Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Top 3 tips for Pregnancy Relaxation Techniques

Being pregnant is a blissful journey of nine months for every woman experiencing it. With it come the joys of the future and a whole list of dos and don’ts from the doctor, parents and the experienced ones. But as much as it is wonderful, being pregnant can also bring with it a little body stress and strain during its course.

But not to worry! If you're feeling a little stressed, tired or anxious, all you need to do is RELAX. If you are pregnant, there are many reasons for you to feel stressed and worked up, like physical changes leading to body aches and sleep trouble, hormonal and psychological changes leading to mood swings and hypertension.

Try the following relaxation tips and techniques and I am sure you’ll feel a lot better and relaxed.

Deep Breathing

As much as deep breathing helps you relax and best the stress and strain, it equally helps you and your baby during the time of birth. Many pregnancy books vouch by the deep breathing helping during the labor pains too. Slowly inhaling and exhaling relaxes your body muscles, lowers body pains and reduces your stress levels.


During pregnancy, Yoga helps in relaxing your mind and body alongside keeping it well toned and flexible. Many gynecologists strongly recommend exercising and yoga for expecting mothers, suggesting them simple and basic stretching exercises. You can either join a gym or yoga class offering exercise classes for pregnant women or you create your own exercise routine with basic stretching exercises.

Body Massage

Due to increased pressure on the body during pregnancy, you can feel body aches, strain and discomfort. Going in for a body massage helps in reducing those body pains and making your skin softer and hence flexible. With increased weight on your spine, a gentle massage helps in relaxing those tense and tired muscles.

Make a note of these simple and easy pregnancy relaxation techniques which will help you soothe your mind, relax your body and sleep.

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