Monday, 19 May 2008

Johann Pachelbel for relaxation

Johann Pachelbel for relaxation is basically the epitome; yes you have heard the great’s Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and many others. Or classical music is just not your thing; it’s from the past so it’s not hip and not important. Sometimes you hear something and instantly it catches your attention and you’re hooked. You have to give classical music a chance it was the music of its day and it has survived and still made it to the modern day, it influenced modern revolutions, so it must have some importance. Well I am talking today about a classical legend Johann Pachelbel (1653-1707)
Beginning his musical education at an early age, he studied in Nuremburg and Regensburg before moving in 1671 to Vienna. In Vienna he was an organist at the imperial chapel, also for one year at the city of Eisenach, this is coincidently the city of birth of Bach, who has been known to be directly influenced by Pachelbel.
Pachelbel most well known for his Canon in D, you can go to youtube and write:
“Johann Pachelbel canon”. Johann Pachelbel for relaxation is brilliant as you will know after listening, you may also notice you have heard this or something similar before that is because it is used in many movies and widely sampled or imitated. Pachelbel a part from his work on Canon has influenced many composers, this is through his development of the ‘cantus firmus’ chorale. To explain how this melody works, it has long notes, one set of notes at a time, the compositional pattern of this melody influenced many composers of the past and present and has become a industry standard. In the present Pachelbel can be found in soundtracks of recent movies such as:
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
Wedding Crashers (2005)
The Wedding Planner (2001)
If you are looking for relaxing music Pachelbel for relaxation is very good, also worth considering is Johann Sebastian Bach, there are many others but a bit of research is required to find out which style you like. A few new ones I like are Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone and Slip Into Something More Comfortable by Kinobe, these are jumping a few 100 years forward but listen to them they needed a mention.

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