Thursday, 15 May 2008

Relaxation Techniques during Labor

While those 9 months of pregnancy feel like a blissful journey towards a new beginning, embarking on this new beginning comes with a discomfort, strain and a lot of tension. Yes, Labor stage is a little painful for every woman, making her feel uneasy and stressed out in her mind and body.
A normal, complication free delivery is a condition which demands every expecting mother to stay relaxed and happy.

What benefits during this critical stage of pregnancy are the various techniques of relaxation, which benefit every expecting mother to manage through labor much more easily and calmly, such as:

Practicing relaxation techniques prevents body muscles from feeling exhausted and weary, mainly the large womb muscle or the muscle of the uterus.

Relaxation helps in coping up with the strain and tension of giving birth, helping in making the experience more enjoyable for the mothers.

It helps conserve your energy, so you're less likely to need interventions to strengthen your contractions or to deliver your baby.

After practicing the relaxation techniques, the expecting mothers become much more calm and happy which helps them in communicating more effectively with the doctors and family members.

And most importantly, relaxation helps the baby in coping with the labor process. Stressed mothers may rush stress hormones into the baby’s system which may cause its heart rate to accelerate. If you are relaxed and calm while delivering your baby, you tend to respire more deeply and your baby gets more oxygen.

Some of relaxation techniques which will help you calm down during those labor strains and pains are:

Deep breathing

Breathing deeply yet slowly helps in calming those restless thoughts and senses while relaxing and soothing your strained body muscles, making the experience of labor pains a lot less painful and exhausting.

Visual Imagery

Imagining yourself in a relaxing and soothing place like a beach, a calm lake, greener pastures or a pristine view of mountains can have an amazing relaxing affect on your mind and body, taking you virtually to that place.
Definitely it’s not easy staying calm during your labor stage, but with the help of these few simple relaxation techniques and the loving support of your family members, you can cope through to experience a positive and healthy child birth.

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