Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Instant relaxation exercises, if followed to the letter.

We want everything quick, we are busy so instant relaxation exercises are in order, and can anything relax anyone instantly?
When you had a day when everything literally turned upside down you may need to relax gradually, it’s hard to get into any other mood when your nerves are on edge. Stress is a killer or makes your life a dread. Think about this one it is so simple that when I mention it you will think “I do this anyway, give me something else”. I have tried many methods in terms of instant relaxation exercises; breathing exercises work the best, why. Poor breathing habits make it harder for people to cope with a stressful situation, why do people always say “take a deep breath” before you do anything where stress will be involved. Now bad breathing habits contribute to muscle tension, headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, and the list goes on.
Here is one of the best and simple instant relaxation exercises there is, it is so simple that many people will not do it, I didn’t at the start but here it is:
Take a deep breath for 4 seconds, take the air to your lower abdomen (until it is full of air), if it’s hard keep trying but be gentler.
Hold for 4 seconds
Let all the air out until there is nothing left in your lungs.
Now repeat 10-20 times, when you get better do it for five minutes, you will feel a major difference. In terms of instant relaxation exercises this has to be the king, it can be done anywhere, but remember to do it i.e. before a stressful situation like a presentation you will go in feeling calmer and more relaxed.
Lastly be consistent, if you want to earn an income you have to keep working at it, if you want to build a relationship you have to keep at it. So to change your mind state it is a task but over time it becomes easier.

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