Monday, 16 June 2008

Stress management relaxation technique?

This is something I looked for a very long time, a good stress management relaxation technique. I didn’t pay attention to the word management, I wanted to try something for a week and it would be over. The best way I can explain this and understand it myself is through an example I made up. You are born with a body it is not made to just lay around if you lay about your whole life, eat anything, just let time take its toll then you will look terrible in your 40’s or 50’s. If you decide to instead exercise everyday, eat the right food, sleep properly and keep active, it’s obvious you will look good in your later years.
Same goes for you mind if you let it go it will do whatever it wants, build comfort zones, certain habits and patterns. To change this a stress management relaxation technique is needed and it takes time to reverse anything that happens. To turn fat to muscle takes time and so does being anxious to confident.
For a stress management relaxation technique I could not find a method that could be used once or for a few weeks it would have to be used over time that is the only way it would be beneficial.
I have tried and highly recommend relaxation tanks, progressive muscular relaxation and mediation. Once you agree with your self and your subconscious that a stress management relaxation technique is not simply a technique but a systematic process that will slowly help you improve, then you can look at a method use it over a long time and it is guaranteed to work. If you see something advertised and buy it then see something else and by it but never use it, you have then become a collector. If you wants a hands of approach i recommend self hypnosis, and not any you see on google, it is best to research find a reputable company I highly recommend two because of their body of work, professionalism and customer feedback: and Lastly a gem I found and used

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Angela said...

I'm always looking for techniques to reduce stress. Thank you for the information.