Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Find the perfect relaxation beach.

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, take a look at these destinations, a relaxation beach is a holiday, meditation and stress relief all in one.

1: Goa beaches: A truly exotic location, the kind you see in the movies. Goa beaches are covered with picturesque little beach huts. You are served with ice cold beer and spicy & delicious Goan cuisine. The beach, the people, the surroundings, everything about Goa is incredible in its own way. The location is very well known for surfing. February is a peak season full of festivals and events. If you are looking for a relaxation beach then this is still a suitable spot. The best time to visit is from September and just before February if you seek peace and want to enjoy a pleasant trip. Words alone can’t do this place justice; the seafood is wonderful, a wide range of lobster, crabs, mackerels and prawns. Very popular with the tourists.

2: Pink sands Beach, harbor island Bahamas
The Bahamas have many beautiful spots, however you have to search, there are gems hidden in there. The Pink sands beach is known for its actual pink sand and is just of the US coast. The Sand strip is three mile long and this is an amazing relaxation beach, almost a hidden spot, but now lots of people especially celebrities are homing in to the beach due to its unique sand, convenient location, and the fact it’s a prize when you find it.

3: Zanzibar beach, Tanzania
This beach has soft white sand. There up to 30 beaches in this location but the Nungwi beach is located north. The coastline has a shallow slope with flowing water and coral regions; this combination forms a calm sea and is a host to a variety of marine animals. There are many fishing villages here, these are families who have used this kind of fishing for centuries and it is beautiful to see them work. The cultural experience as well as the beach can provide a serene get away from your normal life.

A good relaxation beach is not one that is put in a list as such you may have been going to a beach, or have been to a particular spot again and again, but when people talk of such location we do become curios and want to visit these exotic locations.

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