in terms of relaxation music and from the rise of the internet people are ever seeking mp3 music relaxation. This leads to one answer and that is convenience and why not i seek it all the time.
What do you look for to find a good relaxation cd or download, well it changes all the time, there are trends even in this industry, it can be a personal preference you have, it is best to listen to a few samples to get an idea what you might be looking for but consider these points :
A flute or pan pipes always sound good (look up zamfir - lonely shepherd)
Anything eastern seems to do the trick, like the sounds of Tibet (Buddhist monk chants)
Sounds of rain or a tropical storm
Flamenco instrumentals
There is classical music Mozart or Beethoven, try Bond (four women who bring a twist to classical music - amazing)
Certain categories to look under would be: new age, classic and ambient
Lastly if you find the series in volumes that shows that part 1 did well so they made part 2 and so forth. So keep searching and don’t download the first item which has flashy adverts that lead to mp3 music relaxation tracks that cost more than they should.

For further information on mp3 music relaxation visit :
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