Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Discover the truth behind, free relaxation scripts

Many people search for free relaxation scripts because they want a prepared script to benefit from straight away; the thing is that this script can be generic so it’s done so that thousands of people will take it. However it might not solve your particular problem. I give you an example of a type of the types of free relaxation scripts you could find:

“First I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath... Exhale... Take another deep breath and fill your chest until it expands as the air fills your lungs, try to take the breath to the bottom of you abdomen... Breathe out and feel all the air leave you

Empty your mind, nothing in this world exists right now for you; it is just you in oneness, stress, schedules, time everything can wait for you now. Imagine a warm light; you can feel its warmth on your body as it approaches. As you breathe in, let this warm light fill your lungs... As you breathe out, imagine the light spreading around your chest...

Every time you breathe this light spreads further breath in and let it go to your stomach …breath out let it leave your body.

Breathe in and fill your entire upper body with this warm light. Take a few more breaths and allow this warm, vibrant light to intensify in your upper body. This light is good coming into your body, its good health, wealth and prosperity so take deep long breathes. When you breathe out everything that hinders you leaves your body, so that’s pain, sickness, stress. Think of nothing but the light. You only want this light it represents everything that will improve you. If you have a thought that comes into your mind, do not fight it, you are very uninterested in it let it go by, you wouldn’t stand on a rail track and let a train go over you, you would stand out of its way. See yourself as an outsider and spectator, your thoughts will now slowly disappears, refocus on the light. Breathe in... Breathe out…slowly…very slowly.

On your next breath the light fills your legs. You breathe out, breath in and this time your entire body is full of light, you are now stronger, more confident, cool and calm you don’t have to rush you are the essence of being in total control. Every breath you ever take makes you stronger and happier you improve with every breath you take”.

That was one of the many example of the free relaxation scripts you can find, this one is focused on relaxation and success, you can use it as a template and every time you breath out anxiety leaves your body, be specific and the results will be better . Lastly going through the script one or two days has no benefit at all, to change any habit or mental state takes 21 days, so you have to commit, use present tense statements to yourself i.e. “I am now more confident” if done consistently over a period of time the results will be fantastic, you don’t need free relaxation scripts use this template and make your own.

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