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Introducing Some Of The Best Simple Free Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation is nothing but taking care of your body both physically and psychologically. Often people experience condition where they can not think anymore or work anymore feeling exhausted and tired. Relaxation techniques are based on heeling mind and body from stressful strokes.

There is a list of benefits to relaxation techniques for those troubled with anxiety, strain or emotional disorders. Some of these benefits are reduced depression, decrease in panic attacks, capability of handling pain, reduced anxiety, control over stress, ability to fight pressure, improved breathing, decrease in emotional outburst, freedom from sleeplessness, emotionally stable mind and anger control.

Following are some of the best and free relaxation techniques you can use to free yourself from that exhaustion and anxiety:

Read what you like

Reading has always been considered as a good exercise for mind, thus reading a book of your taste can prove to be a great relaxation technique. So next time you find yourself tired of hectic day or a routine try picking up one of those books on your shelf. This is one of most simple, easy and free relaxation techniques that you can make use of

Dance to your favorite tune

You do not have to be a good dancer for this technique. Dancing is more or less like a form of exercise that helps to relax stiffness and loosening of an occupied mind. The purpose of this technique is to divert the mind from its stressful thoughts and to add energy to tired body, also dancing helps to rejuvenate the mood leading to complete mind and body relaxation. This is one of the most popular and free relaxation techniques as it is so much fun to do.


Aromatherapy need not be costly like you have seen in TV shows or spas. It is always possible to buy some exotic or essential oils and use them at home in your own bath tub. You can also make use of scented candles by lighting them around you and benefit from simple, easy and affordable aromatherapy to relive yourself from anxiety, stress and tiredness. The purpose of aromatherapy technique for relaxation is simple and based on the power of aroma in capturing the attention of diverted, lost or busy mind and soothing it down.

Take a hot bath

This is one of the best free relaxation techniques and most affective one too, as taking a hot bath always brings a whole new freshness to the body. This technique also does not requires any extra time or planning, as all you have to do is take a shower or bubble bath after your long tiring day and you are ready for a relax and calm evening or night. This technique also helps you think and assort your problems as you breathe easy and relaxed leaving your work, files, laptop and mobile outside.

Go out with friends or your partner

There is nothing relaxing than spending a good laughing moment with people you feel comfortable with and people you enjoy spending time with. Outing with friends or your partner always tends to give you chance of absorbing good and healthy vibes, which helps you in cutting down your stress or pressure. This also acts as a good source of entertainment for your anxiety, emotionally upset mindset and bad mood.

Take a nap

This is not just free but also all time favorite relaxation technique for many. The major cause of fatigue or tiring body is usually lack of sleep or lack of energy in the body. Taking a good nap always helps to refresh and rejuvenate the body as well as gives you a break from all that thinking and working. You can always take a 15 or 30 minutes break when you feel tired enough and are not able to concentrate anymore on anything. Its like restarting the body for effective working by it.

Eat what you love

Eating is a popular relaxation technique that does not just comes for free but also adds fun element to your moment. It is worldwide known fact that eating always works both physically and emotionally for a person, thus the best way to fight tiring day or preoccupied mind is to grab a ice-cream cone or soda can or one of those junkie food items you simply love to have. For those who are little too health conscious there is nothing to be worried of, eating for relaxation is a technique for everyone. If you want to be healthy then have salads or juice or anything which you feel will not add calories to your body. One of the best way is to relax is to prepare your own meal, this drives you away from your fatigue and keeps you self satisfied leading to a happy mood set.

Have a cup of tea or coffee

Working late or for hours can be exhausting and lead to mood change, drowsiness and anxiety. By having a hot cup of tea or coffee you can always fight these ill effects of fatigue, as a cup of tea or coffee acts more or less like body fuel.

These are some of the best, easy and definitely free relaxation techniques you can use for fighting your fatigue and exertion of the day.

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