Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The beautiful homedics relaxation fountain

I don’t know if any one has come across the homedics relaxation fountain and their other relaxation products but, they really are something unique. They are basically low cost, effective tabletop fountains. I don’t know but when you go to a local park and sit down near a fountain in the spring or summer time it is just a warm and amazing feeling, well now you can do it at home or at your office. The homedics relaxation fountains provide an elegant beauty as well as soothing, relaxing water sounds it brings natures harmony indoors, it is like a beautiful fish tank in your house, you just keep looking at it and appreciating it, they have many different versions but I got the slate streams version, its like a miniature fountain in my house, when you take a minute out and look at it you do become relaxed and the sound of the water in the background is also soothing. When trying to relax you can try active relaxation methods or something in the background like music (lounge music) watching a movie, or meditation, this in a way fits in both categories for me as its active because when you look at it you become relaxed and leaving it on in the background relaxes you as well. Well that’s what I think about the homedics relaxation fountain, I had a few other fountains in the past to be honest and they had a cheap feeling to them and looked artificial even thought hey were made to look real, this is the best I found so far but I always look for better.

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