Thursday, 8 May 2008

Breathing Relaxation Techniques

If you feel you’ve had a completely stressed out week or just another work day which doesn’t seem to end; if you’ve had a major fight with your senior or one of those bugging colleagues; or if a major project has landed on your head at the last minute and you cant calm down and think clearly to work your way through it, here’s something you need to know.
What a human brain necessitates for clear thinking is a delicate balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen. Even the body muscles require this balance for their strength and vitality.

Thinking how you can achieve such a relaxed, lively and clear mind and body? Although there are several relaxation techniques which can help you in keeping your stress levels in control, the one relaxation technique which can certainly and quickly help you is the Breathing relaxation technique.

This easy to follow and very effective Breathing relaxation technique involves slow and deep breathing. The best part about this technique is that after practicing it for 10 minutes, it sends a direct and clear signs to the brain that the body is in a condition of absolute relaxation. Following are a few steps you can follow to correctly practice this unique relaxation technique.

The first step is to make yourself seated in a comfortable position. The logic here is to let your body and mind relax as that will slow down your hear rate and help you calm down.

Second step is to Inhale slowly and deeply. Try breathing as wholly as you can without feeling any discomfort.
Third step is to hold your breath. After you feel you have inhaled fully, try to hold your breath for 5 seconds or till the time you feel comfortable.

The final step is to Exhale, but very slowly, letting out as much air as you can, thinking that it’s not just air but your tension which is flowing out of you.

This breathing relaxation technique if practiced regularly can show amazing results from a striking cut in your stress levels, an instant increase in your focused thinking to a state of physical relaxation as well as mental vitality.

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