Thursday, 15 May 2008

Much needed Relaxation techniques

After a hectic day or a tiring routine, everyone tries to loosen up and relax a bit using different methods and techniques. Often, people looking for some peace or calmness either tend to read, take a nap or else go out for some entertainment. While different people prefer different methods, the basic purpose of relaxation is to rejuvenate the body as well as to de-stress the mind.

Various relaxation techniques are based solely on the theory of repairing the physical and mental condition of a person. Relaxation techniques do not just work on the weariness of a body, but also benefit the health. With a light hearted mood and energized body, it is always easy to fight undesirable ailments like headache, anxiety and depression. Relaxation techniques, when followed, also support a person in his or her anger management, which is why people with too much aggression are asked to count till ten before making any statement.

Other major benefits of relaxation techniques are that they slow down the heart rate, manage the breathing, increase the flow of blood to muscles, decrease muscular tension, lower down the blood pressure, increase and enhance concentration and control emotional outburst.

Some of the most common relaxation techniques are deep breathing, massaging the body or a part of it, meditating, yoga, exercising, aromatherapy, listening to music and etc. Visualization is another such important technique where you are supposed to picture or visualize image or scene that soothes your mind, calms your sense and makes you breathe freely. This type of technique also lets you put down your thoughts or troubles to a halt and make you completely relaxed. Sometimes talking to yourself, taking a walk in nature or simply taking a bath proves as a great relaxation too.

No matter what kind of technique you follow, relaxing is all about treating a body the right way.

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