Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Thai relaxation music cds, give them a try

Love the Thai culture a lot of people go to Thailand to retreat from their busy lifestyle or just for a holiday, Buddhism is a very strong influence on Thai life, also love their food and have tried Thai boxing (extremely brutal but effective). Thai music seems to be more of a niche, and not really mainstream. I was looking for a Thai relaxation music cd for some time. The thing about the music is that it’s traditional the instruments such as the Klui Flute (Thai flute) Pi Saw (Long bamboo flute) and others I have listened to have a beautiful sound. Most music seems traditional and melodic. The music provides a very relaxing experience; the main feeling that came out of it was that it is the perfect lounge music, the kind always playing in the background, that’s because some of it is repetitive but pleasant and quite dreamy but not something that you would blast the speakers with. The best way to describe after thinking about how I can put it in words is that its ancient and exotic that perfectly fits it. You can find many good Thai relaxation music cds, there is a lot of culture so it would be best to search and see what you like. A good taster for the curious of northern Thai music which I found on Amazon is:
Silk, Spirits & Song: Music from North Thailand
This could be a bit strong for everyone’s taste however there are many cds with Buddhist chants and prayers which are pretty good as well.
However I have to mention the more contemporary Thai music, which is very relaxing and interesting. With high production values, very innovative you can tell there has been a western pop culture influence but it has to be heard. A good Thai relaxation music cd would have vocals as well, but some of my friends heard the music many like it, however some thought certain instruments were very high pitched but not everything is to everyone’s taste. For me I have a few tracks in my selection now which I really like and keep listening to all the time.

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