Monday, 23 June 2008

Warning: relaxation and scent, there is more to it than you might think

What is the connection between relaxation and scent? Well scent can be aromatherapy oils, or someone’s perfume or fragrance. Everyone likes the smell of different perfumes, i myself love Hugo boss, i always where it. However if you wear a good perfume you may save it for a special occasion like going to a wedding, family get together or for job interviews. Why do people do that because you look your best, if you smell your best then definitely you feel your best. The connection between relaxation and scent is that being happy, calm and confident makes you relaxed, when your relaxed you are more productive and that’s how you get better results.

I think relaxation and scent work together and are very important, like listening to certain music it gets you ready and going, sometimes you might be browsing for stuff and find a perfume by accident and think wow im definitely going to where this when i go out somewhere. The connection between relaxation and scent has its affect on us on a subconscious level, you might not be aware of it unless you thought about it, or if it is bought to your attention. Well perfume can alter your mood for one; they can alter a mental state and can sometimes even have a sedative affect, used throughout centuries in all kinds of ceremonies down to religious cults who used them for rituals.

However perfume and scent once inhaled can have profound psychological and physiological effects as scent travels to parts of the brain where emotional memories are stored and other parts of the limbic system of the brain. This limbic system controls areas of the brain that affect breathing levels, stress, heart rate, hormone balance and memory. If you catch a whiff of someone’s fragrance as they walk by it can evoke past memories and emotions at a subconscious level, so we may not be consciously aware of them.
The best way I could understand it is we are so affected by it that you could be in your own world stressed out walking about, someone walks by wearing nice perfume, it catches you off guard and you forget what you were thinking about, that’s how powerful it is. One of the best things to do is test this, I personally have and it has become a routine, try it.

Here is one way to do it, firstly take more care of your self, so for a week or even one day, look your best dress your best and buy a fragrance that is different yet you like the smell of (invest in yourself) and wear that right after you are ready to go out. It is effectively guaranteed people will be happier around you, and you will be happier around them, you will have more confidence and this makes you relaxed. Put all the advantages in your favor; don’t take anything for granted, try it for a week:
-wake up earlier, about half an hour (its only for 5 days)
-Put on the radio, stimulate your brain
-Make sure your clothes are pressed and shoes shined
-Eat a strong breakfast (trust me it can change your day, and your outlook on it)
-Stretch of, now do 10 press ups, 10 sit ups, and 10 squats (its only for a week)
-Make sure you look super sharp
-Get a mp3 player, load it with music and self development material, listen to it every morning
-Once your ready, put on some perfume or scent
-Walk outside the house as your are about to drive or walk to work or school, do not look down, chin up and chest out (this can affect you by giving you supreme confidence, its proven to affect human mental state for the better)
-Now when you come in to contact with people, smile and ask questions about them.

You see this is called advantage stacking a method used in the military, you put so many advantages in your favor that it is impossible to fail, relaxation and scent work but they are a piece of the whole picture.

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