Wednesday, 14 May 2008

How do i find a good Relaxation video download ?

When looking for a relaxation video download or any download to help or improve your mental state, there should be guidelines in terms of what the company must present to you. Many people download because the advert looked very good or made them feel excited. There is nothing wrong with that if something gets your juices flowing then that means you have a gut instinct that it will be good. However the horror is involved in the fact that sometimes you may pay up and not get what was advertised even that’s ok, the hardest blow is when you ca not get your money back, email after email and no reply.
What should you be looking for in a relaxation video download? Firstly videos cost more than audio and e-books, so be even more careful, consider these points:
Go for a company that is recognised in the industry; not just a slick product advert, the bigger the company the better, they always have a separate customer service and complaints department.
If you are online, check the about us section; look at their company ethics, look for how they started, what they are involved in now, and there future ideas. Big financial institutions, supermarkets and fashion giants always have this section in detail.
Are they doing anything extra; this would be like charity work, this shows that they are real and getting involved so they will be around in the future instead of closing down in a month.
Reviews and testimonials; a good relaxation video download will have lots of customer reviews, check the people giving these reviews are they common folk or they industry leaders, this adds more credibility.
Company reviews; sometimes i get the feeling that some customer reviews could be fake, look for reviews from a national newspaper or news channel or scientific journal, this shows industry leaders are backing this product.
The main thing you are looking for is big organizations endorsing this product and social proofing the product, next time you will know if you are not sure follow the guidelines and you will be.

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